Spring Supercouple Showdown: Round 2

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Spring is almost here and in the soap world that means new pairings, rekindling of old romances and some very unexpected ones will be coming over the summer. Round 2 of TVSource Magazine’s Spring Supercouple Showdown has begun! Which couples will your votes move on to the third round?

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Fans cast over 17,000 votes to determine the couples that would move on to round 2. Don’t forget to check out the Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 1 and see how your favorites did.

Round 2 begins today and will run until Thursday, May 30 at 8:00PM/EST. Your votes will narrow the 32 couples from the first round to 16, with the top four couples from each show receiving the most votes moving on to round 3.

After making a selection for each show, leave a comment and tell us why you voted for your favorites. You might convince someone to vote for them too!

[textblock style=”9″]UPCOMING SCHEDULE:

  • Round 2 (Determines Top 16): Tuesday, May 28 at 8:00AM to Thursday, May 30 at 5:00PM
    • Round 2 Results: Thursday, May 30 at 9:00PM
  • Round 3 (Determines Top 8): Friday, May 29 at 8:00AM Friday to Sunday, June 2 at 5:00PM
    • Round 3 Results: Sunday, June 2 at 9:00PM
  • Round 4 (Determines Final 4): Monday, June 3 at 8:00AM to Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00PM
    • Round 4 Results: Wednesday, June 5 at 9:00PM
  • Round 5 (Determines Winner): Thursday, June 6 at 8:00AM to Sunday, June 9 at 5:00PM
    • Round 5 Results: Sunday, June 9 at 9:00PM[/textblock]

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Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 1

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Happy 7th Anniversary to Ejami <3 Loved them 7 years ago and still do <3

  3. vote: Sami/Rafe, Nikki/Victor, hope/liam, and Patrick/Sabrina

  4. Chadian and quiz..my favs

  5. Chadam :) Quiz :) Ejaim :)

  6. Sweet Villy…. the most romantic, loving, sexy, funny, charismatic, entertaining SUPER COUPLE on daytime TV.

  7. Chadam!!!! #thatisall

  8. Shadam Forever!!!!! They everything to turn them into a power couple. No one has chemistry like Sharon and Adam. They sizzle together, whether they’re loving, fighting, apart they just have the IT factor. Love them forever. <3

  9. Voted for Sharon and Adam Newman. SHADAM <3. Best couple ever!!!!!!!!!

  10. And if we are really going to talk about true supercouples. There are only two on the whole list. Nikki&Victor Luke&Laura Seven years? That’s like SIX months compared to those couples. So take several seats.

  11. Happy 7th Anniversary EJami!! You have endured the test of time. You can’t be a supercouple by having only six months history, and this is what puts EJami above the rest….Thank you James Scott and Alison Sweeney.

  12. “You don’t feel it?” Chadam FTW!!!

  13. Y&R’s Lily and Cane Ashby all the way! Any couple who can sell the muck of MAB’s and this regime’s horrific Story reigns supreme and the chemistry between LANE is not only organic, it is undeniable! Futher, I love WilSon, the best couple on Days. Now let’s talk about B&B’s Old Age Swill, aka Brooke and Bill. Ewww, let’s not! If my Mum was behaving like the wildebeest who couldn’t get serviced so she had to open shoppe for my sister’s Viagra induced husband, I’d have her committed OR would put her sorry arse on a corner near the LA Bus Terminal.

  14. Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis were so amazing with each other and little AG on yesterday’s show,you could just feel the love Wilson have for each other and their little baby girl.

  15. True love does not go jump into bed with the next available hot body!!! Chelsea doesn’t trust or even like Adam. She was only willing to stay with him if he bowed to her wishes and moved away. When he refused she dumped him. How does that show true love? When Adam learned that Sharon had slept with Sam he was willing to let her rot in jail. What’s he gonna do to Chelsea when he finds out about her lying about the baby? He’ll get his revenge, Adam always does. So the only super thing about this couple is super selfish!

