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‘Suits’ Recap: Blind-Sided


Suits is back! Suits is back! Suits is back! Go ahead and judge, but I’m sure all the other fans were just as excited as I was to sit down and watch “Blind-Sided.” It feels like it has been forever since our favorite lawyers graced our screens and the show came back Thursday night with a stellar episode.

Mike continued on his downward spiral of drugs and sleeping with his married ex-girlfriend Tess. But he did his best to put his game face on during the day and that wasn’t easy when Harvey was called to help a rich client’s son, who was involved in a hit and run. This triggered memories of Mike’s parents deaths at the hands of a drunk driver, but Mike insisted that he could put emotion aside and be professional. Harvey gave him a chance to do just that.

The driver swore that he was not drunk so Mike made a plea deal with the assistant DA, but she wanted something in return. She wanted a job at Pearson Hardman, which Harvey had zero intention of giving her. However, Mike found out that the client might not have been drunk, but he was high and he tried to clue the DA in by violating privilege. She didn’t fall for it and Mike was stunned to find out that Harvey had gotten her a job at Pearson Hardman after all.

In a beautiful speech, Harvey ordered Mike to get his s**t together and he reminded him (again) that he’s not a lawyer and if people start investigating him, that’s going to be a big deal. He asked Mike if his life was better or worse since he started working there and Mike said a little of both. Harvey told him to figure it out because next time, he wasn’t going to go out on a limb for him. Mike seemed to receive the message. He went back to his apartment and kicked Tess to the curb, but that’s not going to help him fix anything with Rachel. She was furious and pointed out that she’d had an affair once and Mike had no idea what he’d passed up. (Personally, I felt this was out of character for the Rachel we know, but this show is the best so I’ll let it slide).

As for Harvey’s love life, he was determined to rekindle things with Zoe and actually have a relationship this time. But when he showed up for their date, she was busy taking care of her niece Olivia. Harvey surprised Zoe by offering to help and instantly won over the little girl (and Zoe). But then Zoe told Harvey that her brother was dying and she was going to be leaving town to take care of Olivia. It was pretty much a ‘ships in the night’ moment, but I’m not going to pretend I’m too broken up about it because Harvey belongs with Donna (although Gabriel Macht clearly revels in working with his real-life wife Jacinda Barrett. The two sparkle and it’s pretty adorable).

Then there was Louis and Girl-Louis (Rachel Harris). She offered him up a Harvard graduate to be his associate and then the two did unspeakable things. Seriously, I am not going to speak of them. But Donna quickly realized that Louis’s associate could blow Mike’s cover and Harvey told Jessica, who ordered Louis to fire her because of a hiring freeze. This pretty much only further fractured the broken relationships between Louis and Jessica and Harvey and Louis, especially once Louis heard that Harvey just got to hire someone. Once Girl-Louis found out that Louis wasn’t top dog anymore, she lost interest. It really was not a good week for him.

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Favorite Moment: Tossup between Harvey and Donna’s banter over his date with Zoe and Harvey letting Mike have it for being the worst. Oh, and there was also that awesome moment when Harvey and Donna had the talk about his second hire while both were looking out the window. I love scenes shot like that.

Most Cringe-Worthy Moment: Whatever it was that happened between Louis and Girl-Louis (Why are we still speaking of it?).

Hottest Character: Harvey, always, but how cute was he with that little girl?

Character We Loved This Week: Donna for teasing Harvey and for quickly realizing that there was going to be a problem with the new associate and giving Harvey a heads up.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Mike for never seeming to learn a lesson for more than a minute. Patrick J. Adams was fantastic in his scenes with the lawyer when he was reliving what happened after his parents died, but OMFG, did we really need another scene where Mike did something stupid as a lawyer that could end up hurting Harvey?

Best One-Liner: “Don’t worry, Mike; I’m sure N’SYNC will tour again someday” and “Goddamn, Mike Ross, he’s the gift that just keeps on giving.”

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: I’ve already seen next week’s episode, “Blood in the Water” and it is really, really good so everyone should just look forward to every second of it.

Rating: 4.5/5


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