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‘The Lying Game’ “The Revengers” Recap: Who’s making romantic declarations? And who else has a secret child?



Sutton and Rebecca’s scheme is revealed as Emma and Thayer grapple with Alec’s confession.

It’s been an entire year since this show debuted, which is practically a lifetime by ABC Family standards. The season one finale left us with a wedding, an arrest, and a divide among couples. Tonight’s premiere delves into the fallout from those moments – and gives viewers some much needed answers. 

Let’s jump right into the thick of Rebecca and Sutton’s scheme. These two are in cahoots to reunite the family that never was – Rebecca, Ted, Sutton, and Emma, all happy under one roof. Although, it’s pretty obvious that Sutton would much rather be without the sister, but she’s compromising for her biological mother’s sake.

Rebecca fell in love with Ted when they had their affair, like totally serious, once in a lifetime, I will do crazy things because I love you so much. They had an affair when Kristen was dealing with her fertility issues. Rebecca got pregnant with twins. Ted went back to his wife and they adopted one daughter and sent the other into foster care. Yes, this is totally screwed up and each of these adults – Kristen aside – are the worst possible kinds of people that exist. So basically Rebecca and Sutton are plotting to make the impossible happen. It’s really difficult to make Ted love you when he’s so painfully obvious in love with his life, but this guy did kind of ruin Rebecca’s life, so maybe it’s fair? Or maybe they’re just all psychopaths.

When Sutton isn’t plotting with Mommy Dearest, she’s faking an injury to get time for Ethan, who is a complete mess. He’s skipping school, drinking a lot, and just all around being miserable. I can’t feel sorry for him when he’s made his bed. Plus anyone who gives Sutton the time of day gets what they deserve. Rebecca encourages Sutton to be honest with Ethan. For once, Sutton does the honorable thing, admits to faking her sprained ankle, and confesses she loves him and wants nothing more than to be with him. Ethan tells her goodnight. Ouch!

Meanwhile, Emma received a similar confession from Thayer. The two have been inseparable since Alec’s arrest and both paid him visits where they learned he knew the twin girls had switched, that they’d turned him in, and warned them not to trust Sutton. This just left them confused about everything – except for their feelings. Thayer confessed he had real feelings for Emma, wanted to be with her, and thinks she’s like the best person ever. And Emma? Well, she feels the same way. EXCUSE ME WHILE I JUMP UP AND DOWN.

Things weren’t as good for Kristen and Ted. Kristen’s not feeling so forgiving. It probably doesn’t help that Rebecca rubbed the affair in her face. I don’t doubt Ted loves Kristen for a second. He just made some really crappy, unforgivable mistakes. So I can’t decide how I feel about this.

Alec is locked behind bars, but Rebecca is playing the dutiful, heartbroken wife. He’s hopeful though, thanks to hiring Dan’s girlfriend as his attorney. She believes Alec is innocent, so this throws a major curveball at Rebecca and her plan to see Alec fry. The real question is whether or not Alec is aware what a deceitful wench he married… then again Alec is a deceitful jerk, so these two deserve one another.

His pending release isn’t the only thing that’s getting in Rebecca’s way. Earlier in the episode, Ethan had an uncomfortable confrontation with a super cute boy named Jordan (who a drunken Mads also slept with!) and low and behold, that super cute boy is… Rebecca’s son! 

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