Spring Supercouple Showdown: Round 4

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Spring is almost here and in the soap world that means new pairings, rekindling of old romances and some very unexpected ones will be coming over the summer. Round 4 of TVSource Magazine’s Spring Supercouple Showdown has begun! Which couples will your votes move on to the fifth round?

Our staff compiled a list of every couple that was available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 from The Bold and the BeautifulDays of our LivesGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Fans cast over 150,000 votes to determine the couples that would move on to round 4. Don’t forget to check out the Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 3 and see how your favorites did.

Round 4 begins today and will run until Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00PM/EST. Your votes will narrow the 8 couples from the third round to 4, with the top couple from each show receiving the most votes moving on to the fifth and final round.

After making a selection for each show, leave a comment and tell us why you voted for your favorites. You might convince someone to vote for them too!

[textblock style=”9″]UPCOMING SCHEDULE:

  • Round 4 (Determines Final 4): Monday, June 3 at 8:00AM to Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00PM
    • Round 4 Results: Wednesday, June 5 at 9:00PM
  • Round 5 (Determines Winner): Thursday, June 6 at 8:00AM to Sunday, June 9 at 5:00PM
    • Round 5 Results: Sunday, June 9 at 9:00PM[/textblock]

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Spring Supercouple Showdown Results: Round 3

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  1. Where are the results?

  2. No matter who wins the Days poll Days fans have showed what a dedicated group we are! Personally, Ejami is by far my couple, but I am happy for either. Ejamis got our couple so we are already winners!

  3. I only watch Days and am pleased that WilSon and Ejami are the final two couples for Days. Whichever couple wins this round, it’s a win for Days of Our Lives because they are well represented.

  4. My Final four are B&B Steam, Y&R Chadam, Dool Ejami & GH Elizabeth & AJ

  5. I would say at least 90% of EJami fans root for WilSon as well. You don’t know how many times I have seen the word “Love” linked to both EJami and WilSon in the same sentence. Just to give you some perspective, there was an agenda put into place by unnamed fanbases to place a wedge between EJami and WilSon fans not to long ago. This is what all this is stemming from. The unnamed fanbases were spreading lies that WilSon want to bring down EJamis, and EJamis want to defeat the WilSon fanbase. It’s been going on for months now. It’s sad that some people can’t accept a fan who roots for more than one fanbase. Everyone knows that WilSon and EJami airing on the same day leads to high ratings for Days.

  6. As an EJami, I respect and love WilSon as a couple. I have nothing bad to say about them and am glad that EJami and WilSon are in the top two. They both deserve to be there, because they have amazing fanbases.

  7. My votes are all for Nikolas and Elizabeth-GH. Can’t wait to watch their love unfold on the screen. They are what I believe is a soap couple. friendship,trust,compassion,love,angst and passion. They say more in a glance. then most say in a conversation. And their desire for one another is very apparent. And very sexy!! Nicksbeth in 2013

  8. Villy

  9. My heart literally belongs to WilSon.

  10. Just voted like my life depended on it for Will & Sonny (Team WilSon) and Adam & Chelsea (Team Chadam).

  11. My support and votes goes to EJami! In 7 years they have literally been through and done EVERYTHING that puts the “Super” In Supercouple!

    They even share a past life/love and have been REINCARNATED and found each other again to have a chance to be together and get it right in another life! (That’s some REAL Supercouple stuff right there!)

  12. My favorite couple-Billy and Victoria

  13. love ejami!!

  14. WilSon you have been through so much already and your love is so amazing i hope you win. WilSon for the win!!!

  15. After everything EJ and Sami have been through, how can they not be a supercouple? :P

  16. Rooting for EJami! Good luck to all the couples in this poll.

  17. Love EJami

  18. My final four: Niz (GH), Ejami (DOOL), Villy (YR), and Steam (BB) !!! LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! <3 them

  19. Hunny, the only thing contrived with a Liz pairing has been Quiz. Niz can sizzle without much effort. Stacked deck against them and all. Quiz has a sweet potential friendship though….

  20. Lets Go WilSon!! WilSon for the Win!!

  21. Always Ejami! After 7 years of obstacles, including each other, they’re finally together. <3

  22. How valid is this thing? You can vote multiple times!!! Anyways- STEAM,, CHADAM, AJ/Liz, EJ/Sami

  23. Go STEAM!!!! Liam & Steffy FOREVER!!!

  24. Nicholas and Elizabeth have sixteen years of friendship, they have shared laughter, sorrow, birth, love and passion. We’ve seen how intense they can be. They are soapy good. years of angst, romance, and passion. Nicholas and Elizabeth 2013 is a MUST.

  25. now you’ve result to threatening the writers? thats pretty low. but don’t let the door hit were the good lord split you.


  27. Villy Billy & Vicky Abbott
    Need I say more?

  28. Voting for Billy and Victoria

  29. Thanks for setting it straight Source
    I felt like it wasnt a big deal when Ejami was beating Wilson but as soon as WilSon beat Ejami people were calling Cheater,Cheater,Cheater. It happens all the time people vote for the couple they like the most and they can vote against couple they dont like but they arent conspiring against Ejami they are just voting for a couple like better. We have two awsome couples, who are both of days defining supercouple right now. Days is doing great right now, many critics are calling it the best soap on air right now, and it has these defining couples to back it up. If Ejami wins i will support them and if WilSon wins i will support them lets just be happy are two modern supercouples are at the top of all the couples and im loving it.

