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‘Days of our Lives’ Preview: May 27 Edition

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This week on Days of our Lives, the fallout from Smith Island could change everything for Will, Sonny, Gabi and Nick. Also: Kristen’s lies are finally exposed, but she isn’t going away quietly. If she has to lose Brady, Kristen will make sure Marlena loses John as well. Find out what happens in TVSource Magazine’s Days of our Lives preview for the week of May 27.

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Bittersweet Symphony

Will, Sonny, Nick and Gabi deal with the fallout from Smith Island as they try to move on with their lives. Wrecked with guilt, Nick apologizes to Will and is later encouraged by Maggie tell Gabi the truth. In an emotional scene, Will meets his daughter for the first time. Later, Nick finally comes clean with Gabi, not only about what he did to Will, but what happened to him in prison.

Kristen’s life is blown to bits after her twisted game with John comes to a stunning conclusion. When Marlena gets proof of Kristen’s deception, she wastes no time and exposes her to Brady.  Brady confronts his fiancée with proof, leading to devastating fallout for all involved, including John and Marlena. As the Dimeras rally around Kristen, Brady finds himself comforted by Nicole. Oh what a tangled web Salem weaves…

Ryan White-Nobles
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  1. While i found these sweeps stories kind of good with lot’s of action i am disappointed by the fallout : first Nick’s redemption..well too easy for me but why not if written well and if well paced..if it is insta-redemption it will be an epic failure..mark my words therefore be careful Days with it..So ok for that but what about Gabby’s awful deeds being still covered up (your know her alliance with Andrew which results in Melanie’s kidnapping for death and almost death, torturing as well as Jack and Madison’s deaths..maybe Days want us to forget but WE DON’T !!!!!!!! Get it ?! Other characters always get exposed..just look at Kristen this week but Gabby is exempted..euh WHY exactly ?! Doesn’t bode well with me and MANY want us to keep watching or not ?! (i am in the demos just for the record..)
    And if the new story for Will and co is him and Gabby, Sonny and Nick to live happily ever after raising a baby..i will pass..BORING Tomlin and co better find something new and exiting otherwise bue bye..
    As for Kristen’s story..what a letdown is this ‘fallout’ so there is no wedding and Kristen will not even go on with her endless ‘plan’..really..ugh..if the fallout is Brady being mad..i will pass..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. nick should come clean to will and sonny also they need to now

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