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‘General Hospital’ Preview: April 15 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, children — and where they come from — are on a lot of minds, for wildly different reasons. If you thought the excitement ended with the Nurses Ball, well, just you think again.  Not even close. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s General Hospital preview for the week of April 15.

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The Kids Are Alright

The situation goes from bad to worse for Dante, whose heroic persistence engages once more as he tries to get through to Lulu, but she lays him and her parents flat with yet another surprise, and sends a lot of people into a tailspin of confusion.  Lucy, despite Alexis’ best efforts, is unable to adopt Rafe. Lucy later suggests Sam be his official guardian. Rafe’s loneliness draws Molly closer, which demoralizes poor TJ, and Shawn takes time out from shooting and saving people to offer reassurance.

Crazy For You

Patrick is determined that Britt’s news won’t derail his burgeoning relationship with Sabrina, even as he has to tell her of yet another bombshell from Faison’s daughter. Felix, displaying the kind of sharp mind and detective skills the PCPD would do well to note, decides to keep a close eye on Britt and her schemes.

AJ walks in on Liz hugging Nikolas, thereby kick starting what looks to be the juiciest love triangle on television since The Thorn Birds or Dawson’s Creek, while Scotty plants one on Bobbie in an inebriated stupor – which is more Three’s Company.

Games Without Frontiers

Ellie apologizes to Maxie for eavesdropping on what she now thinks was a conversation about Britt’s baby.  But she’s still suspicious, and inveigles Spinelli to help her investigate further into Maxie’s pregnancy.  Spinelli, busier than he’s been in weeks, also uncovers information about the Quartermaine heir.

Despite the fact that his father (AJ) is over the moon about Carly’s rage, Michael is still ambivalent regarding his night with Brenda. He’s upset with Carly; Carly’s furious with Brenda, and Brenda is horrified when she finds out Michael told his father (Sonny).  To further add spice to this wonderful stew, Connie/Kate comes home to Sonny, ensuring absolutely no sleep for the erstwhile mob boss in the foreseeable future.

Source Look Ahead: April 22, 2013 Edition

Britt struggles with a major decision. Sonny and AJ face off, as do Scott and Luke, while Anna and Duke have a romantic evening, and Ellie considers violating medical ethics to get to the truth.

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  2. Julie Marie Berman opted to leave the show to pursue other opportunities, so they recast the part.

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