  30. Nikolas and Liz! Niz are love!

  31. Love EJami over any other pairing, but love my Wilson too. EJami gets my vote, but I will happily vote for Wilson if/when they win for Days!

    Fan wars are out of control, and I really hate seeing ANY Wilson/EJami conflict when together they are helping make Days amazing!

  32. Voting for Victoria and Billy

  33. NICHOLAS AND ELIZABETH BELONG TOGETHER. With 16 years of friendship there is really no one else on GH like them. AJ can’t keep his hands away from Carly and have killer chemistry with sam.

  34. Nicholas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber are the only couple worth my vote. These two are magical together!

  35. Quiz all the way! They light up around each other, it’s so nice to see Elizabeth smiling again! I love that this romance is being built step by step. Love in the afternoon is back on GH when AJ and Liz are on.

  36. Keep voting Victoria and Billy! Team Villy :)

  37. Just voted for WilSon and Chadam. WilSon are great and Freddie and Chandler are terrific at what they do.

  38. Go EJami…7 years in each other’s orbits!!

  39. I am so proud to be an Elizabeth/Becky fan :) My girl has two pairings in this thing!! That is amazing and awesome!! I prefer on over the other and I am voting for that one but the fact that two years ago she was fired, cast aside like she didn’t matter, and then fans who have been waring with each other for years banned together to help bring her back…and we did, just makes this even more exciting as a fan. No matter which one of her pairings makes it to the final round…above all else I am TeamElizabeth and I will support her :)

    But until then…I am totally team Quiz :)

  40. TEAM WILSON!!!!!!!!!

  41. My vote goes to VILLY. They never disappoint, whether they’re cuddling or calling each other out on their crap, they still are madly in love. AH & BM have created pure magic!

  42. Voted for EJ & Sami. EJami are my fave soap couple ever. Love James Scott & Alison Sweeney!

  43. Team Chadam!!!

  44. I voted for EJAMI…but good grief,I am a WILSON fan too!!Not everyone feels like there is cheating going on.LLets act like adults here.I think both pairings are Days two best couples!!SO whoever wins,,wins!!In the end,its DAYS fans that are winners,cause both are outstanding!!And while EJAMI are MY total fave,I absolutely love and Adore WILSON!

  45. Thank you TVSource. If Days wins, it’s a win for all of us no matter which couple we ship!!

  46. Nikolas & Elizabeth <3

  47. Voted for EJami and WilSon. Both couples are an awesome representation for Days!

  48. Oh boy. He’s the sexiest man alive. Just saying!

  49. Thanks for saying this Souce!!!
    This is only my opinion.

    I’m an EJAMI fan through & through!! I’m trying to do as many votes as I can because I love my couple. But, if my favorite couple don’t win. So be it.

    I still think Ejami is the winner. Because they are together as a couple on my TV screen!!!! And that’s what counts to me!!!!
    And from this Ejami fan. I really don’t think Wilson is a bad decision in the win column either. I like them too but, they just aren’t my favorite couple.


  50. Agreed. Plus, Chandler is freaking adorable! ;)

  51. I agree with you. EJami definitely should win because they have been ‘together’ over 7 years and gone trough so much. WilSon is just a new couple but in this short time they have already become a supercouple. Personally I wish and I want that WilSon wins because their story has touched me so much and especially if they’d win it would mean a lot to me and to many other fans. It would also be great because they are the first GAY SUPERCOUPLE and it would be huge thing for the couple, for DAYS and for everyone. Anyway they are both Supercouples and they are already winners! ;’ )

  52. QUIZ gets my votes! Love AJ and Elizabeth! They are they only reason I am watching GH again!

  53. I support both couples and have no problem if Wilson beat EJami. Not all EJami fans feel like people are “cheating”. I think a few were irritated when some Wilson fans tried to get Safes to vote against EJami. A betrayal in their eye, maybe? IDK and don’t care. lol I will vote for EJami because I feel they have been through more than Wilson and this is finally their “time.” But if Wilson win, I’m fine with that too. I can see where their couples love story means a lot to a lot of people, and I enjoy it myself, so to me, from this point out we can’t lose because I like both couples. :)

  54. Me too! They both deserves to win! :)

  55. Exactly! It’s going to be a tough competition between WilSon and EJami but I’m happy whoever wins because I know that either of them is going to win this whole voting on the next round ;’) This shouldn’t be taken too seriously because like you said, it’s just for fun and both of these couples are already Supercouples! WilSon fans lets beat EJami! ;’ ) <3 Love!

  56. I LOVE seeing Ejami and Wilson together at the top! Go Ejami, Wilson, and Days!! <3

  57. I’m sorry dorothyg!

    Actually I think I must have mislead you and others with my post.

    I’m actually a true WilSon fan, have voted for only them since the beginning, and was genuinely curious about what Safe fans might vote now.

    I hope no one votes just out of spite…

    Anyway I also think multiple voting just creates chaos rather than a fun poll. It’s supposed to be fun…

  58. I’m with you. I ship EJami, so my votes go to them, but I love Wilson so if they move to the next round I will support them. I think it’s great that Days has couples that fan bases are excited about. Let’s remember it’s just for fun. Let’s go EJami’s vote, vote and vote :)

  59. There’s no way EJami can win with the Safe fans rallying behind WilSon out of spite, on top of that random WilSon fan that voted 10, 000 times.

