‘Glee’ Season Premiere Review – ‘Love, Love, Love’

GLEE: Kurt (Chris Colfer, L) and Blaine (Darren Criss, R) share a smooche in the "Love Love Love" premiere episode of GLEE airing Thursday, Sept. 26 (9:00 PM-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Adam Rose/FOX

Glee returned for its fifth season on Thursday night, bringing with it more of what we’ve come to expect: songs, laughs and lots of storylines that just don’t make sense. As I go into season five of Glee, however, I’m learning to accept the show for what it is. Sure, things don’t always make sense, and sure, some of the characters can be annoying, but Glee has never exactly been grounded in reality. And, for the most part, part one of Glee’s Beatles tribute was good. So, let’s dive right in and discuss all the ‘Love, Love, Love’ of the premiere. That is all you need, after all.

The episode begins with Rachel’s Funny Girl chemistry read, which doesn’t go so well. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight is there along with another man and the two men seem to think Rachel is too “green,” whatever that means. Rachel is of course disheartened and sings a very moving cover of Yesterday. The shots here are truly beautiful and, given the real life circumstances for Lea, that makes the performance all the more moving. Rachel decides it’s time she gain life experience so she takes a job at the Stardust Diner on Broadway with Santana, hoping to learn valuable lessons about making it on her own. Putting Rachel in a situation like this will help her grow and I love seeing her struggle.

Let’s hope the writers let her for more than just two episodes. Later, Dr. Cullen and the actor Rachel tested with show up at the diner. Rachel being Rachel decides it’s time to prove to them she’s a star – complete with a song and dance routine, naturally. They still aren’t convinced, but Rachel doesn’t have time to worry when she receives a text from Blaine about his big plan…we’ll get to that in a second.

Back at McKinley High, things are heating up with Artie and Kitty. However, a new Great Value version of Santana named Bree shows up and makes fun of Kitty for being with someone like Artie. This leads my new favorite WMHS couple to agree to keep their love on the down low. The secret isn’t a secret for long though when Tina discovers the truth and outs the couple to all of New Directions. Kitty decides it’s time to admit that she really likes Artie, no matter what Generic Santana thinks. While I’m so glad to see the criminally underused Kevin McHale (Artie) get more screen time and a new love interest (especially in Kitty, who is the sole saving grace of these carbon copy newbies) I wish the writers could come up with another story for Artie than “Artie is judged because he’s in a wheelchair.” But still, I already ship Kitty and Artie like no other. What are we calling them? Kartie? Aitty? Either way, I hope they last longer than some of the other couples on this show.

Sue has returned to the halls of McKinley High, this time as principal. A flashback reveals that Sue planted pornographic magazines and other incriminating evidence, including an ‘autographed’ copy of Mein Kampf in Principial Figgins’ office, resulting in his demotion to janitor. Sue informs both Will and Coach Roz that, should New Directions not win Nationals, she will fire them both. As much as I love Jane Lynch, Coach Sue hasn’t really worked as an antagonist since the end of season one. I hope that giving Sue power as principal brings her back into villain territory – or at the very least gives her something new to do.

Elsewhere, the members of New Directions, led by Blaine, are concerned for Tina and her new diva attitude. Blaine decides to take matters into his own hands and perform a Beatles song in her honor. At the end he allows Ms. Cohen-Chang to choose one of the boys to go to prom with and she (strangely) picks Sam because he is the “least gay or Asian.” Echoing what I said above about Artie being criminally underused, the same goes for Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina). However, Tina’s diva attitude came out of nowhere and it’s not even the good diva attitude like one Miss Rachel Berry perfected – it’s just terrible. Hopefully Tina’s new insta-prom date and musical number finally get her moved onto bigger and better storylines, like her plans for the future!

