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‘Switched at Birth’ Winter Premiere Recap: It’s a season of new beginnings!


Fresh starts are all around with Angelo receiving his monetary sum, Bay working harder in school, Daphne letting go of Jeff, and John going into politics. What secret is threatening everyone’s happiness?

In a stark turn around from the mouthy, defiant teenager we saw last season, Bay Kennish is now studious and dutiful. I almost didn’t recognize her. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one stunned by the sudden change because when Bay begins getting As in school, she’s called before the honor board and accused of cheating. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Daphne is recovering from the end of her relationship with Jeff – if you can call it that. She starts out at square one in the episode: sending constant texts to Jeff and asking him what he’s doing, the typical things girls do. I won’t judge her because we’ve all been there, but thankfully Jeff intervened before she was too annoying and told her that she couldn’t contact him anymore. Such a shame that we won’t see his pretty face, but it’s best that Daphne moves on and gets her life together. Unfortunately, Jeff telling her goodbye did little to help. It was a moving, impassioned speech from Emmett’s mother that finally caused Daphne to see the light – and the cute, deaf boy who’s been crushing on her for months.

While the girls are dealing with their respective problems, their parents are in a world of trouble of their own. Katherine decided she wants to run for state senate only to learn her friends would rather nominate John. Ever the supportive wife, she encourages John to run. Wonder how many scandalous headlines his family will make thanks to the switch, their living situation with Regina, and Angelo’s soon to come out secret.

Remember the pregnant woman from the fall finale? Turns out Angelo got her pregnant after a one night stand. Toby stumbled upon this information and was forced to sit through an awkward explanation from Angelo – and a plea to keep it a secret. Angelo’s upset that this woman and their unborn child could ruin his chance to reunite with Regina, not to mention drive a wedge between him and the girls. He’s been showering everyone with fancy presents (a letter from Diego to Frida for Bay, a dream house for Regina, and a food truck for Daphne) ever since he received his lawsuit money. Perhaps he’s trying to ease his guilt?

Toby is too good of a brother to hide a secret like this and takes the information straight to Bay, who confesses she had similar assumptions about the mysterious woman. Bay confronted Angelo and accused him of walking out on another child, which is exactly what he’d be doing. Face it, Angelo, a one night stand or a serious relationship, you impregnated someone and if you’re half the man you pretend to be, you will take care of that child.

Too distracted by her problems with the honor board (and probably too afraid to break the news to Daphne), Bay focused on what she could control: school. She sought out comfort from Emmett and the two had a tender moment of hand holding that will keep me awing until next week. Bay wishes he was there to support her, but Emmett can’t leave Carlton, so naturally transferring to Carlton seems like the easiest choice. Turns out that Carlton has a flight program for hearing students and Bay would like to join. The premiere ended with Bay asking Daphne about transferring and the sisters seemed genuinely happy about the current state of their lives. Too bad that between John’s inevitable dramatic race for state senate and Angelo’s baby secret, all warm and fuzzy feelings are bound to be short lived.

What did you think about the premiere? Can Angelo be trusted? Will at transfer to Carlton finally reunite Emmett and Bay? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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