    Lol, what a joke this poll is.

  60. The fighting is becoming very annoying. Put a stop to it NOW.

    – If anyone really thinks that person cast 10K votes, then I don’t know what to tell you. Someone could say they cast a million votes, doesn’t mean it’s true. I can attest to the fact that NO ONE has done that. I just checked in the results by IP. It didn’t happen. And no one has come close to doing so. But if he did, how is that any different than those of you casting multiple votes, hitting the cool down period, then coming back and doing it all over again?

    – From this point on, if anyone discusses the “cool down” period or any other methods of trying to circumvent the flood system, all of your votes will be disqualified and your comment will be deleted. We do have the ability to invalidate votes by IP so don’t think we won’t.

    – Do not be a poor sport. No one is cheating. Everyone has the ability to cast as little or as many votes as they want. Stop obsessing about what you think others are doing.

    – This is directed ONLY to those complaining that WilSon won last round: I think it’s sad that there was no “issue” with voting until they beat Ejami last round. As more couples were eliminated, fans threw their support behind other couples. There’s no conspiracy, there’s no cheating. It’s people just simply not voting for who you want them to. We can’t stop others from rallying against your favorites anymore than we can stop fans of your favorites from rallying together.

  61. Not true…. I just don’t like injustice. I haven’t gone on Safes twitter and asked them to vote for Ejami (check it out if ya don’t believe me. Maybe they have taken it down by now – lol). AND I certainly wouldn’t be on here using multiple devices and voting 10 000 times in one round. Simply too busy for that…. and again I don’t think that is fair it is cheating. I have nothing against Wilson and agree Days fans shouldn’t be fighting amongst themselves but as I said at the beginning I simply don’t like injustice. And after seeing what has been going on truly believe you can’t take these results seriously. After reading posts on here can you truly say you can? If the answer is an honest yes… then I’d simply say we are all entitled to our opinion and that is mine. Enough said.

  62. It’s funny that ejami will probably get eliminated this round, but will still hold more votes than any other couple from the other shows.

  63. I think it’s a shame that you cannot stop complaining about how EJami is supposedly getting a raw deal here. You’re an EJami fan who is upset that people are voting against them (that is always going to happen no matter who the couple is) and others who are voting as often as they can. We get it. No rules are being broken here. It’s fair all the way around. You want EJami to get more votes? Vote more.

  64. Steffy & Liam, Nik & Liz, and Victoria & Billy. Get my vote. You Days fans can hash this out yourself. LOL

  65. What’s wrong with some of you DAYS fans? Why do WilSon and EJami fans have to fight between each other? I don’t understand that. Although there’s Team WilSon and Team EJami and we want that our own couple wins, can’t we support the other ones as well? We are one big DAYS family. It’s a bit childish if some of you have to fight which couple is better than the other! I’m just saying and supporting both WilSon and EJami! Peace! :)

  66. Maybe there is a lesson in all of this poll rigging for you in future TV Source Magazine. Keep it to 2 votes per person per day and don’t give out final voting numbers/percentages etc. I know the only reason you did this is because you were requested to do so by some posters BUT I believe it was for this VERY reason so they could rig your polls. When they know the numbers they know what they have to do to pull down one couple and pump up the other. Take whats going on against EJ and Sami for example. They win each around until last round where Wilsons vote when through the roof. Wilson went from being 6 000 votes behind Ejami after round 2, to a few days later 14% in front of them. I suppose with posts from a certain poster below we see why this is so. TV Source Magazine IF you want a fair playing ground for all in the future and true results and reflections of the viewing public you will need to address this. Its not fair how a selected few can ruin the fun for everyone. I now think this poll is a dud and cannot be taken seriously. Shame really!

  67. TV Source said that they wanted the fans to vote as much or as little as they so desired. Every fan base has a shot at winning this, provided they are able get enough people to vote.

  68. It’s not rigged. EJami fans have the ability vote just as much as any other fans of the other couples. No need to get upset at a WilSon fan just because they are more organized and have been voting more than you.

  69. Spot on Hugo…. it is cheating!

  70. 10 000 votes by you and team Wilson asking for Safe fans votes on twitter? You may win but really what kind of victory is it? Shallow if you ask me especially when you FEEL you have to do this AND you have to get other fanbases help also. Through yours and others actions it just continues to show and prove how popular EJ and Sami are and how threatened you all feel by them. This poll now really ISN’T going to be a true indication or reflection then is it? It’s now been rigged. Hope TV Source Magazine is taking note for the future. If you ask me it all rather a bit extreme and a bit of a joke!

  71. Do you sleep? lol…I can only get in 50 votes before a cool down, and then it won’t let me vote for 2 hours, even with multiple devices that would still take awhile. I guess rest comes after voting. ;)

  72. My votes go to E.J. and Sami as always. Just love those 2.

  73. I support Wilson but it seems unfair to use more that one computer or phone to vote. I wouldn’t do it personally, it would feel like cheating to me. Well, I guess, you’re not the only one using this trick anyway. And it’s kinda of stupid to brag about it, what if they decide to invalidate your 10,000 votes after reading this?! Or maybe, it’s all a lie and you want Wilson to lose 10,000 votes because you actually support Ejami lol

  74. Lol…..

  75. Shhhh…

  76. Yes just got my 10,000 vote in for Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis in this 4 round,I kept up.LOL I have more than 1 computer and 2 smart phones I use to vote with so when I get a cooling off period,I can still vote.

