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‘The Fosters’ Recap: Holy cliffhanger! Whose life is in danger?

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With two episodes left to go in the season, tonight’s episode left viewers with a shocking cliffhanger!

Only seven days to next week’s season finale – SEVEN days. This currently feels like forever, but I’m trying to reel in my emotions long enough to write this recap.

Can I just say that week after week, The Fosters has proven to be one of the best shows of the summer and one of the best shows on television? The first nine episodes have addressed same-sex parenting, interracial families, drug addiction, teenage sex (consensual and non-consensual), adoption, the U.S. foster care system, alcoholism, and much, much more. It’s incredible, really, because the show addresses these topics with such a complex level of genuine realness that isn’t found on most TV shows. The Fosters have been a pleasure to watch, riveting without being overwhelming and real enough that you feel as if you live next door. Saying goodbye to them until next season is going to be depressing, especially after tonight’s incredible second-to-last episode of the summer season.

Okay, okay, enough of my need to dwell on how fantastic this show is (but I mean really, it is, so watch it if you haven’t!) and on to tonight’s episode.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Tonight, the kids dealt with the struggles they’d been caring so far this season. Brandon tried to find a deep, emotional connection to his music after his teacher informed him being technically gifted isn’t enough. Meanwhile, he confessed about his father’s alcoholism to his mother. Callie carried the weight of Liam’s sexual assault, much to Wyatt’s dismay. And Mariana took Jesus to visit their birth mother, where they came face to face with how serious and desperate her drug addiction is. The main difference between the twins is that Jesus wanted to get the birth mother help by getting her to a woman’s shelter while Mariana wanted to write her off completely. Callie also encouraged Brandon to forgive his ex-girlfriend.

The adults were having troubles of as well. Stef and Mike faced the reality of their job as police officers. Things got out of hand when Mike’s drinking got in the way of their work – Brandon just helped Stef see what had been there all along. Lena’s ex-girlfriend came to town, bringing past memories with her, as well as a few tensions regarding gay marriage. Stef has no desire to get married because she already feels like they are while Lena’s ex pointed out that it used to be very important to her. Awkward! The gay marriage argument came to the forefront in a very real and complex way (as do most topics on this show). All I know is I don’t like when Stef and Lena argue. So can they please cross this hurdle soon?

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Later, Callie went to see a silent film for a class and hoped Wyatt would show up. It didn’t look like he was going to, but he showed up last minute and declared it an official date – aw! Wyatt takes away all of Callie’s problems and let’s her escape. I love that about him because it’s what she needs (but I’m also still pulling for her and Brandon – I’m a sucker, okay?). Meanwhile, Brandon reconnected with his ex, which is probably for the best since Callie and Jude don’t seem to be leaving the house anytime soon. Until a new living situation occurs, friendship is best for those two.


Jesus went to see his birth mother and came face-to-face with her rough boyfriend instead. When Mariana realized where her brother was, she interrupted Lena and Stef’s gay marriage argument to tell them. The fight was tossed aside as Stef went into fierce mama – and officer – mode. When Stef arrived at the house, she found Mike there, too. The two entered the house, found drugs… and then in one of the most eerie scenes of the season, the camera panned out and the house lit up with gunshots. Not one or two, but enough to lose count and force me to start hyperventilating.

Who’s life do you think is in danger? Is Jesus safe? Will Mike or Stef’s life hang in limbo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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