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‘Arrow’ Preview: 7 Teasers from ‘Identity’

Jack Rowand/The CW

In the season two premiere of Arrow, Oliver made it clear that he does not want to be a vigilante anymore. He doesn’t want to kill people and he wants to find a new way to make the city safer without taking lives. But will that be possible when the Hood already has such a terrible reputation?

The second episode of the season, “Identity,” takes a look at that question. Laurel has expressed her goal to bring the vigilante to justice so he can pay for what he’s done. Roy, on the other hand, wants to help the Hood and follow in his footsteps. And then there’s the matter of Felicity and Dig and how their ‘identities’ factor into the equation.

Since we’ve already seen the episode, we can offer some spoiler-y teases so viewers know what they can expect.

1. China White is back and she’s brought a new friend, who happens to come with some tiger claws. She has some choice words for Arrow during their showdown.

2. Roy continues to push Thea’s buttons with his insistence on being the hero the Glades needs. But what happens when his girlfriend issues an ultimatum?

3. The video preview (see below) gives away Dig’s public identity and Felicity has a new job too so that it’s easier for Oliver to have access to her skills. Let’s just say that she is not amused by what she (rightfully) considers a demotion.

4. That’s not the only thing Oliver does to anger our favorite IT girl in the episode. When he fails to notice what’s going on with someone close to him, Felicity gives him a piece of her mind and we were cheering.

5. Of course, Oliver’s thoughts continue to remain with Laurel and it truly bothers him that she has changed her mind about the vigilante being a good guy. Why Laurel has changed her mind provides for a great scene.

6. But just because Laurel is anti-Arrow does not mean that she’s stopped loving Oliver. Look for another scene where Laurel tries her hardest to help save his reputation when a good deed goes wrong.

7. The premiere briefly touched on Alderman Sebastian Blood. We get a lot more insight into the character during this episode and he’s definitely a politician. You’ll see what we mean.

Check out the video preview and then hit the comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to seeing onscreen.

Arrow airs Wednesday, Oct. 16 at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. I would also like to see Felicity give Oliver a PIECE of her mind! It’s time she stops behaving like a swooning fangirl!;-) I’m also looking forward to see the Laurel/future Black Canary go after the Hood. I think it adds a great dynamic to the Oliver/Laurel relationship as well…’s a bit like the Ms Parker/Jarod relationship in the “Pretender” (if anyone remembers that 90’s show!).

  2. I think the Laurel chasing the Vigilante is a great story line, and it looks like she has him in her sights and cornered. The fight scene with Oliver vs China White and Bronze Tiger looks really cool.

  3. That’s correct. She’s not in this episode, but I’m sure she’ll be back soon!

  4. From my understanding, the talended Summer Glau doesn’t appear in this episode. I must admit I REALLY like the new role Summer Glau plays. I look forward to more Isabel and Oliver banter.
    I will watch this episode anyway, Isabel Rochev or not (just like I watched season 1, long before we knew Summer would play in it).

  5. i just can’t wait for Felicity gives Oliver a peace of her mind. I… sorry I have no words for the moment. Olicity fangirl here.

  6. […] In the season two premiere of Arrow, Oliver made it clear that he does not want to be a vigilante anymore. He doesn’t want to kill people and he wants to find a new way to make the city safer withou  […]

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