  77. Oooohhhhh! Adam and Chelsea from Y&R and Liam and the fine Hope Logan from B&B!!!!!!!!

  78. I absolutely adore Quiz,so voted for them

  79. my votes goes to……Nicholas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber because they are simply the best!

  80. My votes go to Will & Sonny aka Wilson as played by Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith.

  81. My vote is for B&B’s hope and Liam…..when I turn on a soap, I want at least one couple who makes me believe they are a couple!!!! Liam and steffy don’t have the magic that hope and Liam does…..

  82. yay :) Chadam :) and Quiz…don’t forget Quiz :) haha.

  83. Villy is the best.

  84. Ok, you talked me into it :)

  85. Just voted for my favorite Billy and Victoria

  86. vote for Chadam while you are waiting…lol :) Thats what I am doing :)

  87. Darn you cool off message, darn you! ;)

  88. Voted for Quiz, they got me hooked on GH again! Just love their sweet and sexy chemistry!

  89. Voting for the only reason I watch GH — AJ & Elizabeth! Love QUIZ !!!

  90. I miss my Niz! Don’t tease us, Cartini! Nikolas and Elizabeth have passionate romantic chemistry.

  91. I agree with dorothyg. Wilson are cute but in no way can they be described as a Supercouple..Wilson really haven’t endured..If you look at it Supercouples face obstacle and years of history b4 that status is even acknowledged.

  92. So you’re saying that if EJami had beaten WilSon by almost 10,000 votes last round then you wouldn’t be complaining at all? It would be OK for EJami to be so far ahead but not for WilSon? Maybe WilSon fans are just better organized. If you would stop complaining and get more EJami fans to vote more then this wouldn’t even be an issue for you. We are allowed to vote for whatever couple we want for WHATEVER reason we want. If Safe, EJole or Lumi fans want to vote against EJami then that’s up to them. No change in rules is going to deter them from voting against EJami no matter how many votes we are allowed. I’m sure there are people who aren’t voting for WilSon simply because they are a gay couple but you don’t see WilSon fans complaining. Guess what…EJami fans can sit around all day and vote JUST like the fans of other couples so that argument doesn’t hold any water. Sorry, they shouldn’t change the rules just because your favorite couple isn’t winning.

  93. EJ and Sami. No other COUPLE would have survived what EJAMI have been through ..Wilson are cute, but they haven’t endured 7 years of Love Love Me nots..
    Alison Sweeney & James Scott are Amazing and together they bring Passion to these characters, whether they are fighting or loving each other..So regardless EJAMI WERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE A SUPERCOUPLE IN MY BOOKS..

  94. Chadam–just watching Adam scoop Chelsea up in his arms today made me swoon.

  95. It just means you voted too much. Same thing happened to me. Try again later. :)

  96. I vote for EJAMI cuz they are simply the best.


  98. Jarlena are not the couple they once were, but thank you for your replies…

  99. Ejami beat John & Marlena by 11K votes in round 2. Was that fair that Ejami fans were more organized and able to cast more votes than Jarlena fans could in the time frame? Restricting ballots to two per person still wouldn’t stop fanbases for uniting against another.

    We appreciate your feedback, but nothing will be changed now. We’ll consider your suggestions for our summer poll.

  100. Why is it blocking me from voting for Ej and Sami and at that same time letting me vote for others????

  101. I was not talking to you…I’m not arguing..just stating an opinion for those who can’t be voting 24/7 . Two votes would have been better just as PULSE. SO I made my point but was not addressing you.

  102. I voted for Nikolas and Elizabeth! They are sexy, hot, and passionate! They also have a lot of history and chemistry to make them a strong Supercouple!

  103. VILLY has only had eyes for each other since getting 2gether 3 years ago. Chelsea tried to break them up, didn’t work! Yeah they’ve had challenges, every couple does. But they can’t/won’t stay apart!! Need each other way too much. Not ever interested in anyone else. Can Chelsea or Adam say the same thing? Each one has willingly slept with other! Now is that true love???

  104. I voted for Steffy and Liam for B&B because they have good chemistry and play well off of each other. Hope and Liam are a snooze-fest. All they do is pretty much say the same thing over and over, as if that will make it real. The chemistry is lukewarm, at best, also.

  105. Love the breezy chemistry between GH’s AJ and Elizabeth since day one; I hope the writer’s don’t mess it up, they have potential for being a Supercouple.

  106. its about time steffy n her family get a break from the hogans family……….

  107. Casting some more votes for the chemistry magnets that are Niz and Ejami. <3

  108. Wilson is the supercouple to win they have been through way more than these couples the amount of time they been together they have the passion and chemistry to win this with the love they share GO WILSON!

  109. B&B sucks now after the horrible things they’ve done to Steffy. I’m #team Chadam now!

  110. There is only one “Super Couple” who truly deserves the honor and that is EJAMI! They have been through hell and back, stronger then ever! A Super Couple is someone who stands the test of time no matter what is thrown their way. They have rocky ups and downs but always manage to find a way back to one another and that is none other then EJAMI. They have seven years of intense, passionate history. Lets give them the title they so rightly deserve! Ejami all the way!

