Bradford Anderson on Recurring at ‘General Hospital’

Photo: ABC

Four-time Emmy nominee Bradford Anderson has opted not to renew his contract with ABC’s General Hospital, but he’s not going anywhere!

Anderson, who joined GH in 2006 as socially awkward hacker Damien Spinelli aka “The Jackal,” broke the news to his fans on Twitter, but assured them that Spinelli will be sticking around. “Hey friends, I am still at GH and will continue to be.. Recurring isn’t a bad word:) Keep watching, great stuff is coming!”

Bradford’s right! Look for Spinelli to get involved in the plan to expose Britt’s dirty deeds…and he might uncover the truth about Maxie’s pregnancy in the process! Though recurring usage varies from show to show, executive producer Frank Valentini incorporates recurring actors regularly into storylines. This allows Anderson the freedom to work outside projects, while still contributing to GH storylines.

Bradford Anderson joins the group of actors already on recurring status with General Hospital including (but not limited to): Emily Wilson (Ellie), Ian Buchanan (Duke), Robin Mattson (Heather), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Jon Lindstrom (Kevin), Lynn Herring (Lucy), Leslie Charleson (Monica), Kristina Wagner (Felicia) and Kin Shriner (Scotty).


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  1. I think Bradford opting to move to recurring is a good move. He can still be a major part of GH as he has been but have the freedom to do other projects. He’s a great character actor and I think he has the potential to get a lot of guess spots in primetime as a result. He’s young so this will give him the opportunity to try some new things. Much better alternative to quitting. This seems like a win/win.

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