‘White Collar’ Brings Mark Sheppard Back for Season 5 Arc

A familiar face is headed back to White Collar this season. Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard is set to reprise his role as Curtis Hagen, aka The Dutchman.

Sheppard first appeared on the show in the pilot episode. Viewers will remember that Neal made a deal with Peter to help him catch the art forger, which of course led to Neal and Peter’s partnership being born. Sheppard’s new arc will last seven episodes, according to the Huffington Post, which broke the news.

What brings The Dutchman back to New York? Hagen returns to help the man who put him in jail; or rather, the fellow conman who helped put him there. Neal strikes a bargain with Hagen to help Peter get out of his current jam (being arrested for the murder of the senator in the season four finale). But working with The Dutchman could lead to Neal revisiting his own criminal past.

Sheppard, who will still appear in the ninth season of Supernatural as the demon Crowley, has also had roles in Leverage, Doctor Who, Warehouse 13 and Chuck.

White Collar returns this fall to USA Network.