  111. QUIZ! Love AJ & Elizabeth!

  112. O my God get over it its just a fun poll for people to vote and your mad because Wilson beat Ejami and think that people who hate them vote against them. What about the people who lost their favorite couple and just went to their next favorite couple and what about the people who actually like Wilson what your doing is like spitting on these two chracters they care about and saying that they shouldnt be on here and they not a supercouple after all they have been through, and thats a lot in like half a year together, is like destroying these things they care about. I know that you love Ejami and I will tell right now Ejami is the reason I got into Days, but I stayed for Wilson. Ejami is an amazing couple and they have high potential to be a supercouple but so does Wilson but you through peoples feelings out the window for your ingnorence. Lets just stop arguing and appreciate that these two amazing couples can stand up as the best couples of any soap.

  113. No offense to TVSOURCE, but why make a poll where people have nothing more to do than vote all day for a couple? I vote the PULSE every week and it is fair…NO MATTER who wins it. At least it gives Ejami a fighting chance. This has become a SAFE, LUMI, EJOLE, United against Ejami. I love Wilson, but have loved Ejami for a long time, and no way they could have been beaten the last round by almost 10,000 votes. I love polls…when they are fair as the PULSE…this one is not fun and it’s for those who have nothing better to do than sit around voting every two hours. It’s not a fair poll since fans can vote at least 50 times per voting time…not all fans have that luxury.

  114. My vote goes to EJ and Sami! #EJami all the way! They ooze chemistry, they are the epitome of what it takes to be a Super/PowerCouple! They have tenacity, loyalty, a bond that cannot be broken, tested over time, a deep love for each other and they family together in Salem. Their legacy has been cemented and it’s time to crown the New generation of DAYS Supercouples! #EJami

  115. EJ and Sami’s love has stood the test of time!!! It is criminal for these two that captivate the screen like no other actors on this planet, not to be voted a super couple. I want them to be on “DANCING WITH THE STARS” and them on to the best of all times “MOVIE OF THE CENTURY”!!! Allison my have to light a fire under James for him to realize how awesome his God given talent is and that it is okay to promote one’s self like she does so naturally. Even in nature there are dominant species that survive and flourish while others become extinct! Sami and EJ are easily the dominant species of this generation of actors.

  116. That is your opinion. I’ll make no further comments on this subject. At the end of the day it is all fiction.

  117. I knew it was you you little cheater!!!

  118. Sami & EJ are the only real SUPER COUPLE.

  119. Steam!

  120. Steffy and Liam. They have the better chemistry.

  121. Team Chadam. Neither Adam nor Chelsea is a pure soul–they both can be cold, vicious and mean. Both are terribly broken but the love that they have for each other is real and powerful. I love them.

  122. but the same could be said for any couple on this poll, why target Chadam?

  123. I know plenty of liason fans who loathe Niz!

  124. I voted for Chadam 17,832 times. lmao! TeamChadam!

  125. Aaah j*zzers born again nizzers, may niz get the same fate as j*z: burned to the ground :) have fun robovoting!

  126. As always, Nikolas and Elizabeth get my votes. They just light up the screen with their chemistry. All their years of friendship and understanding makes their romantic connection even stronger. NIZ for the win!

  127. Liam and Steffy have a lot of chemistry together not Hope.Hope is boring. Steffy makes Liam happy

  128. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do vote on your Pulse Weekly Poll often, love that’s it’s capped at 2 votes, I believe it’s just more fair that way. I know some people choose to minimize Chelsea drugging and raping Billy in order to elevate her character. I can’t. As the mother of a 23 year old boy and 21 yr old girl, who worries about them being ruffed every time they go out, I’m offended at the cavalier way the writers have whitewashed this. But I understand this is a soap and meant to be entertaining. Not all viewers like everything and that’s just the way it is!

  129. or maybe, here is a concept, people actually like Chadam. Maybe people want to see Adam happy with the woman that he loves, which in case you missed it he said is Chelsea. Its a fun poll. Fans are allowed to vote as many times as they want. I highly doubt one person vote over 18000+ times.

  130. We chose to allow multiple votes because we wanted fans to be able to cast as many or as little votes as they want. Just because some don’t fit the criteria for what you think should be a “Supercouple” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be eligible.

    The record, EVERY couple available for voting in our weekly Pulse Poll from January 1 to May 1 was eligible. Everyone’s favorites had a fair opportunity to advance.

    Most importantly, the poll is supposed to be fun. Don’t ruin it by arguing because its not going the way you see fit. Embrace the spirit of competition.

  131. Chadam for the Y&R win!!!!

  132. So a rapist, ex-con who is using an innocent baby to hurt her ex and get her own selfish way is half of a “Super” couple? If this poll wasn’t so easy to vote multiple times, anyone who has nothing to do all day and can play on the internet can vote over & over again, would Chadam be winning? i don’t think so…they don’t win anything else that has more of a controlled voting system.

  133. Quiz

  134. My votes go to Will & Sonny aka Wilson as played by Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith.

  135. Great point Dorothy, basically it gives anyone who can access a computer/internet all day a HUGE advantage!! THe two votes per day was fair. For example Villy wins almost every week for YR favourite couple on the weekly Pulse Poll. Round 1 of this poll b4 fans realized you could vote 100s of times a day, Billy and Victoria were at 2,858 to Chadam’s 713. The round, Chadam had 1000s more vote. So this poll, IMO, is just a way for the website to increase traffic and a handful of fans who can vote all day, something to do. Grain of salt!!!!

  136. They are perfect!!! Adam is so in love :)

  137. “Our life, our family, our dreams” Chadam!!!

