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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Top 5 OMFG Moments from “After School Special”


In case you’re living under a rock (or you never watched the episode before the break), Rebekah is back – and she’s very, very angry!

Thanks to April, who gets the award for the most annoying person in MysticFalls of all time, Rebekah is as alive and well as a vampire can be. How classy of her to choose Carol Lockwood’s memorial as the place to show up and start getting revenge. Other highlights of the episode included Bonnie’s dad becoming mayor, Paul Wesley’s debut of the most gorgeous haircut to grace our TV screens this year, Jeremy’s arms, a return of an original, love and not-so love confessions, and a lot of dead bodies.

Before I get into the countdown, I feel compelled (Ha! Pun-intended!) to list a few honorable mentions:

Paul Wesley’s haircut – like seriously, who knew that his tall hair was hiding that?!

Klaus’ fantastic mathematical skills – I am not very good at math, but trust me, it was good.

Damon shooting Klaus with wooden bullets in honor of his love and admiration for Carol Lockwood.

April telling the Founder’s Council that Shane is behind all the bad things. Really, someone needs to put this girl down.

5. “Come to me.”

After being locked in a library with Rebekah (more on that ahead), Elena called Damon from her front porch – awwww! (You know, cause it’s her and Damon’s special place or something) – and told him she realized she is in love with him. His eyes went all soft and silly, he vowed to get the cure and warned her that he would do things she wouldn’t like, and then told her to get in her car and come to him. Obviously, so they can have a lot of I love you even though you may be sired to me, so it may not be real love, but I am so happy to hear you say it sex.

Although something tells me that was ruined by Klaus’ new plan to break Jeremy in as a vampire hunter (more on that ahead as well).

4. Shane reveals why he really wants the cure.

After sharing a syrupy sweet moment with Bonnie and giving her a gift of real human bone – how sweet! – Kol kidnaps Shane and takes him to the high school. Turns out the fancy, smug professor can resist compulsion. Unfortunately admitting this led to serious water torture. Bonnie was hot on his trail, used some table salt, and with April as her witness performed a protection spell. After some water torture, Shane told Kol that he wants to release Silas, another old paranormal dude that is apparently older than the Originals – what?! – and Silas is buried with the cure. The problem is bringing Silas back means bringing back all the dead people with him. This is bad, so Kol is upset and stakes Shane, which is unfortunate for April, who thanks to Bonnie, is feeling everything that Shane is and bleeds out on the floor.


Except not really. Bonnie’s protection spell kept Shane alive and Stefan and Elena arrived in time to save April. (Fingers crossed that next time April goes down!) Bonnie is upset by her powers, but Shane promises not to let anything happen to her.

3. School’s in session.

With Caroline, Elena, and Stefan locked in the library, Rebekah gave the most fun history quiz ever, only to learn the sexual escapades that occurred while she was staked. She is shocked to learn that Stefan and Elena are no longer together and that Elena banged Damon. Elena is shocked that Stefan knows these things. Silly, Elena!

Under compulsion, Elena says she didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. She slept with him because she’s in love with him. Dun, dun, dun! Rebekah forces her to talk about how she feels with him. She feels free with Damon and like she’s a project and a problem that needs to be fixed with Stefan (and I just really hate when shows tell you why a character is doing something. I just firmly believe we should understand Elena’s actions because we can see them ourselves. This show has been lecturing us about her feelings for Damon since last season – so annoying!). Rebekah asks Elena if she loves Stefan. She says yes, but she’s not in love with him. Stefan admits it hurt to hear that. Rebekah is jolly because now he understands how she’s felt for 900 years.

Later, she convinces Tyler to come to the school, forces him to turn into a werewolf, and everyone runs like mad, terrified that they will die. Thankfully, they’re fine and Tyler just ends up ugly crying while naked on the gym floor. High school is hard!

Basically, Rebekah is the most bad ass puppeteer ever. This mini-version of the Breakfast Club was so fun!

2. Stefan is out of f&#ks to give.

Rebekah said it best when she asked, “Must I rip your bleeding heart from your chest and show you the scar tissue that is Elena Gilbert?” Stefan is a complete and utter mess over Elena – from hearing that she slept with his brother to the fact that she may be in love with him. So much in fact that he doesn’t want anything to do with her, which made her chasing him around the whole episode hilarious. He was not having any of it. In fact, Stefan is so distraught by recent events that when Rebekah offered to erase Elena from his memory he said yes. Burrrrrn, Elena. Burrrrrrn. Just the fact that he would do it is enough though.

Later, Stefan calls Rebekah over and asks her to join his team. Everyone else is partnered up and they can race to get the cure together and decided what to do with it. Stefan’s real reason for wanting it is to turn Elena human again and see if she really does love Damon. As long as Stefan is this short-tempered, rude, and downright gives no f&#ks when Elena talks to him, I can live with this secret desire.

1. Klaus forcing Jeremy’s hand.

Impatient as ever, Klaus first sent a vampire to the lake house that attacked Matt, forcing Jeremy to kill her. Then he called Damon, Matt, and Jeremy to meet him at a bar with a dozen people, who were transitioning. Damon told Jeremy to go for it, so obviously he’s been compelled by Klaus, and poor lil’ Jeremy and his big arms were terrified. And from next week’s preview, it looks like Klaus compels the vampires to follow Jeremy everywhere. Yikes!

What was your favorite moment in tonight’s episode?


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