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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Mona-Mania!

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Mona’s settling into her new freedom around Rosewood and getting in Spencer, Hanna, Aria, and Emily’s way.

As if having Mona back at school wasn’t enough, now she’s popping up all over campus and around town with her over-acted smiles and sweet voice. No one’s buying it now, especially Hanna. Strangely enough, Mona may be the least of the girls’ worries. Byron’s starting to look a little suspect, too. Let’s break this down girl-by-girl, shall me?


It’s always best to get the most boring out of the way. Emily struggles with her parents being so overprotective. I mean, I can’t imagine why they would when her girlfriend died, she had a stalker, and almost died how many times by now?! Upset and determined to be defiant, Emily convinces Paige to go to a party outside of town. On the way there, Paige has a serious panic attack and confesses she hasn’t been able to leave her house since Halloween. Emily holds her hands, forces her to take a walk down a foggy road and calms her nerves… until they return to the car and find the tire slit.

Emily notices a hooded figure – Toby, of course – in the bushes and chases after him. She didn’t catch him. No surprise there. Later, at home, she tells Paige she should see a therapist. Obviously Paige is dealing with some serious PTSD, but there’s just something about the way Emily says it that annoys the hell out of me. Paige is reacting the way you should, Emily is just reacting like a stupid person.


Earlier in the episode, the girls went back to check out Creepy Janitor’s office, came across a hooded figure, and realized the office was empty. Somehow Hanna figured out it was Lucas. She confronts him and he confesses that he set the fire on campus to scare Mona, who has been blackmailing him because he’s been selling answers to every test on campus. He tells her about the night he almost got run over and his decision to leave school.


Mona suddenly has a brain and decides she wants to be president of some academic thing… or something along those lines. It’s hard to pay attention when you’re bored. Anyway, Mona campaigns to everyone and they vote for her, but the deciding vote comes down to the ultimate Jeopardy playoff. As much as I love Spencer, her smugness is just out of control this episode, gets the better of her, and MONA WINS.

Honestly, I don’t care how smug or proud or conceited you are. In a battle of random facts and historical things and generally anything from a book, Spencer would wipe the floor with you. The only upside to this entire storyline is the guy who runs the Jeopardy playoff is easy on the eyes. Not to mention he’s sane. Get at it, Spencer, ‘k?

Instead of getting at it, she mopes around until Hanna shows up and asks her to take her home. Seeing Spencer so upset and knowing what Mona’s done to Lucas sends Hanna over the edge. She tells Mona off and it’s very reminiscent of this:


This may or may not be the most interesting part of this episode. Turns out, Byron’s been snooping through Aria’s things, has a mean streak, and Meredith is now scared of him. Aria learns that her father basically got her mother drunk the night Alison went missing, so he could leave their house to see Meredith. From Meredith’s apartment, he met with Alison, who then went missing. Meredith is now concerned Byron is a crazy person. All of this is trumped by the fact that Aria is suddenly queasy and thinks she has the flu, which probably means she’s pregnant.

Remember, no glove, no love, Aria.

The episode winds down with Byron being alone in his office, unaware that Mona is following him. She reports her stalking to someone I assume is Toby, who is off by the side of the road burying a mask.

Honestly, I am just so glad it’s over.

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