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‘Days of our Lives’ Previews: January 21 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, tensions between “team” Will and “team” Gabi continue to escalate. Rafe declares he’s seen who Sami really is, Sami and EJ hit the sheets and Will fights for his relationship with Sonny. Also: John leaves Salem, Nick has a plan to win custody and Chloe realizes she’ll have to work harder to eliminate Jen from Daniel’s life.

I Don’t Need a Parachute

Rafe and Sami have it out when Sami questions Nick and Gabi’s competence and ability to be fit parents to Will’s child. Sami and Adrienne clash over their sons.  The tension between Rafe and Sami escalates to a full blown confrontation when EJ arrives.  Rafe accuses Sami and EJ of manipulating Will and Gabi over the baby.

Later, Sami and EJ are on the verge of making love when EJ surprisingly pulls back. What is his reason for doing so?  When Lucas unexpectedly arrives, he’s disgusted at Sami’s bed hopping and calls her out on it. Ultimately they agree to put their personal issues aside to show a united front for Will. Meanwhile, Rafe tells Nicole he’s finally seen Sami’s true colors.

Fight for This Love

EJ offers to help Will fight for custody of his child. Will is tearing himself up inside, not knowing if being involved in his child’s life is the right thing to do. He confides in EJ why he was initially willing to give up his baby to Gabi and Nick.

Nick gets legal advice from Justin, and wonders there’s a way to have Will’s parental rights terminated for being unfit. He assures Gabi of his love and suggests they get married immediately. Will is irked when Nick tries to pressure him into giving up his parental rights. Later, Nick tries to prevent him from finding out about Gabi’s sonogram, but Will shows up just in time to learn the sex of his child!

Will pours his heart out to Sonny, hoping it will be enough to win him back. Unfortunately, Sonny can’t get over his deception and leaves him feeling dejected. Later, Will finally announces he wants to be a part of his child’s life. Gabi is supportive, but Nick privately seethes. When Will shares his news with Sonny, they end up in a kiss!


Nick hopes Rafe will support him if things get ugly with Will. John and Marlena share a tearful goodbye. Brady and Kristen are forced to resign from the church board. Chloe vows to remove Jennifer from Daniel’s life. Eric and Brady get into a heated argument. Jennifer confides in Maggie about her problems with Chloe. Chad confides in EJ about his troubles and is encouraged to make amends for his actions. Justin and Adrienne’s disagreements over Sonny’s love life cause them to put a little more time into their own.  Abigail and Cameron rejects Chad’s attempts to make amends. Has Chad lost Abigail for good? Stefano thinks Kristen should call off her affair with Brady, but Kristen has other ideas in mind…

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 28, 2012

Nicole and Kristen have a nasty confrontation over Brady. Will realizes what Nick knows. Rafe feels nothing when he finds EJ with Sami, but he doesn’t go away quietly…

What do you think of what’s to come? Anything you’re looking forward to? Or maybe not so much? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. Can’t wait to watch.

  2. I’m not looking forward for everyone blaming Sami & EJ for everything. I would like to see Will appreciate
    the support EJ is giving him. Hate the double standard that Sami & EJ are scapegoats for every problem.

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