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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Top OMFG Moments from ‘Turn of the Shoe’

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A set her sights on Mona and Emily this week while Spencer dealt with a collegiate rejection and Toby’s betrayal in “Turn of the Shoe”.

It was another crazy week in Rosewood filled with secrets, betrayals, and lies – oh my! Check out our list of the top OMFG moments from this week below. 

1. Mona is attacked by –A

After Mona takes the other liars to find the RV lair and finds it has been moved, she is attacked by –A in her car. Of course Emily and Aria come to her rescue, injuring Emily’s shoulder in the process. Although it seems like Mona is on the girls’ side we can never be sure with a show like this; especially when literally everyone has a secret…or 73.

2. Spencer gets rejected by the University of Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Poor Spencer can’t seem to catch a break. Not only did the girl discover her boyfriend was on the A Team (even if it was to protect her) leading her to enter a mental asylum, but now she’s been rejected by the same college the entire Hastings clan attended– University of Pennsylvania. For some reason Spencer decides to tell Ezra about her rejection, leading him to offer a helping hand for his former love’s BFF. With Aria occupied by a hot new man (more on that later) I hope this doesn’t mean Ezra will be making his way through the other liars.

3. Emily’s swim meet goes horribly awry

Still holding out (probably futile) hope that she and Paige can start a new life in college, Emily attends a swim meet hoping to land a scholarship. But, like most things on Pretty Little Liars, things go terribly wrong. Doped up on pain killers after A’s attack on Mona, Emily passes out and cracks her head open mid-swim. She is forced to reveal to Paige that –A is still a very prominent force in their lives. This just reaffirms my belief that sports should be avoided at all costs.

4. The truth about Toby’s mother is exposed

After revealing to Spencer that he was the one who moved the RV, Toby reveals that his mother committed suicide at Radley. Or at least she may have killed herself. –A gives Toby a report that seems like his mom wasn’t ready to jump out that window after all. Could it be a cover up by the sanitarium? And is it just me or has everyone in Rosewood been in the loony bin at one point or another?

5. Rosewood has a new hottie teacher, so naturally Aria falls for him

Looking to keep herself safe from A, Aria takes up martial arts. Here we meet Rosewood’s latest hottie, instructor Jake. Things get steamy like they normally do in this town and Aria kisses Jake. Feeling embarrassed she decides to no longer attend lessons. The end of the episode finds Jake showing up at Aria’s door and asking her to coffee. Could this spell the end of Ezria? I’m going to go with a safe bet of “no” on this one, but I’m sure this new, hot teacher will provide quite the distraction for Miss Montgomery.

6. A bird has more answers than the liars ever will

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Hanna visits Alison’s mother, who provides more insight into the girl’s life. It turns out Ali was skilled at holding her breath for long periods of time when she became angry. The only thing the writers were missing here was a big, glowing sign that said “ALISON IS STILL ALIVE!” Mrs. DiLaurentis also introduces Hanna to Tippie, the parrot who spent time with Allison while she was traveling before she went missing. The parrot keeps singing what the liars believe is a song and saying, “Hello, Mr. Board Shorts.” As usual, Spencer is the only liar to figure something out – that the parrot is actually ‘singing’ a phone number. Just as the girls are about to discover whose number it is, Tippie goes missing. Of course –A has taken the bird, leaving the girls once again further away from the answers they seek.

7. Ashley Marin probably killed Detective Wilden

Ms. Marin returns from her trip to New York – at least that is where she said she went. Mona overhears Rosewood detectives discussing what looked like women’s heels imprinted on the ground close to the area where Wilden was wacked (Yes, I love a good alliteration). The end of the episode finds Ashley trashing her dirty heels just as someone (read: -A) snaps a photo.

What did you think about tonight’s episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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