Supercouple Showdown: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘The Originals’ Edition: Round 2 Results

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The results from Round 2 of TV Source Magazine’s Supercouple Showdown: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Edition are in! Which 8 couples made it to Round 3 and what does the current Top 5 look like?

On Thursday, Oct. 3, The CW will give viewers a night of vampires (and witches, werewolves, hybrids) starting with the season five premiere of The Vampire Diaries, followed by the series premiere of The Originals. In honor of that (and because we’re unbelievably excited), we decided to a shipper war was in order.

After the second round of voting, the following couples have been eliminated:

Anna and Jeremy

Bonnie and Jeremy

Elena and Matt

Jenna and Alaric

Rebekah and Damon

Rebekah and Matt

Rebekah and Stefan (these two just missed it)

Vicky and Tyler

Were you guys surprised by the results? We were more surprised by the way the current top five turned out. After being silent last week, Tyler/Caroline fans got back in the game and Stefan/Katherine fans really stepped up…but Stefan/Elena fell to sixth place…

On Sunday, Sept. 22, we will post the official ballot for Round 3, but we thought we’d give you a little preview of who is in the lead so far. Spoiler alert: Delena fans: you’ve got even more catching up to do.

#1 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-klaroline #2 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-delena #3 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-forwood #4 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-klayley #5 tvd-originals-couple-showdown-stefan-katherine

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  1. she was talking about their schedules…

  2. Klayley 4 ever!!!

  3. haha…..i ship hayley with death…it’s official ;)

  4. Seriously???
    Then I have some questions:
    1 How old are you to believe this
    2 how old is julie for not realizing: If Klaroline will bring views=show picked up=more money.
    Is she really thinking that Candice will refuse to work on The Originals (a thing which will bring money and fame) because she doesn’t like Klaroline? LOL. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL (and even all these lols didn’t express how much I laughed)
    Gillian, who played Scally HATED Duchovny, but they filmed X files till the end. Guess why? Answer MONEAY AND FAME.
    So If JOMO wiill be paid to be in TVD he will go, and if Candice will be paid to be in TP she will go. So Puh lease stop saying abominations like these.

  5. I’m honestly just surprise that Klayley could beat out Forwood. There’s next to no traction for Klayley, it’s almost exclusively Phoebe lovers who like to gif her face…

    So how is it that the “plenty” of Klayley fans are all voting heavily in polls and yet making next to no posts on Tumblr or fanfictions? This is a legitimate question. You care enough to vote but not to create anything for the purported ship? Why?

  6. and i really want to ask the KAYLEY fan’s..how the hell you can ship kayley after Klaus uesd her just for sex..and then in 4×20 he called her a whore…i mean..how you can ship a ship like that? even juile said she won’t do it..beacsue she knew when she do it her show won’t last 13 episode…not kidding here they are going against the Shield..and the baby plot in TO is crap..so yeah.. :P

  7. Wow, I’m surprised Klayley is even a ship. That tag is dead on tumblr same with Forwood.


  8. they can vote over and over again it’s unfire the only one is fair is ” March Madness ” and do you know who won it ?:) Klaroline :D we even beat Delena :P…and we all know it’s:

    1) Delena

    2) klaroline


    they are the three biggest ship’s in TVD..and the rest can suck it :P

  9. Yep…one night stand forever :) i mean i really “LOVE” klaus and hayley but i can’s ship them..Death is Hayley Epic love *.* they really should be on the list :/ it’s My OTP!! :) and plus death and hayley should have one scene in TO..it would be Epic.. *.*

  10. Stefan and Katherine are higher then Stelena but as long as Klaroline is #1 I am find with how it going until it closer to the top 3 then I start being more worried because I would love for the top 3 have Klaroline as #1 and no Elena in the top 3 at all I just hate her

  11. KLAYLEY 4EVER!!!!

  12. You lost the bet, bro! Desperate much?

  13. LOL! Julie Plec never even said that klaroline is going to happen, much less be endgame. Here is what we learned from her about most ships:
    1. We learned that Forwood has a very strong bond and are very much in love with each other.
    2. We learned that it is not the end of klaroline (but that does not mean that anything is going to happen. It just means that it is not yet over ;)
    3. We learned that Elijah is still in love with Katherine 100% so no love interest for him in TO (don’t even think about Hayley).
    4. Regarding Klayley, we learned from Julie Plec: “Don’t expect any romance (yet) between Klaus and Hayley.” That means so much more, BTW than what she said about klaroline.
    5. Even if Forwood will take a break that does not mean that klaroline will happen. It just means that Caroline will be hitting on a new guy, Jesse (since that is all she’s good for these days, being people’s love interest *rolls eyes*. The writers should give her a more interesting storyline)…so sorry but klaroline does not even seem close to happening much less be endgame. Continue dreaming and telling yourself whatever you need so you can sleep at night, :)

  14. For your information, there are plenty of people who ship Klayley. They are a shipping couple just like any other and at the rate it is growing, I say yeah, they’re still here.
    And just because they are ahead of Stelena, that does not mean that there are any “rats”. That just proves that Klayley fans are determined to show their love and support for their ship, unlike other people.

