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Lauren Koslow (Kate, DAYS) discusses the dynamic between Stefano & Kate, working with a new Austin and her love of David Bowie!

Lauren Koslow has been one of few constants on Days of our Lives over the last fifteen plus years. Since stepping into the shoes of Kate Roberts in 1996, she has played a loving, overprotective mother who will stop at nothing to ensure the happiness of her harem of children. We had the opportunity to speak with the actress this afternoon about her love of David Bowie, the dynamic of Stefano and Kate and more.

Fans were disheartened to learn that Koslow was unable to make to the Day of Days fan event last week in Hollywood. “It was my first time missing that event. It is always so much fun to meet all the fans. I am sorry I missed it.”

When Soap Opera Source announced on Twitter we would be interviewing Koslow, her fans had one overwhelming topic they wanted discussed – the origins of her obsession with rock star David Bowie. “Wonderful topic,” exclaimed the actress when the subject was brought up. She explains: “It started a little while ago. It is interesting because it actually wasn’t back in the day. It started about five or six years ago. My daughter rediscovered him and was playing some of his music…and the obsession grew.” Looking back, she says she is surprised she didn’t love him previously. “What was wrong with me? Why didn’t I like him back in the day?” She also shared another appeal to Bowie besides his music. “It is interesting – his aesthetic is similar to mine. He is kind of hot,” said Koslow laughing.

Fans weren’t the only ones surprised when Stefano (Joe Mascalo) and Kate got married. “When we first found out that we were going to be married it was shocking!” she tells of Kate and Stefano’s marriage, referencing the awful things he has done to her and her children over the years as well as the fact that it was an arranged marriage. The actress was unsure how to play out the scenes. “I think around the time that happened I thought ‘What would Kate do with it?'” Once she figured out her answer, it all clicked for her. “What Kate would do is turn [their marriage] into something that would empower her. That is when I made the decision as an actress that Kate was going to love and respect this man for having her back.”

The actress provided interesting insight into the dynamic of Stefano and Kate’s relationship. “He totally accepted Kate for who she is. He loves her for who she is. He doesn’t want to change her. He loves who she is. She just went with that and accepted that because this is the first man who has ever really been like that.” She says she feels the pairing took off with the fans because, “They have this genuine affection for each other that makes their relationship very real. These characters are very bigger than life and they relate in an intimate way that people can relate to with their loved ones and partners. I really enjoy the fact that [the writers] put them together. Those are some of my favorite scenes.”

When Days announced Sarah Brown would be joining the show as cosmetics mogul Madison James, fans hoped this would be an opportunity to bring Kate back into business storylines.  I was excited to hear that we were getting Kate back into the work place. I’ve missed that more than anything. She is a business woman. So much of what is about her is her need for accomplishment and power.” The seeds of the Madison/Kate feud have been planted, and Koslow assures fans that this is just the beginning. “I think it is so interesting to bring in a new character to be her rival. I don’t know the back story, but I am curious to find out because there seems to be [something] there. I think finding out what that is will be an interesting adventure.”

In addition to having a new on-screen rival, the actress also has a new on-screen son. Longtime fans will remember that Patrick Muldoon left the show in 1995, a year before Lauren Koslow took over the role of Kate Roberts. Prior to this year, Austin Peck (ex-Brad, ATWT) was the only Austin she worked with. “I love Austin Peck and am still in contact with him,” she says. She added, “But I love Patrick Muldoon. He is a wonderful actor. I am finding out new things about Kate working with a different actor as Austin because [Patrick] comes at it from a different place.” Their chemistry wasn’t without its difficulties though. “It was a challenge to find our relationship because of the fact that they each had a different perspective on the dynamic.”

Another relationship of great importance to Kate is that with her grandson Will (Chandler Massey), who will be coming out in the coming months. Though she was unable to delve into Kate’s role in this storyline, she did share her hopes for it. “All I can say is that as an actress I hope to be involved in it. I think it is such an important story. Having played Kate for so long, Kate would be very, very supportive of him finding himself and being true to himself. I hope that I do get that chance.”

Lauren couldn’t give too many details as to what’s coming up with Kate, but assures us, “It is going to get complicated.” She teases, “Kate works to make sure Countess Wilhelmina comes out ahead [of Mad World].” Business won’t be the only thing in Kate’s world though. “I think that something is going to be happening in her personal life, which I can only tease, but could be life changing and I am really looking forward to that.”

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