‘Days of our Lives’ Teasers: February 25 Edition

Photo: NBC

Next week on Days of our Lives, Nick finally shows his hands to Will. How will William’s family react to this news?

Things seem to be looking up for Will. He finally reunites with his boyfriend Sonny and with no more secrets between then, he lets Sonny in on his secret. When Will refuses to give into Nick’s demands, he reveals that he knows he shot EJ! Can Lucas and Sonny stop Will before he does something he can’t take back?

Chloe schemes a new way to bring her and Daniel closer together — her mother Nancy!

Sami threatens to destroy Nick and Gabi if they try to keep William from his baby.

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  1. Will better not go confess to the police about shooting EJ. Ej doesn’t care; he’s forgiven him. Someone needs to tell EJ what is going on so he can help out. He’d have Will’s back and someone needs to bring Nabi down!

  2. So glad WilSon are finally going to get back together. I hope all the secrets are revealed between them. Will wants to be a part of his baby’s life and I hope this happens. Gabi needs to open her eyes and see exactly what kind of a psycopath Nick is.

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