Red Carpet Interviews: 39th Annual Daytime Emmys – Suzanne Rogers, James Scott & Molly Burnett


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Interviews with Days of our Lives stars Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), James Scott (EJ) and Molly Burnett (Melanie) from the red carpet at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards,

Days of our Lives star Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton-Kiriakis) was thrilled about the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy awards, telling TVSource Magazine, “It is exciting that it is at the Beverly Hilton and that [Days] got 15 nominations and that HLN is putting it on.” The actress herself is a Daytime Emmy award winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress (won in 1979). As she reflected on her Emmy win, she said, “It was exciting and thrilling. They can never take it away from you. It is something that you got that you can look at and be proud of yourself for.”

Rogers’ on screen granddaughter Molly Burnett was nominated this year for Outstanding Younger Actress and the veteran couldn’t resist gushing about her co-star, rooting for her to win. “Isn’t that exciting? I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope,” she told us beaming from ear to ear.

On screen, Maggie’s relationship to Victor has hit a rough patch. “We are going to play a little tennis match back and forth. He is used to getting his way and she’s not going to just roll over,” Rogers told us. Rogers says since the passing of Maggie’s ex-husband Mickey, “Maggie has become strong willed and has had to stand up for herself. Victor doesn’t like it sometimes but sometimes he loves it. His other wives wanted something from him, Maggie doesn’t want anything from him. She is her own person and I think he likes that.”

James Scott

When we last spoke with James Scott (EJ) in November, the heavy topic of discussion was the writing changes taking place at DAYS. Guess some things never chance, considering that’s exactly what is going on this time too.

James echoed previous statements about maintaining a consistent character. “When the previous writers came on, they did make some changes – and as an actor you have to try and maintain the integrity of the character – they obviously were not as familiar with the show as someone like Gary Tomlin, who’s coming back.” So, does someone with experience have a better grasp on how to write for characters? Scott tells us, “As his scripts are coming through I am feeling myself regimenting a character that I played for a long time.”

On-screen, James’ alter ego EJ has been mixing it up with his old flame Sami. We asked the actor if the future holds more in store for the popular and controversial duo, Scott teased, “I will tell you this; I am working a lot more with Alison Sweeney in the last few months than I have in the last few years.”

Molly Burnett

Molly Burnett was nominated for the second time for Outstanding Younger Actress in a drama series for her role as Melanie Jonas. Burnett says co-star Chandler Massey (Will) called her the morning the nominations were announced and shared the good news of her (and his) nominations. The next thing she did after learning she was now a two-time nominee? “I called my dad and told him he better get his suit ready for the Emmys!”

The actress was tight-lipped about what is coming up for her character in the near future, saying, “only a lot of kidnap talk, a lot of kidnap work. It is going to be awhile.” Sadly she recently taped her final scenes, ending her four-year career on the soap. Burnett says leaving “was a hard decision.” We wish her the best!

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  2. Sincerely hope the time EJ will be spending with Sami has to do with Will and nothing else. Those two together make my skin crawl. Tis truly disgusting to even THINK of pairing a rapist with his victim.

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