  16. Brooke&Bill first?? Please Brill is the most hated couple of recent years. I see only 3-4 persons to say that they likes this crap and one is KKL. This survey is faked, I don’t know if by you, or KKL or Bell, but doesn’t reflect reality! Everybody hates Brill, it’s time to get to grips with the reality and change this shit! Brill is the worst couple ever, KKL and DD haven’t any chemistry, they are disgusting in every scenes, Bell has to understand that and these poll has to become more serious and without cheater! This is not what public wants! We loved STILL, not this shit


  17. Brooke&Bill first?? Please Brill is the most hated couple of recent years. I see only 3-4 persons to say that they likes this crap and one is KKL. This survey is faked, I don’t know if by you, or KKL or Bell, but doesn’t reflect reality! Everybody hates Brill, it’s time to get to grips with the reality and change this shit! Brill is the worst couple ever, KKL and DD haven’t any chemistry, they are disgusting in every scenes, Bell has to understand that and these poll has to become more serious and without cheater! This is not what public wants! We loved STILL, not this shit

  18. EJami is perfection.

  19. Chadam all the way. Their scenes together are worthy of the Emmy nominations they received. The only reason I still watch Y&R.

  20. Excellent post! If you weren’t part of the “UNHOLY QUAD” of Sonny, Jason, Carly, or Sam, you became indispensable to the regime. That writing style and method is what led to the downward spiral of the General Hospital we knew and love. Nikolas and Elizabeth provide that special connection and chemistry that you need in a couple for them to thrive and stand on their own. I look forward to seeing what they can do as a couple that doesn’t have to hide their love or feelings, but feel like they can share it with those they care the most about. #Niz2013

  21. You took the words right out of my mouth, Kristen! Guza and Frons didn’t like the character of Elizabeth and wanted her gone. When the firing of Becky Herbst caused a huge fan backlash they rehired her but were hell bent that somebody had to go, so Tyler Christopher got his pink slip. It had nothing to do with NIZ – it was about two controlling hacks who were so biased in favor of their pets that they gave legacy characters and their portrayers the shaft. Becky and Tyler are two of the best actors GH has and their chemistry is off the charts. Their characters have been through so much and they fit together so well.

  22. I voted for the two couples that have made me root for them when they had a stacked deck of cards against them. Niz (Nikolas and Elizabeth – GH) and Ejami (EJ and Sami – DOOL), are my root for couples. The chemistry and dynamic the actors and actresses have with their partner is truly something to behold. I love the parrallel of the two from different shows. Liz and Sami had great first loves in Lucky and Lucas, but found sizzling grown passion with Nikolas and EJ. The European ELITE families of DiMeras and Cassadines are one in the same. Elizabeth coming from the Hardy family tree and Sami from The Brady family tree, respectable families in the community. I’ve had to wait years for my Ejami to finally get together (again, but for real this time) and I’ve waited for years for my Niz to reunite as well. Here’s to my favorite two couples getting into the final four.

  23. I respect your opinion and your rooting for your couple, but how could you say the reason for Becky’s termination was because of the affair that was written for her by Guza? First of all, Robert Guza was not a fan of the character of Elizabeth Webber and had seen to it that he destroyed the character in the worst way possible. There was a reason most of the cast DESPISED him. Nancy Lee Grahn ripped him a new one right after his termination because she no longer had to suppress her feelings. Luckily, Liz has one of the most loved characters on the show for the longest, so her strong fan base kept her employed with the show. Guza had a vendetta against her character and most legacy characters of the show for that matter, killing them brutally and unnecessarily. You say about her not treating AJ like she’s his savior or guardian angel, yet, that’s what she serves as when he has his panic attacks. She’s almost playing like a mother figure to him. Along with his battle with alcohol addiction as well, he is a recipe for typical Lizzie saving. He’s just another male that Elizabeth has to provide emotional support to in order for them to stand on their own two feet. With Nikolas, she doesn’t have to do or be that. She doesn’t need to fix him or be the crutch he needs to get by. All he needs is her love and that’s enough for him.

    AJ already has a huge secret hovering over the “fresh” and “honest’ start that Liz asked him for when showing up to his mansion that night. He didn’t respect her enough to be honest about the sex he had with Carly hours ago, when she was honest about kissing Nik the same night.

    To each their own though, but your insinuating Becky got fired because of the Niz affair did not sit right with me and I had to set the record straight.


  25. I voted for EJ and Sami. They are dynamite and are explosive on our tv screens be it their arguing or lovemaking! James Scott and Ali Sweeney are phenomenal in their portrayal of EJ and Sami! They bring these two characters to life, leaving me wanting more of them!

  26. I voted for my favorite couple, Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakas. These two guys are the reason I watch Days of our Lives. They are so perfect together. Just watch them and see the way they look at each other. It’s magic.

  27. On GH I voted for AJ & Elizabeth. They’re sexy, fun, sweet, flawed and caring. I waited 7 years for AJ to come back from the dead and 15 years for Sean Kanan to come back to GH. It’s time for AJ to win the girl! It’s time for Liz to be paired with a man who treat her as a partner, not a replacement, a savior or a guardian angel. Keep Liz away from the nasty affair that cost Becky her job.

