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‘Smash’ Review: The Parents


Smash wasn’t as bad as the preview led me to believe, but it was still pretty bland. The entire purpose of having Karen’s dad show up in town unexpected was so he could tell Derek about her and Jimmy toward the end of the episode. They could have had her question Jimmy’s weird mood swings some more, have her question how little she knows about him and his apparently drug habits, but nope. They will just be focusing on this ridiculous love triangle that no one cares about.

The Hit List itself was a little better this weekend. Of course there will be drama when Jimmy realizes that there are changes being made to his show without his knowledge and he is already pissed that Wednesday will be getting a bigger part, but considering she’s the least boring part of that show (which, by the way I still don’t know what it’s about), maybe that will save them.

Bombshell didn’t get nearly enough a focus this week, but as usual, it was the best part of the show. Ivy is amazing, and I feel terrible for her having to grow up on her mom’s shadow like that, so I’m glad she’s gonna have the opportunity to show her mom that she is better than her.

We’re still due more background on Jimmy, which I’m sure will be all about how he is a coke addict and he’s trying so hard to change but he keeps getting pulled into bad situations and he can’t really help himself. And then it will lead to Karen and Derek helping him out, or something equally uninteresting.

Aside from that, not much happened, which is probably why this episode wasn’t nearly as offensive as it could have been.

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