The Young and the Restless Preview: November 4 Edition

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Next week on The Young and the Restless, the heat is on Adam. Do the authorities know he was behind the hit and run? Get a sneak peek at what happens in Genoa City in our Young and the Restless preview for the week of November 4, 2013.

The Young and the Restless Preview: Pain in the Aftermath

Though the investigation into the hit-and-run death of Delia Abbott is nearing a suspect, Billy’s out of control behavior could undo their progress! Alex gets a big break with the evidence found at the scene, and the Genoa City Police Department are able to narrow down the list of suspects, now that they know the make, model and tire brand used.

Later, Billy gets into trouble when he jumps to the wrong conclusion and wrongly accuses a man of being the driver who killed his daughter. Chloe and Victoria try to calm Billy, but emotions are heightened and it’s making matters worse. When Alex proves the man accused is innocent, he decides press charges against Billy for going off on him in front of his children. Victoria convinces the man to back down after explaining Billy’s behavior.

Alex tries to empathize with Billy’s situation, but it’s clear his actions could derail their investigation and issues Billy a warning. Will Billy heed his advice?

Also This Week

  • Alex and Kevin get closer to finding the truth about the hit and run.
  • Nick and Sharon’s evening takes a surprising turn after a mishap at the club!
  • Cane and Lily question Hilary’s new alliance.
  • Jack and Jill team up against Victor.
  • Lauren begs Paul and Christine to help Michael and Fen.
  • Chloe opens up to Victoria about her pain.
  • Victoria struggles to reach Billy as attempts to reconnect fall flat.
  • Fen delivers troubling news to Summer.
  • Alex and Adam have a heated confrontation.
  • Chelsea gets the wrong impression when requests a meeting.
  • Avery stumbles onto something unexpected from Adam.
  • Abby learns important details about Tyler’s past.
  • Nick and Sharon determine thier next move.

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  1. Leave Adam alone.My gosh, no matter what happens in Geneo City Adam does it. He didn’t do this. Come on, this is getting old too. Get Avery & Dylan together finally. But screwy Nicki had to mess this up too. Gonna have to stop watching this soap. It’s to aggravating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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