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‘Dallas’ Season Premiere Recap: The Enemy of My Enemy is My Lover

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TNT’s Dallas made it’s much anticipated season two premiere tonight and the drama couldn’t have been more intense! What were the highlights of the two-hour episode?

The episode began with Sue Ellen speaking to her supporters at a campaign event. Elsewhere, John Ross arrives and flirts with a bride-to-be at her bachelorette party. After taking her to bed, he makes his way out, but not before making a point to be seen by her father. Turns out, John Ross seduced this man’s daughter in an effort to secure a business deal. When asked by the upset father if he believes in love, John Ross smirked at him, “Love is for pussies.”


“Battle Lines/Venomous Creatures”: The battle for Ewing Energies heats up as Christopher and John Ross clash over opposing visions for the company. As Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, a game-changing revelation turns everything on its head, causing the entire family to put their differences aside and rally together — except for John Ross, who uses J.R.’s dirty little tricks to take revenge on Christopher and Elena. Meanwhile, Ann is blackmailed by her ex-husband, Harris Ryland, forcing her and Bobby to confront a shocking secret from Ann’s past. With Christopher and Bobby at the helm of Ewing Energies, and Elena working to gain a stronger foothold within the company, J.R. and John Ross strike a deal to wrestle control of Ewing Energies away from them. Meanwhile, Pamela Rebecca Barnes schemes with John Ross to take half of Christopher’s shares in Ewing Energies to fulfill her father’s desire for revenge against the Ewings. And Ryland’s mother, Judith, (guest star Judith Light) proves to be just as evil as her son.


The opening segment set the tone for the episode, which continued plotlines from the first season, including Sue Ellen’s run for office, the mystery surrounding Anne’s daughter as well as introducing new ones – Rebecca’s vendetta against Christopher, John Ross planning revenge on Chris and Elena, and new corporate intrigue at Banes Global. The writing was strong, the acting was intense and the directing was phenomenal. Last season was good, but this season looks like it’ll be even better. It’s a bittersweet journey to embark on as a viewer, knowing the show plans on sending JR out with a bang (literally), with the fallout from his death to be a major arc in storylines going forward.

Josh Henderson has truly settled into John Ross’ skin. He’s confident as the arrogant playboy that’s been slightly humbled by his previous mistakes. That doesn’t mean he’s become a better person, he’s just smarter about his dealings.

Julie Gonzalo’s performance was a standout as well. Playing the good girl just didn’t work last season. I’m thrilled she gets to tap into her character’s bad side and own it this season.


Rebecca’s True Identity is Revealed

Though it was revealed to viewers during the finale that Rebecca was the daughter of Cliff Barnes, her identity remained a secret to those she conned. Rebecca returned to Dallas via helicopter, summoning Chris and Bobby Ewing to Barnes Global. Chris assumed his uncle Cliff has made a play to get Rebecca on his side; little did he know that she was on his side all along. She introduces herself by her full name, by her mother’s name – Pamela Rebecca Barnes. Pamela tries appealing to her husband, revealing that she only lied about her identity as to not be judged by her name. She offers Chris a reasonable deal – she retains primary custody of their soon-to-be-born children and gets a 30% stake in Ewing Energy in their divorce settlement. In return, she’ll allow him unlimited visitation. Chris rejects her offer, threatening to keep her away from their children and vowing to annul their marriage.  Irked by his attitude towards her, Pamela vows to come after Chris and his company with the full power of her father’s company. Game on little Ewing.

The Ewing Family (and Elena) Unite Against Rebecca

A family meeting at Southfork puts the Ewing men all on the same page – it’s them against the Barnes. John Ross assures his family that his loyalty is with them, as they close ranks to thwart off an impending attack by Barnes Global.

Pamela Rebecca and John Ross Form an Unholy Alliance

There should be a saying about revenge being better in twos. These two former enemies teamed up to shatter Christopher and Elena’s newfound happiness. John Ross delivered the real Rebecca Sutter to be their secret weapon against Chris, turning her against him during the annulment hearing. Later, the pair would mix their business with pleasure when the sexual tension between them was just too much to bear.

Pamela’s Power Grab Creates a New Enemy

Pamela’s decision to take an active role in Barnes Global didn’t sit too well with her father’s right hand man, Frank Ashkani. Frank accuses her of disrespecting him in front of their board and says she’s engaged in childish games. Pam stands her ground and reaffirms her power. Little does she know that pissing off Frank could be her undoing. He arranges for a Tommy’s cellphone to be delivered to Christopher. Why? Because it holds a very damaging voicemail that implicates Pamela if anything happened to him.

JR Comes to Sue Ellen’s Rescue

JR promises to use his connections to prevent Sue Ellen’s prosecution. Sue Ellen feels it wouldn’t be right if she didn’t pay for what she’s done, saying she has to learn her lesson. “That’s why you got me darling. I never learn my lesson.” JR finds dirt on the attorney and gets him to back off his plans. Aftwards, JR shows up to tell her about a job well done. As a reward, she gives him a quick kiss and offers him a drink if he can promise to behave himself. It was a sweet scene that made me sad when I was reminded that we’ll never see them have a happy ending.

The Mystery of Ann’s Daughter Is Revealed

Ann is finally given the opportunity to reunite with her daughter – the only catch is she had to turn over the incriminating tape of Ryland admitting his wrongdoings. She convinces Sue Ellen to turn over the tape, much to the chagrin of Bobby, who had his own plan on getting the information from Ann’s ex-husband. When the DNA test confirmed the girl to be her daughter, Bobby and Ann rushed to meet her. Ann’s joy soon turned to heartbreak as her daughter Emma rejected her welcoming arms. Her steel face and piercing eyes burned a whole in Ann’s heart, reducing her to a puddle of tears as she collapsed from the rejection. Later, Bobby began investigating just how Ryland came to discover his and Ann’s daughter and how long he knew about her. Eventually he’s led to Ryland’s mother Judith. Bobby pieced together that the Rylands rescued Emma at some point and kept her hidden from Ann. The look on Bobby’s face when he figured out they had Emma the entire time was everything. They stole Emma from Ann and raised her in secret. Emma appears and says she wasn’t kidnapped; her father saved her from her mother.

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Favorite Moment: JR tells Sue Ellen that the best thing she ever did was leave him. He complimented her on becoming a successful woman in spite of their issues.

Cringe Moment: Christopher tries to threaten Pamela, only to be swatted down the fly he is. You can’t handle Pamela.

Hottest Moment and/or Hottest Character: This is in two parts. 1) John Ross is a sexy beast. 2) John Ross and Pamela are sex on a stick. After Pam recalled the elevator to her place, John Ross was just waiting to jump out of his close. He walked into her penthouse ready to ravish her for hours and hours.

Character We Loved This Week: What a difference a change in personality can make! I was not a huge fan of Rebecca last season, but seeing her as her “true” self – the strong, confident and powerful Barnes woman only made me love her more. Pamela Rebecca Barnes is a boss, and Dallas should be quaking in their boots.

Character We Wanted to Slap This Week: Elena, because her existence is unnecessary.

Best one liner/quote: “You not the first Pam to fox your way into the henhouse. I’m one for one on flushing out Pamela’s; And I plan on being two for two.

What We’re Looking Forward to Next Week: John Ross and JR work to turn the family against one another.

Rating (1-5): I give this episode a perfect 5![/textblock]

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