Valentine’s Day: The 14 Couples We Love

Jack Porter and Emily Thorne – Revenge (ABC)

Two words describe these two – Soul mates. Emily (really Amanda who, for the sake of this feature, we’ll refer to as “Emanda”) is one badass chick seeking revenge on people who did her father wrong. Jack stayed in the Hamptons where they grew up to take over his father’s bar. These two were kids together, playing in the sand, sharing ice cream, and sharing secrets. Fast forward and now “Emanda” is hiding her true identity from everyone including Jack.

Here’s the thing though, when the real Emily pretended to be Amanda, Jack remembered everything about his girl from when they were kid and “Emanda” noticed it. We’ll ignore the fact that Jack doesn’t recognize her, because no one else in town does either…

Even when he’s alone with “Emanda”, there’s an undeniable current underneath the surface that connects them. So while she puts her revenge plan into motion which includes attaching herself to Daniel Grayson, deep down she knows it’s never over with Jack. He knows the real Amanda.



  1. Agree with pretty much all of them (from the shows I watch), although when it comes to The Vampire Diaries I’m firmly rooting for Damon and Elena.

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