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‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers: February 11 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, two people you’d least expect have sex! Also: Sami finds something of EJ’s, Will thinks there may be hope for him and Sonny.

Sneak Peeks: Week of February 11, 2013

In November, TVSource Magazine was the first to report that two people you’d least expect would be hitting the sheets. It looks like we were right!

Kate goes out drinking after she ends up on the receiving end of a judgmental lecture from Stefano. Meanwhile, Rafe also goes out for drinks in an effort to blow up some stream over EJ and Sami. See where this is going? Let me paint the picture for you. Drunk Kate + Drunk Rafe = Drunken Sex!

Sami finds a small box in EJ’s pocket with a ring in it. How will Sami react to her discovery?

Will is thrilled when he gets an unexpected gift from Sonny on Valentine’s Day…that is until he talks to Sonny.

Kristen continues her plan to convince Brady to marry her. Brady finally opens up to Kristen about his reasons for not wanting to marry her.

Eric and Nicole have a disagreement over her life choices. Eric warns her not to return if she goes out for a night of debauchery.

Chloe tells Daniel that Jennifer lied about where they were going. Jennifer and Chloe have it out over Daniel.

Nick reassures Gabi that everything will be alright for their family.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday – Nicole can’t bring herself to tell Eric the truth.

Thursday – Gabi worries that Sonny will cause problems for her.

Source Look Ahead: February 18, 2013 Edition

EJ has questions for Rafe about Kate. Sonny reads something Will intended to give to him but didn’t.

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  1. I love EJ and Sami. They both have matured and learned a lot. They are magical and electric together. Rafe and Sami boring no sparks. Now Rafe and Carrie sister had real sparks but that was cut short unfortunately. Love the new Rafe romance. It is so funny. I will enjoy seeing where this goes. HaHa.
    Can not stand Chloe. I love Daniel and Jen. I think they are so cute together. Chloe needs to go back to the gutter. And that is how I see it. Oh and Nick is a slimy disgusting character and Gabbie deserves her misery.

  2. Safe scheming is an oxymoron! He is the Barney Fife of Salem and Sami was a stepfford wife while they were together. Ejole did have a good chemistry, however Nicole was always 2nd to Sami. EJ / Sami are finally being given the opportunity to be a couple after 6 years. Both accept each other fully / completely and have made peace with their past. Ejami is a complex grey couple that will work together to protect their family including Will and their relationship.
    Sorry but Safe and Ejole are dead and will not be back this spring!

  3. It was an indecent proposal, go read the 18 page ejami love story on NBC, they call it a bargain. EJ loves Sami and now that she’s on the same page and so UnRafed, they’re a grey couple that’s gonna take over Salem. The word boring does not exist for this couple.

  4. You’re just mad because everything I said is true

  5. EJ never raped Nicole. EJ also said to Sami when he raped her “raise your hand to me and it’s the last thing you’ll ever do”. Yeah, true romance. And I’m not bitter. I’m upset that Days’ storylines suck, and not just EJami, but I could care less who Sami’s with, because her relationships never last long.

  6. And Ej could never be as ‘boring’ as Rafe it is just impossible ! lol

  7. Ej tried to kill Nicole, is responsible of her mother’s death, she let him mourn a death for nothing, kidnapped his child ect.. Ejole is worse than Ejami could ever be. Deal with it.

  8. You are so bitter so bitter lmaooooooo get over it please, it is pathetic.

  9. It already is: EJ raped Sami, and she shot him in the head among other things. Nicole accepted EJ’s dark side, and he even told her that she was the only woman to do this. Sami keeps trying to make EJ as boring as Rafe, and now she’s succeeded. Enjoy your “beloved” couple. They won’t live up to your expectations.

  10. And EJole were scheming. They both were lying and stealing Abe’s campaign plans and such. The fact is, EJami can never work because Sami only want EJ’s good side, and can’t accept the bad in him. Nicole was the only woman who could do this, and EJ said that himself. More proof that EJami doesn’t work. Just you wait and see. There’s even a spoiler for this spring that Sami still wants Rafe. EJ even knows he came in second place, too bad he’s too pathetic to care anymore.

  11. I’m not bitter. There was nothing romantic about it at all. Today’s episode, EJami aren’t even snuggling in the bed. Usually couples do that. EJ is no longer the villain we love, he’s a castrated lapdog for Sami. And they’re not scheming because Sami wants him to “change” and abandon his DiMera ways, which he has. Interesting…Safe did more scheming than EJami ever has. Sucks for you guys because you’ve wanted EJami as a gray scheming couple all along, and instead you get boring garbage. By the way, I’m not a Safe fan either, I want Rafe with Nicole.

  12. it can’t be worse than Ejole !! ha ha

  13. bitter bitter you are bitter it is almost funny.

    Ejami will NEVER be boring but of course they will need good writing and writing them in character, any pairing can’t work if strong writing don’t back them up and already Ejami was almost destroyed several times because of the writing and by favoring other dull pairings. And by the way Ejole was not really scheming or if you prefer they were boring scheming with no chemistry AT ALL and the ice in the cake they were BORING even more than Safe and that says a lot . ha !

  14. Well, now you EJami fans see what I’ve been saying ALL along! EJ is washed down, boring and a goody two shoes when paired with Sami. EJami is boring and there is no chemistry. The only scheming couple he’s been part of is EJole. Really hope y’all enjoy your EJami now! They’re as boring as Dannifer!

  15. please do not make EJAMI as boring, predicable as John/Marlena or Bo/Hope worse Jen/Daniel. No more marriage,babies,triangles – it is so last century! Let them scheme through to make anyone in their way a life hell through corp world, business deal or election along with Will, Chad, Kate, Kirsten and Stanphno. Salem needs those Badies to shake up little.

  16. too soon for that imo, i don’t want their romance (hope Days is serious about it this time) to be rushed, i really don’t want that.

  17. love Eric i am not a great fan of Nicole most of the time (find her too smug) but this angsty story between her and Eric could be great and if the actors have chemistry..for now i don’t see it very much but Eric is played as clueless about Nicole’s interest, when he will get it it could become different and maybe it will be the beginning of a great love story..

  18. i love Ejami but it is too soon for them to get married again, i want them to date for a while, they will have to endure some pretty heavy obstacles even by just dating, let’s go with that first.

  19. Eileen Davidson is doing a great job as Kristen. her character was wasted on Y&R.

  20. It looks like our beloved EJami maybe getting married.. How wonderful that would be!!

  21. It’s get better and better for my ejami woohoo

  22. It looks like my suspicious are right….Kate and Rafe…..can anyone say EEEeeeee! Do Kate and Sami have to share relatives, whether son’s or lovers. This will not be the best thing for Kate if she has any incline to get back with Stefano.

  23. lol! I guess EJ liked it so he wants to put a ring on it! You go, boy!!!

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