‘The Originals’ 1×01 Reaction Poll: Who Will Save [Spoiler]?


Has everyone recovered from this week’s double dose of vampires? We’re still basking in our love for The Originals’ premiere and we’re excited that we only have to wait three more days until the next episode.

But three days still feels like forever when we’re dying to know what’s going to happen next. Even though we’ve got a few spoilers for “House of the Rising Son” courtesy of The CW, our minds are still on that ending.

Poor Elijah spent the episode bending over backward to make Klaus see that he could have it all – family, loyalty, power – and Klaus reacted in typical Klaus manner and stabbed his brother in the chest with a dagger. Look, we know Daniel Gillies was busy filming two shows and this probably helped him out, but we need Elijah to wake up immediately.

We decided to conduct a little poll to see who everyone thinks will remove the dagger from Elijah’s chest (and seriously, how mad is he going to be once he puts on a fresh suit?). Here are our thoughts on the possibilities:

Hayley – she and Elijah have already started to bond and he promised to always protect her. We doubt she’ll be happy about being stuck with Klaus so we wouldn’t put it past her to search for Elijah and bring him back to the land of the (sort of) living.

Rebekah – she’s no stranger to her brother’s attempts to control his family by shoving them into boxes. We know she’s coming to New Orleans on Tuesday and we don’t think she’ll be happy to find out that Elijah has been temporarily sidelines.

Klaus – it’s possible he could have a change of heart and pull the dagger out himself. Sure, it’s a complete and utter long shot, but stranger things have happened!

Sophie – she’s a wildcard. Her deal was made with Elijah and like Hayley, she’d probably rather have him around in the long run. But since she’s not living in the Mikaelson house, she might not even realize Elijah is missing.

Who do you think will save Elijah? Vote in the poll and then hit the comments and tell us why or share any other thoughts you have on the subject.

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The Originals debuts on its regular night and time Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

Mandy Treccia
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  1. I want Rebekah to undagger him.

  2. SOPHIE PLEASE. I want Sophie and Elijah not Hayley and Elijah. