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General Hospital Preview: November 4 Edition

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Next week on General Hospital, Sonny prepares to make his move against Derek, oblivious to the betrayal from within his own family. As the grand opening of Ava’s art gallery takes place, the residents of Port Charles converge upon the facility for Franco’s return to the art world. By the end of the week, secrets will be revealed and the perfidy of one will devastate the Corinthos family. Get a sneak peek of what happens in Port Charles in our General Hospital preview for the week of November 4, 2013.

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General Hospital Preview: A Tangled Web of Betrayal & Secrets

The grand opening of Ava’s new art gallery in Port Charles leads to major reveals, betrayals and shifting alliances.

  • Unaware that his office is bugged, Sonny reveals information about his plans for Derek; and his arrangement with D.A. Lazaro. When this damning information falls into the hands of Morgan, it winds up with the person Sonny least expects. When the truth is revealed, someone puts the pieces of the fragmented puzzle together. Will they reveal to Sonny that his son betrayed him?
  • Ava tries to warn Derek against attending the opening, but her advice falls on deaf ears. All hell breaks loose during the event things may not go in favor of the Jeromes!
  • Sam pays a visit to her newly revealed aunt Ava. Meanwhile, Silas brings Kiki up to speed about her mother’s alleged shady dealings.
  • Franco spies Morgan and Derek in a compromising position. Will he unintentionally blow the lid on Derek’s plans?
  • Scott and Lucy plan on making good use of their acquisition. Is this new development just what Scott needs to get the edge in his election?
  • Sam and Silas go on a date to Franco’s art show. Sam still loathes Franco, but she’s intrigued by his charitable overtures towards leukemia research. Later, Silas feels protective of Sam when a threat from her past resurfaces.
  • Patrick has an unsettling conversation with Nikolas and almost finds Robin! Robin has an emotional breakdown over missing her family. How much longer will Robin and her friends be forced to keep her away from those she loves? Will Duke discover the answers he needs at Wyndemere?
  • Nikolas is at the center of conflict between Britt and Liz. Is it the showdown we’ve been waiting for?
  • Will Tracy belief Luke when he admits his feelings for her?

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  1. Give Elizabeth Webber storyline really.

  2. I don’t understand why people had Liz? If you were a long time fan of the show, then you’d know why she rejected Nik! She still feels guilt that she wanted Lucky’s brother! It doesn’t take a professor’s degree to see that! Here’s what I say to you people who hate Liz – GET OVER YOUR JEALOUSY! Liz has so much chemistry with Nik, and I can’t wait until they FINALLY get together! And as far as Sabrina, I like her MUCH better with Patrick. Robin had HER chance and, although it wasn’t her fault that she was taken away from her family, I would LOVE to see Patrick move on with his life! Why is Kim coming back now anyway? Nobody in Prime Time wants her? Please leave well enough alone! Life goes on! Let Robin finally die off for good, so we can have a happy union with Patrick/Sabrina/Emma, as it has come to be! Oh, and for all of you who say you will not watch GH anymore if things don’t go your way, come off it already! Those threats are as empty as your heads, and you know it!

  3. I understand how you feel, but they’re trying to build up the anticipation. You’re supposed to WANT them to reunite. And everytime their close to it, but don’t, it’s supposed to make you want it more.

  4. Always glad to see Liz in the spoilers. :) We’ve had fantastic Liz scenes lately, and I hope to see more of her.

  5. Let everyone see robin already. That was torture having her hug Emma today and couldn’t even tell her she was alive. And Sabrina is getting on my last nerve. I hate it when soaps drag things out. It’s been long enough now let port Charles see robin is alive. And love Britt and Nikolas, Liz had her chance. Nikolas is just wht Britt needs, a little bit of good in her life to make her better. If robin and Patrick don’t end up back together I will also stop watching the show. Patrick and Sabrina make me sick. It would be heart wrenching after all this time if you didn’t put Patrick and robin back together. Robin hasn’t been gone long enough for Patrick to just fall in love and get married. And is Britts baby dante and lulu? If so get on with it. I mean damn by the time they know, the baby will be 10. The babies already look 6 months old. It needs to come out soon about robin. Put Sabrina back with Carlos.

  6. I know! So sick of Elizabeth being possessive over Nicholas. And I cannot believe how long they are dragging out Robin’s return! Come on already!

  7. Here we go again with that dumbass Liz. Her boyfriend is in jail so now she wants the man she rejected because he’s moved on from pining over her(like a man that hot is supposed to wait in the wings for her bland boring ass. She is beyond pathetic and she never grows/changes as a character.

  8. Looking forward to Julian vs. Sonny. I can’t stand Liz. She picked AJ so she should stick with him. LOVE Nik and Britt together!

  9. If Patrick and Robin don’t get back together Very Soon, I’ll have to stop watching GH. Soaps are to take you away for an hour and not make you miserable.GH is making me miserable now ever since Patrick got the call from Robin,Got engaged to Sabrina, & now Robin is so close to GH. I’m getting to impatient.I decided to not watch the Halloween party that started today at Wyndmere. I just hope & pray that when Patrick finally finds Robin that he will choose Robin over Sabrina or I WILL BE DONE WITH GH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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