Blaine is still busy obsessing over Kurt in a creepy Single White Female way. Literally, at one point he says, “Kurt and I WILL be together” as if he will tie Kurt in the basement and lock him away for all eternity should he say no to getting back together. Kurt decides to give Blaine another chance though, and the two perform a duet. Five minutes later Blaine decides that he still wants to propose to Kurt and he enlists the help of New Directions, The Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, and the Haverbrook School for the Deaf. While I can understand his asking of the Warblers, it makes no sense that Blaine would ask VA or the deaf choir he wasn’t even around to compete against to help. I guess he needed seat fillers.

As Burt and Kurt are driving, Kurt reveals that he knows he’s about to get proposed to. The father and son have one of their usual poignant conversations where Burt tells Kurt it’s up to him to decide his answer. Kurt is still unsure until Blaine performs All You Need Is Love as their friends and family look on. However, after a speech from Blaine, Kurt accepts his proposal for marriage and everyone cheers. Now, I am all for loving who you love and following your heart, but New Directions is a bunch of hypocrites. Remember in season 3 when Finn and Rachel were going to get married and literally everyone (including Kurt!) had a problem with it? Neither do they, apparently, because when Klaine gets engaged everyone cheers and claps.

All in all, I did enjoy “Love, Love, Love” for what it was. Using the music of The Beatles really helped bring a lighter feel to Glee than a lot of what we experienced last season. And, with the upcoming Cory Monteith tribute episode just two episodes away, a lighter Glee is what many of us could use right now. Next week on Glee, it’s part two of The Beatles’ tribute as prom hits the halls of McKinley and the prom queen competition is, as usual, cutthroat.

What did you think of Glee’s fifth season premiere? Are you happy Klaine are engaged? Who do you hope gets crowned prom king and queen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Spencer Barrett
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  1. Klaine really just needs to stop and Glee needs to stop ret-conning characters, aka Kurt, Sebastian, Rachel, Santana, and Burt, just to justify a story for Blaine. Kurtie was the only good part of this episode, along with some of the NY bits.

  2. What really annoyed me about this episode was that Glee set up all these promising storylines to make Season 5 a fantastic episode. And then Season 5 comes along and ruins all but one of them. Kurt and Blaine spend 18 episodes apart with a gradual and moving journey towards getting back together, and Season 5 slams them back into being a couple in less than 2 minutes. Sue just HAPPENS to get back into the school – as principal no less – after taking the blame for Becky, who gets a ONE MONTH suspension? Her journey back in got completely ignored, negating everything about her speech about ‘this is what I’ll be remembered for’ back in Season 4. And wasn’t Ryder supposed to quit the New Directions at the end of Season 4? The cat-fish storyline is the only promising original drama Glee has left, and I really hope they don’t botch it. And why are the Warblers still allowed in competitions after using steroids? And why, if Rachel is so professional, does she confront the directors in such a childish way? Ugh! I’m really trying to like Glee, but this episode was just awful.

  3. I couldn’t think of his name. Thanks so much for filling me in!

  4. I do love the New York side much more. The stories are much more interesting. I may be a little biased though because Rachel is my favorite character.

  5. Thank you for that information! You’d think the directors would want a fresh faced star much like Barbra herself when she started in Funny Girl.

  6. It can be hard to stomach some of the things the show does but, as I said in the begging of the review, I’m learning you have to just enjoy it for what it is. It’s much more enjoyable that way!

  7. I know the writers have struggled finding a place for Sue so perhaps this new (technically second) reign as principal will be more interesting!

  8. I’m glad Kurt told Blaine it’s time he start singing as well!

  9. I am very happy Kurt and Blaine are back together – Got to Get You Into My Life was fun as was the over the top proposal.

  10. So tired of Sue Sylvester. Even telling myself that it’s just a tv show can’t make me dismiss the idiocy of what they let this “teacher” get away with.

  11. Boring show is boring. they should cancel it. It stopped making sense two seasons ago.

  12. Green mean inexperienced.

  13. Less Blaine and much more NY. Really w/o Finn in Lima it is worthless. Stop wasting time and switch to NY only or mostly.

  14. That “other actor” you somehow don’t know the name of is Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic/Lancelot)

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