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‘Twisted’ Recap: Who confessed to murder?

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Pranksters come after Danny, someone confesses to murder, and Jo and Lacey make a stunning admission about the day Danny’s aunt was murdered.

Last night’s episode of Twisted, was perhaps, the best of the season. I’ve been on the fence about this show – until now. I loved the pilot and all the potential it presented, but sometimes the pacing felt a little off and the show didn’t seem to quite move along at the pace I would’ve liked. Yet now that I look back, it’s clear the show has done an exceptional job layering characters and building the story – a good portion of which culminated last night.

Photo Credit: ABC Famly

Photo Credit: ABC Famly

High school pranksters are the worst.

A group of kids got together and began pulling some really twisted – pun intended – pranks on Danny. First, they filled his front lawn with red jump ropes. You know, just like the one he supposedly murdered his aunt with. Secondly, while on a date in the park with Lacey, a group of masked Danny’s arrived with red jump ropes in hand and just stared at them. So creepy! And lastly, when Danny threw a party to try and win over some of the kids, the masked Danny’s appeared again and strangled a dummy in his living room. It was intense to say the least.

Amidst all this drama, a student at school named, Tyler, wanted to interview Danny for his documentary about the town’s reaction to the Desai drama. Danny agreed to the interview, but only if Tyler got people to come to his party.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Love triangles are never easy.

Jo was prepared to confess her feelings to Danny – until Tyler asked her out in front of Danny, who said he thought of Jo like a sister. Ouch! Meanwhile, Danny and Lacey continued to see one another in secret, but the pranks led Lacey to contemplate cooling things off. Dating a supposed murderer when you’re in the pretty and popular crowd is perfectly unacceptable.

Before the party, Jo went on a date with Tyler. The two were awkward and sweet, but it was painfully obvious you shouldn’t trust Tyler to love a pet rock, let alone a person. When the two went to the party after dinner, Tyler let it slip that he knew about the prank in the park, which sent all kinds of red flags up for Danny. He tried to tell Jo to look out for herself, but she was offended that Danny intervened in her life. Sadly, Jo ate crow when she confronted Tyler about the pranks and he admitted to being a part of them. He swore his feelings for her were genuine. What do you think?

Later, Lacey told Danny she wanted to be with him, unaware that someone was recording their hot and heavy session on the couch.

Jo and Lacey saw Tara’s dead body.

After the party, Jo and Lacey hung around to help clean up and make sure that Danny and his mother were okay. Jo and Lacey had a heart-to-heart on the swing-set – the very swing-set they sat on the day Danny was inside killing his aunt. The two girls were obviously wrecked from seeing the dummy prank. Even Danny seemed more worried about them than himself. It made sense because it turns out on the day of Tara’s murder, Lacey wanted to go inside to see the body because she didn’t understand what Danny was trying to tell them. So she and Jo saw the dead body lying on the floor. Now all those references to PTSD, therapy, and haunting nightmares make tons of sense.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Karen confessed to killing Regina.

After the dummy prank, Karen excused herself from the house and said she was going for a walk. No one had any idea that she meant to the police station where she walked into Kyle’s office and confessed to killing Regina. Whoa! Who saw that coming?


What do you think will happen next week? Who recorded Danny and Lacey? Is Karen innocent? Are the pranks over? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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