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‘Days of our Lives’ Preview: March 18 Edition

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Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady finally gives Kristen the one things she truly desires – his hand in marriage. Have John and Marlena lost Brady for good? Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of March 18.

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Brady’s Breaking Point

Fed up with his parents’ interference in his life, Brady angrily tells John and Marlena that he’s done with them! His actions result in driving John and Marlena further apart, and Brady closer to Kristen. With nothing left to lose, Brady proposes to Kristen (much to her delight) and puts more distance between he and his father. Not one to give up a fight, John is more determined than ever to break Kristen’s hold over his son. But how far will he go to succeed in his quest?

Also Next Week

Nick’s homophobic comments result in Sonny’s fist meeting his face. Maybe next time he’ll think before calling someone a “fag”. Nicole’s sexual drought results in a new man on the receiving end of her lust. Will Sami convince Will to go to the dark side when it comes to Nick? He may have an ally in Stefano…

DVR Alerts:

Monday—Abby catches Cameron in a lie.

Friday—Chloe comes up with a diabolical new plan

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  1. I think Nicole’s baby would be an interesting twist to the whole story. I mean, for her to go through the whole pregnancy just to have a stillbirth was so anti-climatical. As for Stefano helping Will…uh oh!

  2. best couple on day or evening tv is Ali & James. They are adorable together. NBC should have a spinoff from Days called EJami.

  3. I hope to the soap gods that they aren’t thinking about bringing Nicole’s baby back from the dead. I read that somewhere but I read so many boards I don’t remember where.
    I’m really looking forward to Sonny and Nick’s confrontation..should be good.

  4. Go get Nick, Sonny. I hope Nick gets the crap beaten out of him. He is so hateful to Will and Sonny, as well as a blackmailer who is threatening Will and taking his unborn child away from him. Nick is in violation of his parole and needs to be sent back to prison where he belongs.

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