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‘Emily Owens, M.D.’ Review: Flirting with jealousy

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Last week on Emily Owens, M.D., Emily suspected that Will was jealous when he saw her on a date with another guy and this week she set out to prove her hypothesis in “Emily and the Social Experiment.”

The episode opened with the interns and Micah at the bar, celebrating another successful day and the snowboarding guy shows up to pull Emily away and apologize for the way he acted. He asks for another chance and Emily tells him that they’re too different, but he persists. Before Emily can say ‘no’ again, Will comes over, tells the guy to get lost and pulls Emily away. She tells him that he’s acting jealous and he admits that maybe he is and then he leans in to kiss her and of course that’s when her alarm goes off (I have to admit that I suspected this scene was a dream when I saw the picture of the near kiss, but seriously, I would have murdered my alarm clock if that happened to me; like pulled out the wires and crushed it with a hammer, murder).

Anyway, Emily tells Tyra about her hypothesis and how she’s going to test it. Emily attempts to talk to another male doctor in front of Will, but it turns out he’s gay. Tyra takes pity on her friend and tells her that she’s going to teach her how to flirt and gives Emily step-by-step instructions. Tyra pushes Emily to flirt with Dr. Putnam in front of Will and she manages to get a reaction out of him, but then Will assumes she’s joking when she tries to tell him that she wants to find out what all the fuss is about. Later, Dr. Putnam corners Emily in the locker room and she tells him that she’s busy putting together a bookcase that night. He offers to help, but Will steps in and says he’d already offered. Once Dr. Putnam leaves, Will asks if there really is a bookcase and then offers to help for real since Cassandra bailed on him. Tyra witnesses the exchange and tells Emily that this is her chance.

Will and Emily are putting together the bookcase and Tyra sends encouraging texts. Emily begins to go through the steps and Will seems responsive, but then he’s getting ready to leave so Emily offers to go out and get beer and sandwiches for them. When she returns, Will is sound asleep on her couch. She “accidentally” throws a big book on the floor and wakes him up. Will asks if she’d mind if he slept on her couch since he’s really tired. Emily tells him that’s fine and then she texts Tyra to let her know that her hypothesis was wrong and Will would rather sleep than be alone with her (Poor Emily).

While all of this is going on, Micah, Emily and Cassandra are treating a patient named Henry, who has cystic fibrosis. He’s desperately in need of a lung transplant and Emily can see that the case if personally affecting Cassandra, but her rival warns her that she does not want to talk about it. When an accident victim dies, Emily is happy to have found a match for Henry and they schedule a lung transplant surgery immediately. But when Micah and another surgeon begin the procedure, they discover Henry has cancer and won’t survive chemo. Micah insists that he get the lungs anyway since there is always a chance.

Henry is tired of fighting, but his parents push him to keep going, reminding him that the doctors said he would die at six months and he’s 24. The poor guy is miserable, but he doesn’t want to take away their hope. Cassandra steps in and talks to the parents and they finally ask Henry what he wants. He wants to enjoy his new lungs while he can and not put his body through chemo. Emily tells Cassandra that it was a nice thing she did for the family.

Meanwhile, Dr. AJ Aquino has returned to the hospital after an extended absence. He’s a good friend of Micah’s (and instantly picks up on his feelings for Emily) and he had a falling out with Dr. Bandari. He violated protocol and ended up suspended, but he wants to come back to the hospital. Dr. Bandari refuses to let him. She’s still having problems with her husband and Micah points out that she’s ruining Dr. Aquino’s career by not giving him another chance. As Dr. Bandari is leaving for the day, Dr. Aquino is waiting by her car. She quizzes him on procedure and then tells him that he can come back. He asks if they’re going to talk about the other thing that happened before he left and she coldly tells him that was a mistake because she is married (whoa!).

Convinced that her hypothesis was wrong, Emily watches with a sad smile as Will tells Cassandra he missed her and the two disappear together. But Emily spots Micah and as she’s waiting for him to come over, she gets a text message. Emily heads up to the roof to meet Will and he asks her for a favor, reminding her that she owes him a lot of stupid favors. He tells her that he doesn’t want Cassandra to know he crashed at her place because Cassandra accused him of being jealous. Emily is floored and realizes that if Cassandra can see it, it must be true. Will likes her (awwww).

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Favorite Moment: Like I can pick just one…Emily’s dream, Micah and AJ’s bromance, AJ and Gina’s obvious affair, Will and Emily putting together the bookcase, Tyra’s flirting demonstration and the final scene on the roof.

Most Cringe-Worthy Moment: Emily reaching for the tissue as an excuse to get too close to Dr. Putnam and immediately telling herself snot is not sexy.

Hottest Character: Will, always, but especially in that opening scene where he was wearing a t-shirt. Justin Hartley’s arms are everything, people. Huge honorable mention to Dr. Aquino (J.R. Ramirez)…do we get to keep him for the next three episodes?

Character We Loved This Week: Emily is always the best.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Will for falling asleep and making Emily feel bad about herself.

Best One-Liner: “I’ve had UTIs before. It felt like I was going to die” and “It was going to get all weird and awkward. I could tell.” (Tyra is so funny).

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: I’m curious what everyone is all dressed up for.

Rating: 5/5 (Seriously, this show is perfect).


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  1. Mandy Treccia gushes about Emily Owens on CW network, but never mentions that it has mostly attractive females and mostly unattractive males. That pattern is repeated on most shows on CW and other networks. They oddly believe that male viewers care whether actresses are attractive and that female viewers do not care if male actors are ugly. I like plot involving Justin Hartley and Mamie Gummer. Most other plot was boring and annoying. The same ugly man who was the star of Melrose Place was startlingly given a role on Emily Owens. I stopped watching Melrose Place because I felt annoyed by the artifice of an ugly male being surrounded by beautiful females who craved him. Then, there he was on another show, pretending to be attractive.

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