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‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: A First Time for Everything


Like a virgin, Carrie longs to be touched for the very first time in the newest episode of The Carrie Diaries, “A First Time for Everything.”

While playing a rousing board game the three words every girl wants to hear leave Sebastian’s lips to Carrie’s ears: “I love you.” However, Carrie utters some very different words: “I want to have sex with you.” Our young Bradshaw has decided it is time to lose her v-card – and she’s determined for that boy to be Sebastian. Fittingly, Carrie and Sebastian are invited to a kickoff for Madonna’s Virgin Tour by Larissa, which she sees as the perfect event to be deflowered by the Kydd. Kyddshaw’s plans are quickly derailed when Sebastian is left off the party list but Carrie is able to finagle a bracelet from an older man to get her beau into the VIP gathering. Later, the universe once again gets in the way of our supercouple when Bennet asks Carrie to interview someone at Madonna’s party.  Like older Carrie grows up to do she apologizes profusely to Sebastian, making it worse in the process. After the party Carrie and Sebastian get into a fight and breakup. Someone get me a tissue, stat!

Elsewhere, Tom Bradshaw is still dating Deb. His new love has decided she wants a nightcap with Carrie and Dorrit’s dad and Tom is determined to put the moves on his lady love. After having sex, Tom is walking naked to the bathroom when he bumps into Deb’s son. This creates an awkward situation for father Bradshaw who can’t believe she would invite a man to stay the night while her son was there. He and Deb argue, so she kicks him out. However, the relationship is salvaged after the pair run into one another at the diner and reconnect.

Across town Dorrit is busy bonding with her new love interest, Miller. The once angsty teenager has turned into a lovestruck one, complete with a new wardrobe. Sadly this doesn’t come with a new attitude. Dorrit gets advice from Donna LaDonna, who tells little Bradshaw it is okay to change for a boy and that it’s time she have sex with Miller. Obviously if it’s anyone Dorrit should take advice from it is Donna LaDonna.

Mouse is still determined to beat West and become number one in the class again, so much so that she’s joined eight different clubs so she can pad her application with extracurricular activities. However, the pair is forced to join together to pack chocolate bars into boxes when the rest of the charity club bails. Their love-hate relationship quickly turns into love when West reveals he likes Mouse, and the two hookup. West wants to bond with Mouse but she only thinks he’s trying to sabotage her chances at number one in the class. Her doubts are quickly proven wrong when West saves the day and their faculty advisor agrees to write both of them a recommendation letter.

After breaking up with Sebastian, Carrie is distraught and seeks the comfort of Mouse, a callback to the pilot.

The episode ends with Carrie crying on her bed. Next week is the season finale (maybe series?) so you can guarantee this teen angst, drama and love will be even bountiful than the penultimate installment. There may be no sex and it might not all be in the city, but the drama is still just as prevalent on The Carrie Diaries.

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