Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Renée Jones & James Reynolds


Renée Jones (Lexie) and James Reynolds (Abe) speak with Soap Opera Source at Days of our Lives‘ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.



It’s always a treat seeing James Reynolds (Abe) and Renée Jones (Lexie) at the Day of Days fan events. The stars have genuine warmth about them that comes across in their interaction with fans and with the press.

The number one question our followers on Twitter wanted to ask was if fans would be seeing more of Abe and Lexie on screen. James answered with an optimistic, “We hope so.”

Renée previews, “There is a lot of stuff going on with the mayoral race. That [will] play out for quite a while. EJ keeps being underhanded and – you just watch, some great stuff is going to happen.” The actress also had a message for the fans. “I want fans to know that there is a lot of stuff happening. A lot of us [are] working together with [Melissa Reeves] as Jennifer [helps the Carvers deal with the race for re-election].” James was happy for the opportunity to work with Missy Reeves, explaining, “[over the years] we have had scenes together but never really worked together [in a storyline].”

Will Lexie have to choose between her husband and her brother? “She does. That is [a] tough [thing for her to do]. Though she does choose her husband, she is pissed that she has to choose” explains Renée. James adds, “it is a terrible place for EJ and Stefano to put her in.”

Renée had a story to share, “I was talking to my boyfriend about Sami, saying everyone just forgives her and there are no repercussions for what she does. My boyfriend says to me ‘What about you? You stole your best friend’s baby!'”

This led to the stars discussing how their baby swap storyline played into the more recent one involving Sami and Nicole. James shared his view, “With that story it was the love that we both had for Isaac. Then Lexi having the potential of having that baby taken away was too much.” Renée adds, “Right because for a year Lexi thought that was her baby.” She praised the show for having Lexie and Hope play a role in the Sami/Nicole storyline. “That was nice because then you see the history of the characters. We all have such a history.”

James then took the opportunity to point out why he feels fans have such a connection to soap opera characters. “One of the wonderful things about the show [is] the sense of continuing history. [You] always have it and bring it back.” Renée added, “It is amazing what the fans remember. You guys must get pissed when they do something that doesn’t make sense.”

Both Reynolds & Jones seems to look forward to what is coming up with their characters. TVSource hopes these long ignored actors will be given something for them to sink their teeth into!

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