  28. Team Shadam always, they have the most amazing chemistry, MM and SC just bring it together, much more than with any other pairings!

  29. Chelsea and Adam Newman define supercouple on YR. Two con artists meet, become friends and fall in love. Their love for one another surpasses anything that either has ever known before. They get married and plan for a family only to have tradegy strike and their son die before he is even born. Grief tore them apart. Adam buried himself in work and helping his ex while Chelsea did her grieving all alone. Now they are broken up and everything is a mess, but I have faith that they will find their way back to one another especially because Chelsea is once again pregnant with Adam’s baby. True love will prevail.

  30. Love EJ & Sami. Their chemistry is amazing! After 7 years of waiting for them to be a real couple they are fantastic!!!

  31. You are not a true Hope fan if you were things like that will not come out of you… for Hope fans is with her in thick and thin.. she loves Liam and so does Liam and if that is what they both want we support Hope all the way

  32. Liam and Hope all the way baby!!!!… the true love story, soulmate, and super couple. Love Liam and Hope.

  33. Nicholas and Elizabeth! 16 plus years of friendship and history makes for a soapy storyline goldmine. These two have such an intense chemistry which allows them to be able to it all. they can be magically playful, flirtatious and they have killer sexual chemistry. They dealt with danger, death of love ones, child birth, suspends, and all while looking sexy doing it. Nicholas and Elizabeth chemistry cannot be manufactured. When given a crappy storyline and had all the odds against them they still managed to have people fall in love with them. Nicholas and Elizabeth pairing will be talked about for years to come!

  34. I voted for Chad and Abby too…love them

  35. I voted for Steffy and Liam (B&B) Rafe and Molly (GH) Chad and Abigial (DAYS)

  36. TeamChadam and TeamQuiz all the way.

  37. I voted for Liam & Steffy (B&B)

  38. #teamCHADAM

  39. I voted for Liam & Steffy (B&B) Adam & Chelsea (Y & R) and Sami & EJ (DOOL)

  40. I voted for Adam and Sharon and Liam and Steffy. hate Liam, what a fucking wimp ass bag lol. But he and Steffy are a supercouple! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧(✌゚∀゚)☞(ᅌᴗᅌ* )(;゙°´ω°´)°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(•‿•)(⊙ヮ⊙)☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆(*¬*)ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ(^∇^)(*^▽^*)(=⌒▽⌒=)(≡^∇^≡)o(〃^▽^〃)o≧(´▽`)≦(‐^▽^‐)( ̄▽+ ̄*)ヾ(@^▽^@)ノo(^▽^)o(°∀°)bо(ж>▽<)y ☆(*⌒∇⌒*)°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°(๑╹っ╹๑)

  41. I voted for John & Marlena (DAYS) and Victor & Nikki (Y&R) because they were and are and will always be the iconic supercouples.

  42. Adam & Sharon belong together. Chelsea belongs on another planet!

  43. Voted for Nikolas & Elizabeth! My favorite couple!! They just ooze chemistry

  44. RiIGHT ON, MISSY!! Adam & Sharon are the real thing-TRUE LOVE!

  45. My vote for the beautiful couple that is Sharon and Adam. They have what it takes to make them a power couple.

  46. Nope the baby shouldn’t die. The mother should be put in a boat to Timbuktu by Vic when he finds out her deceit. No baby should die reel or real :( let Adam raise the baby by himself.

  47. Just voted for our beautiful, sexy, Shadam. #1 couple always. Daytime #1 “IT” couple, #1 Daytime Super Couple. The Best of the Best. Always and forever. They always find their back to each other. They just have to be end game or I will cry,

  48. WOW! That is really unnecessary.

  49. Voting today for Chadam, Quiz and Ejami!!! Love all three of them :)

  50. Adam loves Chelsea, not Sharon. Adam refused to let his father speak ill of Chelsea and isn’t confiding his suspicions about the baby in order to protect her from Victor. Adam coldly broke it off with Sharon and hasn’t looked back.

  51. RIGHT ON! ChelC is just looking for a guy she can control! Poor Dylan is her latest victim. When Adam refused to let her bully him into doing what she wanted, she left him! Sure that’s true love. NOT! Shadam is so much more. Adam always thinks about what Sharon needs and how to protect her. Even now, by not seeing her, he’s making sure Victor can’t hurt her. Now that’s true love. Shadam all the way!

