Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Sarah Brown & Eric Martsolf


Sarah Brown (Madison) and Eric Martsolf (Brady) speak with Soap Opera Source at Days of our Lives’ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Sarah Brown (Madison) have been heating up the screens as of late on Days of our Lives. An episode that aired last week featured the two stars half-dressed and sweaty, as their alter egos were trapped at Titan during a blizzard. The series found a way to tap into the actor’s natural chemistry and play it up for all it’s worth on screen.

When asked about the dynamic between him and Brown, Martsolf turned the table on us and asked what we liked about it. We complimented the slow pace at which the writers are moving with their romance, as opposed to the typical instantaneous love most soaps tend to go with. “Do you think that is better in real life or is it just better to build tension on soaps?” asked Brown, joining Martsolf on the table turning. We told her it was and she disagreed with a smile.

Martsolf raved about his newest on-screen partner, laying on the compliments as a proud co-star. “This woman – I am talking about Sarah Brown – has her opinions on things and they are strong. She came in and knew what Madison James was supposed to wear, from her shoes to her skirt to her shirt. She knew what she wanted from day one.” The actor says that though sometimes it takes a while to get your footing, Brown was an exception. “She came prepared and did her homework. I think that translated well on-screen.”

Brown says one of the qualities she loves about Madison is her assertiveness. “She’s not bitchy. She is controlling, but not a bitch. There is a difference between a woman who is incredibly confident in herself and a woman who is conceited.”

There is some push and pull to come in the future for Brady and Madison. The road to them admitting their feelings for each other will not be easy. “[Madison] is a business woman. She isn’t going to let this thing with Brady happen,” previews Martsolf. “And then it happens. So it’s almost like a betrayal on her personal character.”

“That’s a good way of putting it,” says Brown. “I think that is part of the huge drama for Madison in that she keeps toying with Brady. It’s not that she’s a mean girl and enjoys it, it’s that she is genuinely attracted to this man from the minute she met him. It started in this very playful, intellectually challenging way. But for Madison this is a betrayal of herself. You don’t get involved with your boss. You just don’t.”

Martsolf says part of what draws Brady to Madison can be found in his past. “Brady is an addict. He has an addictive personality and she is the most powerful, confident woman he has come across. He loves power so much that he had stolen companies, even from his own family. He loves that!”

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