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‘Cougar Town’ Recap: I Need to Know

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It was another night of big laughs on Tuesday’s episode of Cougar Town.  So far the move to new home, TBS, has been a smart move on their part.

The show begins as Jules can’t let go of the fact Travis is returning to school.  Jules suggests that they have family night, and they watch Game of Thrones. Jules feels as if Travis doesn’t love her, especially since she hasn’t heard from him in a week, until she finds out Travis has been with Bobby the entire time, which confuses her. Jules finally admits to Travis that him not being around as much anymore means she did something right as a parent.  Travis returns home and tells his mother that he’s there not because he has to, but because he wants to. Travis and Jules sit down and continue to watch Games of Thrones.

Meanwhile, Ellie, Bobby, and Andy play a game called “Things That Annoy Ellie.” Ellie takes Bobby’s advice to treat Andy like a dog by rewarding good behavior with treats. She rewards Andy with kisses if he puts his socks in the hamper, and peanut butter for getting her shoes. Bobby finally fesses up to Andy about what Ellie’s been up to. Ellie tells Andy how much she loves him and while she knew what she was doing was wrong, she felt like the nice one for once. Grayson tries to convince Laurie that he isn’t homophobic, by going as far as turning his pub into a gay bar.

There are a couple of reasons why I enjoyed this episode.  I liked the centric focus on the Jules/Travis relationship. The scene were Jules confesses to Travis, was particularly touching, because she finally accepted that he was an adult.  I also enjoyed the homage to Three Men And A Baby, with Grayson, Bobby, Andy and Stan wearing moustaches…Grayson having no idea that he was being hit on and Andy shaking beer off his moustache like a St. Bernard.

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Favorite Moment:  Jules accepting Travis is an adult.

Hottest Moment: Gay guy putting money in Grayson’s pants

Character We Loved This Week: tie between Jules and Travis

Best one liner: Laurie: “Zooey-Descha-hell-no”

Rating: 5/5


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