  52. Not gonna happen Boo Boo! The Chadam baby is on the way!!!! You mad? lol!!! Cheer up! Maybe you can bottle feed that maid uniform. :)

  53. Susan you are unbelievable. Real or reel how can you be so sick as to wish a baby dead..SMDH!

  54. Chadam love is awesome, they belong together raising their beautiful baby.

  55. Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman Abbott – Nobody Does “IT” Better!

  56. Nikolas and Elizabeth from GH have my vote. They melt my TV screen. Just a perfect fit. Love my NIZ!

  57. Chadam because they are everything!!!!

  58. My vote goes to Shadam and EJami. They are 2 of daytime’s best couples. Others have a ways to catch up. They are controversial, when they are together on screen nothing else matters. They are true super couples.

  59. How many times can you vote for the same couple in Rounds 2?

  60. I am so in love with Villy, they make me swoon! Doesn’t matter if they’re laughing, cuddling or fighting, everything about them is so sexy! BM & AH are really good together!

  61. Hope the baby dies!!

  62. Ejami, baby!

  63. I used to love Liam and Hope, but Liam is just not that guy anymore. Steffy deserves to be stuck with him. Hope deserves so much better IMO. Let her get a new guy.

  64. chadam/chylan TORN

  65. VILLY IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COUPLE EVER!!!!!! Love Billy Miller & Amelia Heinle. They are PERFECTION!!!!

  66. Villy is Y & R’s super couple because they have only wanted each other since falling in love. Adam bounces between Sharon & Chelsea, Chelsea between Adam & Dylan, Dylan between Chelsea & Avery, Avery between Dylan & Nick….none of these couples come close to super couple status!! Billy & Victoria continue to face problems and still manage to stay together despite negative forces pulling at them. Now that’s what true love is!!

  67. Voted for Lante

  68. Exactly! Chylan are total LOVE!

  69. STEAM, Steffy Forrester-Spencer & Liam Spencer

  70. Liam and Hope… LOPE… the B&B TRUE LOVE STORY… the first time they met with was love, and they have remained in each other hearts always…

  71. Hope and Liam they are the true love story and super couple.. let them be together…

  72. liam and steffy they belong together there b& b soulmates

  73. Nick and liz are the dream couple, the one you want to hate but can’t because they are on FIRE!

  74. Chadam……Chadam Chadam. They are the definition of super couple. They have angst yet it’s obvious how much they still love one another. I have hopes that their baby will just bring them back together.

  75. Chadam are the supercouple of Y&R, no one compares to them. Team Chadam FTW!

  76. I love Shadam. I’ve been a fan since day one, they are the best couple on Y&R. Team Shadam!!!!! The have undeniable chemistry and passion and the love they feel for one another no one can touch. They will love each other forever.

  77. Voted for Sharon and Adam. Team Shadam!! The best TV couple in daytime history. They have intense chemistry and the love they have for one another is undeniable. No one can touch these two. There soapy gold.

  78. Team Shadam all the way!!!!!The have all the making of a supercouple. Their chemistry oozes through the TV screen.

  79. Ej and Sami!!!!!! AS and JS have the best chemistry.

  80. Voting again for Quiz and Chadam :) I like Chylan but Chadam is where its at :)

  81. Yep he sure does!!! Chelsea is Adam’s lobster!

  82. team Chadam all the way.. Because he loves her more!

  83. Team Shadam!!

  84. Voted for Batie, Rate, Quiz, and Shadam.

  85. Billy and Victoria all the way!

  86. Team Shadam!

  87. AJ & Elizabeth for them.

  88. Chelsea and Dylan, for sure!! xoxo

  89. LnL need to win! :-)

  90. I voted for Will and Sonny of Days of our Lives. They are a fine example of love and devotion to each other. The way they look at each other, and the little gestures and touches that show how much they care for each other. They are definitely a Super-Couple as far as I am concerned.

  91. AJ and Elizabeth for the win!

  92. Niz all day every day

  93. I voted for EJami, so much undeniable chemistry and passion, they are exciting – never boring and really compliment each other! I also voted for WilSon, they keep getting stronger. Days stuck gold with these two pairings!

  94. Love STEAM a.k.a Steffy and Liam Spencer they are the best couple. They are the PowerCouple and Supercouple of B&B.

  95. There is a couple who has been compared to Scarlett & Rhett, Romeo and Juliet, and Mr & Mrs Smith to name a few..Well if you haven’t figured that out yet..Of course its EJ&Sami..Alison Sweeney and James Scott together are in a league of their own..