  138. I so agree with you!! Best chemistry ever, Lope forever!!!!

  139. HOPE AND LIAM <3 <3 <3

  140. Love my Steam….Steffy & Liam. On Days, love Ejami & Wilson! <3


  142. It’s all about supporting my WILSON boys!!! They’re truly the next best SUPERCOUPLE on Days! :) Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith have been doing such a wonderful job with their characters, will and sonny, that this couple is the reason that I returned to watching soaps again!

  143. HOPE AND LIAM!!!!

  144. Love Nikolas and Elizabeth. They truly can do it all: comedy, drama, angst, romance and the sexy!

  145. Nicholas and Elizabeth are smoking hot. they are the “IT” couple together. they will have you crying, laughing and sexing at the same time! no other couple like them!

  146. Totally agree!!! Bill and steffy and without a doubt, the most beautiful couple, hope and Liam! Loved them!!!!!!

  147. Oh my gosh, I agree about the chemistry between hope and Liam…it was so believable and it is really hard to stomach steffy with Liam…it’s not natural like it was between hope and Liam….even though they aren’t together at the moment, Hope and Liam get my vote because I haven’t seen that kind of chemistry in years!!!!! Chelsea and Adam also get my vote!

  148. Wilson 4 ever ^_^

  149. Hope & Liam!!!!! OMG I get chills when they are onscreen together!!!! They are my favorite couple on daytime TV and I am hoping for a long-overdue reunion with these two that will last this time!!!!! No more steffy! Let bill have her!


  151. Chadam for the Y&R win!

  152. If you think that people need to have history, life experiences, crisises, breakups and finding their way back together then the Kate and Rafe option for a supercouple should never have been on that post. how long have they been together. a couple of months? the only reason why they didn’t get very far was that they didn’t have as strong a strong of supports as will and sonny. I also agree with siara not many of those couples were really good friends before they became a couple. you all are just jealous because Wilson has more supporters dedicate to make them the spring supercouple. plus you never know if will and sonny wouldn’t have beat out ej and sami if we were only able to vote only a few times. so quit acting like you know everything.

  153. Hope and Liam, of course! B&B

  154. Ej and Sami havent even been called a supercouple yet they have the potential but they havent earned the title yet mainly because they havent really seriously been comitted to each other and the when sami was living with ej the first time lets be honest she was thinking bout rafe the thing is that Wilson have become an amazing couple and this person is only mad because Wilson beat Ejami and Will may be a stronger character than Sonny but lets be honest we didnt learn ej was a dimera until a year after he appeared and i have no doubt that they will build on sonny background in the future and sonny has so many story possiblities i mean they could have him work at titan industries is one possibilty but this poll is not about supercouples its about favorite couples and the majority like Will and Sonny.

  155. I agree.

  156. @ Dorothy I totally agree. A supercouple has to have history, life experiences, crisises, breakups and finding their way back together. Chemistry and being in each other orbits when they are paired with someone else is another quality. BOTH characters in a supercouple MUST be able to hold their own storyline and well as blend and be equal to their partner. EJami represents this. Wilson hasn’t been together for a length of time. They have only had one major crisis and storyline. Also one of the characters is stronger than the other.

  157. Voted for my favorite couple from GH AJ and Elizabeth (Quiz) since their first scenes together; they are effortless and beautiful; just love them together…


  159. Voting for Chadam…..they are completely magical together and I can’t wait for them and their baby to be reunited. I am also voting for Quiz.

  160. I think all these polls should just be taken lightly and for fun. I mean really YR kills it in ratings, but not in poll voting, so you have to account for viewers and fans not on Twitter or that don’t have access to these sites. I am a Days fan and have shipped Ejami since day 1, but I love Wilson and I love that they bring in more viewers and buzz for Days. I understand anti Ejami fans (Safe, Ejole, Lumi) may put their votes in for Wilson, but that’s their choice. I just love seeing Days couples doing so well. So I am putting my votes in for Ejami, but if Wilson takes this round, I will support them in round 5.

  161. I voted for the best couple on Y&R CHADAM!

  162. I voted for my favorite couple Chadam.. No other couple is this good on Y&R

  163. Just vote Chadam fans!!!

  164. #teamchadam

  165. Wilson earned to be called a supercouple they have been through way more than Ejami did the first year they were together and to be mad because Wilson beat Ejami is really childish and for the record they do have history they were best friends,when they first got together and they earned everthing they get for the amazing chemistry,passion,acting, Freddie and Chandler put into their romance.

  166. Just voted for #Ejami!! Looongest wait on a Supercouple ever… Good Lord!

  167. just voted.

  168. No real history? They were great friends for over a year before they ever became a couple. What other Salem couples can say that their romance is built off of a strong friendship? Not many. There is also now a child in the mix. They have seen some troubles already and fought through it. That has supercouple written all over it, imo.

  169. This comment down below was the reason for my commenting at all:
    I wonder whom all the Sami and Rafe fans will vote for now? Follow me and vote WilSon!!!

  170. my vote is for victor & nicki on the young and the restless!!

  171. Voting for the lovely and sparkling Quiz couple…

  172. I vote the PULSE…read what I said….I like Wilson, but they do not deserve the Super couple status yet. I can’t say it more clearer than that. And if you know Days so well, you should know Ejami have been on off and on for 7 years…The safes and Ejoles in no way like Ejami and will vote over and over for Wilson just so Ejami doesn’t win. Get a reality check…I know the last Pulse poll…and I know why they lost…

  173. We shouldn’t be allowed to vote over and over…not real data to me especially for those who dislike ejami and vote against them

  174. I don’t know how you figure that…Ejami, Jarlena and even Safe were together a long time….Wilson have no real history at all…..

