GH reACTION Results: Readers Overwhelmingly Want Sonny & Brenda


Last week, TVSource Magazine asked our visitors “Who do you think should be together,” out of Sonny, Carly, Jax and Brenda on ABC’s General Hospital. The results of our GH reACTION poll are in and it’s a complete landslide.

With over 1,869 votes cast, Sonny & Brenda was selected as the pairing fans thought should be together with 55.54% of the vote. Jax & Brenda followed next with a distant 18.46%. Sonny & Carly finished third with 9.5%, Jax & Carly with 9.1 and Sonny & Kate/Connie with 7.76%.

A commenter wrote: “I absolutely think that Sonny and Brenda should be together. CarJax has their own unsettled issues to deal with. They aren’t even divorced so how is Jax trying to marry someone else. Carly told him she wasn’t signing yet which means she ‘aint’ signing those papers. Sonny and Brenda are meant to be together and they need a chance finally at happiness. They def have my two thumbs up.”

What do you think about the results? Should Sonny and Brenda reunite?

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  1. Says alot. 20 years and S&B still gets this reaction

  2. oh vanessa please come back tp gh its boring without you

  3. its time now for brenda and sonny to get together it long over due

  4. I think Brenda is covering something for the safety of Sonny or his children. Brenda is a lot of things but she’s not sick and twisted. She would never try to make Michael feel horrible about himself by carrying on with a lie unless their was a good reason. She was pleasant and kind to Sonny at the Nurses Ball so for her to turn around and create such a huge mess doesn’t make sense. The writers better do something good with this story and not ruin what little Sonny and Brenda have left.

  5. That’s a no brainer. S&B are the greatest soap pairing other than L&L. God I want those two dysfunctional passionate souls together so bad it makes my stomach hurt! Sonny and Brenda forever!!

  6. sonny and brenda are still my favorite and they are meant to be together and i hopes it happens soon

  7. Interesting, seeing as how Brenda’s currently acting like a spoiled, malicious #$%^.

    Jax deserves better than both women, but he made Carly tolerable.

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