  96. Sami and Rafe, always <3

  97. Rafe and Sami have the best Chemistry. My vote is for SAFE

  98. What is your excuse, TV SOURCE, for leaving OLTL and AMC off these polls?

  99. Nikolas and Elizabeth. The chemistry is just there (unlike with her and AJ), and if the writers continue to do their relationship justice, they have the makings of a supercouple. Also voted for EJ and Sami. Haven’t watched DOOL in years, but I will forever stan for this couple. And last but not least, Villy. Their chemistry is so off the charts that no matter how dull the storyline they make it come to life.

  100. AJ is GROSS. Liz would need a tetnus shot after that fatty.

  101. Niz all the way. AJ is a wimp and he likes to bang snarly. He’s just a fatter version of Luckless. He gets his feelings hurt and he screws someone else and almost falls off the wagon. No thanks

  102. The hunky Billy Miller & beautiful Amelia Heinle are the best couple on Daytime. Sizzling and sexy, no other couple comes close! I <3 VIlly!

  103. I love Steam Spencer Liam and Steffy Spencer are Soulmates, A Power Couple, and Super Couple who are meant to be. They remind me of this generations Luke & Laura.

  104. Vote for Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis,Wilson Forever!

  105. Billy Abbott & Victoria Newman have captured the hearts of daytime viewers. They are truly the best romantic coupling on TV!

  106. wilson all the way <33

  107. Chadam forever!

  108. I was on board for Quiz until they had AJ bed Cujo and regressed his character to a 5 year old…now I just can’t go there!!!
    Ejami of Days have had me hooked for years…so glad they FINALLY are going there the right way!!

  109. Even the writers who did everything to destroy them in order to favor other pairings ! lol These actors still have ‘it’ no matter what is the writers’ agenda, ha !

  110. Aj and Liz : i just don’t see it, Chelsea and Adam..meh i just see friendship chemistry here but i agree about Ej and Sami : they have a chemistry you don’t see very often.

  111. Ejami baby !

  112. EJ and Sami are dynamite! Their fights are explosive and their lovemaking is explosive! Ali Sweeney and James Scott are the Number One soap couple with their gorgeous good looks and phenomenal acting!

  113. My vote goes to Billy and Victoria Billy and Amelia have something on screen you only see in a lifetime

  114. Adam and Chelsea are my couple forever <3

  115. Ejami is the couple I voted for…They are Soulmates. <3

  116. Wilson they belong together they are meant to be together

  117. EJ and his Samantha are it for me, just by being together they make the world seem like a lighter more optimistic place. Proof that anything is possible and nothing can destroy a great love story!

  118. I am voting for AJ and Elizabeth on GH. Their chemistry took me in from their first scene together back in December of last year and continues to draw me in each and everytime they share the screen. It doesn’t matter that the writing for them right now is weak. I am still proud and excited to love them. I am also voting for Adam and Chelsea on YR. While I really enjoy Chelsea and Dylan, I really think that Adam is Chelsea’s one true love. I spent time recently watching clips of their romance and there is no denying the magic of their love for one another. Lastly I have voted for Sami and EJ on Days. There are simply the definition of the word supercouple.

  119. WilSon^^

  120. Ej and Sami!! They have undeniable chemistry.

  121. Quiz and Chadam all the way!!! The most amazing couples!!!

  122. Chelsea and Adam

  123. Will and Sonny show their love like no couple does. They are truly caring for each other and are the true supercouple of Days.

  124. Voting for Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber from General Hospital, along with EJ DiMera and Samantha Brady from DOOL. <3

  125. EJami is the supercouple of Days. They have a long term history and a special bond.

  126. Billy and Victoria all they way!

  127. I adore Chylan! They are amazing together. Voting for them all the way!

  128. Chadam And Lante Forever

  129. As always, my votes go to E.J. and Sami. James Scott and Alison Sweeney are the best part of DAYS.

    Also glad to see Bill and Brooke get so many votes.

  130. The awesome Chadam for me.. Team Chadam!

  131. “I don’t have to marry you, I want to” Chadam baby!!!!!

  132. I’ll take Wilson over straight couple anyday. I love them so much.

  133. Billy and Victoria Abbott. Best couple on television.

  134. Voting for WilSon. They are the real deal. <3

  135. I voted for Chadam and AJ and Elizabeth. I adore Chadam

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