  175. EJami had my heart from the day they met and EJ dropped his towel in front of sami 7 years ago! The chemistry is amazing and so hot, Even when fighting ! ;) “I love the good, the bad and everything in between”.. me too, EJ.. Me too ;)

  176. Im going to vote for Wilson,Quiz, and Villy.

  177. Will and Sonny are my choice for supercouple. As far as I am concerned, they have so much love for each other and are more committed to each other than some other couples on this poll. They started out as friends, and then they fell in love. Granted, they struggled with issues such as trust and honesty, but have made changes in their relationship that has strengthened the bond between them and are completely devoted to each other.

  178. dorothyg: WilSon has just as much right to be called “supercouple ” as EJami.

  179. Wilson has just as much fans as Ejami and they are an amazing couple and to say that Ejami deserves to be on this poll and Wilson doesnt is unfair because if you believe it or not their have been people who call Wilson a supercouple and technically Ejami isnt a supercouple YET! Wilson is just as great as Ejami and if you go to Wikipedia and look up LIST OF FICTIONAL SUPERCOUPLE and go to Days of our LIves you will see Will and Sonny along with EJ and Sami and I recall last pulse poll Wilson was ahead of Ejami so check your facts before you go blaming people for Ejami not beating Wilson because their an amazing couple!!!!

  180. Wilson for the win! Wilson is the best couple of Days and they are the main reason I watch Days no couple has the chemistry and passion these to have they are one of many reason to watch Days.

  181. You can only vote a certain amount of time on here before they stop you for a while

  182. Liam and Hope always and forever … true love never ends

  183. love Wilson on Days. They are the best and always will be. lets keep voting and get them to the next round

  184. love them somuch they are the best couple on daytime tv and hae great chemistry

  185. And any soap :D WILSON!!!!

  186. Come on WilSon. Gotta pull this thing together for the guys! They deserve the win! They’ve got the healthiest happiest relationship on any soap. Let’s get it WilSon fans!

  187. Liam and Hope all the way!

  188. EJ DiMera and Sami Brady on DOOL!!

  189. Chadam Chadam Chadam Chadam Chadam.

  190. I vote on the PULSE POLL every week and I don’t know why TVSOURCE would put the kind of poll that you can vote as many times as you want…The PULSE is not like that. You can vote twice in a day and that’s it!!! How does voting so much make this a fair poll. Who can get others to vote on their couple against Ejami because they happen to be Safe or ejole lovers???? I love Wilson but they have not reached the status of Supercouple and should not even have been in this poll. I wish this had been a fair poll in which you could not vote as much as you want because Wilson would not have been almost 10,000 votes in front of Ejami. JMHO. The PULSE is a fair poll…this one is not.

  191. Team Steam! Liam and Steffy Spencer are the best couple on B&B and have Exploding chemistry. They have True Love.

  192. Liam n steffy!!All day baby.

  193. Steffy n liam

  194. my vote goes to the awesome Chadam!

  195. Steffy & Liam for life. They have a connection and a bond that can never be broken. Steffy makes Liam feel like a man.

  196. Ejami, hands down! Their story is intense. They have a history unlike any other and they OOZE chemistry and passion! Ejami is the reason I watch Days! Love or hate, you can never take your eyes off of them in scenes!

  197. Hope & Liam will always be connected whether they find a way to be together someday or just remain “soulmates” & “star-crossed Lovers”!
    I may vote for Leffy though. I really want someone much better than Liam for Hope.
    To me Leffy is a bust. No chemistry, Since they have been married…they are so boring and mismatched.
    Hope has to continually prop them up in order to put anything interesting into their marriage.
    I want Hope to have her “own” guy.
    Maybe nexr year I will vote for Hope and her “new” love, Wyatt.
    Esp/ if they have the chemistry that exceeds Lope….which was special, fantastic & outstanding in soapland.

  198. Voting for my Niz (Nikolas and Elizabeth – GH) and Ejami (EJ and Sami – DOOL). Proving that chemistry still matters in a day and age where forced/contrived couples are placed together on our screens, boring us to tears. Congrats to everyone in making the it this far as well. :)

  199. love Liam &Steffy

  200. I adore EJami and WilSon but if I had to choose my heart belongs to EJami. Great choices on the showdown though!

  201. Nicholas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber get my vote each time, because i have watch these characters grow from teens to adult and have always wanted them together. They are really natural with each other!

  202. *are

  203. steam! They have real chemistry and our really cute when they want to be! Chadam! Chelsea makes Adam a really good person!

  204. I have loved the slow build and lovely chemistry between AJ and Eizabeth (Sean Kanan and Rebecca Herbst) and I cannot wait to see their romance continue to blossom.

  205. Not true. Every comment about Hope and Liam belonging together and how she was robbed sounds like a programmed Logan robot.
    Hope is boring, a hypocrite, her mother’s reincarnation, whiny, and immature.

  206. nope

  207. Steffy and Liam forever!

    Hope is always complaining that she and Liam were robbed of happiness when it’s she who robbed herself. She could have stuck with Liam when things got bad or ‘dull’ but she didn’t because she doesn’t trust Liam, she’s too immature, and mentally unstable to do so.