  15. Klayley all the way!!!

  16. klaroline!!:D

  17. Klaroline!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wait… how is Klayley even still here? Their Tumblr tag is almost completely dead, they have next to no traction except for Phoebe stans… And that they’re ahead of Stelena, too? I smell a rat.

  19. Julie Plec (Comic Con) on Klaroline: we intend to follow through. We wouldn’t have had Klaus do his declaration in the finale if we weren’t planning to continue it.

    Endgame is in the air, mate ^-^

  20. same to you.don’t believe me?watch this!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5bL4JXrwYM

  21. Omg you are serious? holy crap you are really serious! LOOOOOOL
    Mate, Klaroline is endgame, I know it, you know it, the whole world knows it. Anyway, ” You tell yourself whatever you need to so you can sleep at night” ^-^

  22. Well Candice has said that as much as she likes Tyler & Caroline together,she like to see her single again and playing the field.plus is that the best you’ve got?they only have sex?Nobody has said that about Stelena or Delena.How many bed scenes have they had?Many but I haven’t seen people keep on saying that about them.You all are too interested in Klaroline to notice.Plus there are so many scenes of them like Tyler rescuing Caroline from being tortured by her dad,showing Caroline she was worth breaking every bone in his body to get her back,the dance scenes,the scene of Caroline consoling Tyler as he was crying by his mom’s pic at the gym or the one where he was thinking her getting bit by Klaus was his fault for un-siring the hybrids and turning them against Klaus but she said to not be sorry because he was trying to be a hero.So many scenes people forget because they ship Klaroline

  23. All Forwood ever do is have sex. It’s boring as hell! Klaus and Caroline have this really great chemistry and it’s been super interesting to see their relationship develop. This is TV remember. People want entertainment and Klaroline is entertaining! I can’t see Forwood lasting much longer. I may be wrong but I just don’t see what more they could do with them. Caroline and Tyler are both better off not being in a relationship tbh, for the sake of their characters. No hate, just my opinion!!

  24. Well in an interview,Julie says the future plans of Klaroline,Mabekah & Kalijah are in the hands of Candice,Zach & Nina.So if Klaroline doesn’t happen,the blame is on Candice and not Julie.I’m hoping Zach is a Mabekah fan

  25. Actors don’t write the show, genius.

  26. Klaroline of course <3

  27. forgot about that.but you forgot she & Tyler were supposed to be part of the sacrifice in season 2 and would’ve been if Damon didn’t rescue them.plus the only reason you think they’re boring is because they’ve been together since season 3 and you along with other Klaroline shippers praise Klaus like he’s God or something who would’ve shipped him with another girl if Caroline wasn’t the one he was first interested in.BTW did you know neither Candice Accola or Joseph Morgan are Team Klaroline?Candice is Team Forwood and although Joseph likes Klaroline due to it helping him become more popular along with liking playing that side of Klaus(I hate that side of Klaus),he’s Team Klonnie for some reason.It’s a mystery to me why.

  28. Borwood is Boring as hell..and Klaus saved Caroline 3 time’s one in 3×21 and 4×1 and 4×23 the only timehe put her in dange is in 3×11 and 4×13..and Wait..Wait..let’s go back at tyler in 4×9 didn’t he locked Caroline and Stefan with hybrids that tortured and tried to kill her. And told them if they had to use chains to hold them down they could. .:)

  29. It’s a cumulative tally. The votes go into a spreadsheet after each round so we know exactly how many votes they’ve gotten total. That’s why I was surprised/impressed by how much things changed over one week. For example, in week one, Stefan/Katherine had one vote and now they’ve moved up to the #5 spot.

  30. Klaroline……always and forever

  31. Forwood Forever!What’s wrong with you people?Wanting Caroline with a guy who put her life in danger 3 times instead of a guy who almost died while breaking every bone in his body 100 times to break sire-bond just so he could be with Caroline again?Yeah that makes sense

  32. iYep,Klaroline!! bet the four one is just a random pple without knowing the storyline, and voted them
    i rather Stefan and Elena or Rebekah and Matt!

  33. Klaroline yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!


  35. Klaroline: always and forever!!

  36. KLAROLINE <3 <3

  37. When voting do the previous rounds votes count or does it start from scratch each round? XD

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