    She only wants Liam when it’s convenient for her and when she sees how happy Steffy and Liam are together and how mature their relationship is. She’s such a slut, always going after Liam when he’s committed to Steffy by marriage and such a hypocrite even now when she does things that Steffy has been condemned for in the past before Steffy changed.
    Meanwhile Steffy has learned from her mistakes and wants to make her relationship work with Liam because she truly loves him. She knows Hope isn’t good for him because Hope doesn’t really even love Liam. She’s neglectful and not ready for a mature relationship.

  208. Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis for being the most real, convincing, lovable, natural and cutest couple on Days of our Lives. :)

  209. Adam & Chelsea bring it everytime!

  210. I was only kidding lol. But for the record, I’m not really a fan of either of those pairings. I loved Bill/Steffy and originally I loved Hope/Oliver and Hope/Liam

  211. Nikolas & Elizabeth <3

  212. And all the married and relationship on B&B needs as to padlock they husband, for Steffy will always be what she is… and that very very sad. Glad that she is leaving … no more soft porn

  213. a box of tissues and a journal to write in is all that poor Hope needs lol

  214. Okay not really feeling the couples besides Niz and Wilson. But definitely Steam > Hope/Liam, Chadam > Villy

  215. Steam are the best! Super Couple & Power Couple! They are Bold & Beautiful Soulmates.

  216. yep love WilSon & I don’t even watch Days. They deserve to win!

  217. Steffy n liam ( cho cho cho)

  218. Steffy n liam!!!

  219. Is there really any question who the supercouple is??? WilSon of course these guys have been put through the ringer and came out stronger and better for it. Theirs is the only true love story (I only watch days btw) they are together just because they love and care for each other you really don’t get that that often in a soap and its refreshing. Chandler and Freddie are amazing actors, chemistry is through the roof, they are so sweet and so genuine and realistic you CANNOT help but love WilSon.

  220. Liam & Steffy all day everyday!!

  221. Wilson all the way best couple in days!

  222. Liam and Hope all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liam and Hope true Love wins in the End!

  223. Lope boring, Steam is always interesting, whether happy or sad they rock. Hope is pretty but a drama queen and like all drama queens, doesn’t need a partner, because it’s all about her.

  224. Its a hard choice between Ejami and Wilson I love both of them, but i have to go with Wilson because these boys are not just passion and sex ,though they have it ,you can see that they care for each and they love each other with all their heart Wilson just grab your attention from the start not to mention their chemistry is so amazing , but dont get me wrong I love Ejami they are the reason i got interested in Days in the first place but Wilson just digs a speciel place in your heart. Days have found supercouples in these two.

  225. My votes will always go to the one and only Nicholas and Elizabeth! These two have everything that love in the afternoon demands. The are beautiful together, and are very in sync. they can speak to each other without saying one word. they have 16 years of friendship and have been through it all. they speak about everything under the sun. they are best friends, lovers and and each other true love. They can make you laugh historically or move you to tears. Their chemistry is out of the park and will give any couple a run for their money.

  226. Liam and Hope get my vote all the way. Because they belong together forever

  227. EJ and Sami! <3

  228. Chelsea and ADAM

  229. Not anymore since his baby was killed. Every comment about steffy and liam sounds like programmed robot!!!!!!!!! smh………..

  230. My vote goes to Billy and Victoria

  231. My votes go to Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis.

  232. just glad that Elizabeth taking it for GH but now that Chelsea and Dylan gone I vote for Adam and Chelsea. Chelsea and Adam better take it for Y&R so both my girls in the finals I don’t watch B&B or Days

  233. I am voting for Adam and Chelsea. They are the best.

  234. I am voting for Raffiel and Sami they are a lovely couple

  235. I am voting for Liam and Steffy makes a wonderful couple. Liam is happier with Steffy. Hope is boring. She don’t no how to make a man happpy.she always. runaway .from Liam.

  236. I’m voting for ejami of course be they are a fun couple and have amazing chemistry also hope and Liam they are also a super couple

  237. Liam and Steffy the most exciting couple in B&B. Liam is much alive with Steffy than Hope and they have amazing chemistry. Love them

  238. I wonder whom all the Sami and Rafe fans will vote for now? Follow me and vote WilSon!!!

  239. My votes only goes for Wilson. They are so hot together. Love them. Mucho.

  240. My votes go to Will Horton & Sonny Kiriakis.

  241. I love EJami and Wilson, but I have to go with EJami, so much passion and chemistry. I hope Wilson is given the opportunity to bring their passion up a notch. If Wilson takes round 4 I will support them in round 5. I think Days has the top two couples!

  242. Wilson or Ejami. dang I love both couples but EJami gets my vote.

  243. Adam and Chelsea!!!! Let’s go Chadam fans!!!

  244. Voting for Will and Sonny!

  245. That was hard. I love Wilson and EJami, but I had to go with EJ and Sami! Their chemistry is off the charts HOT!

  246. Lets go WilSon fans! Time to get serious and show our guys the support they deserve!! <3 :)

  247. Chadam for the YR win :)

  248. Chelsea and Adam!!

  249. Quiz for the GH win :)

  250. chadam MM and MCE rock

  251. WilSon fans are no joke…lol

  252. Nikolas Cassadine & Queen Elizabeth Webber Cassadine FTW!
    Mind you, in the end Wilson will win the entire thing, but Niz should win the GH part :)

  253. Liam and Hope all day every day

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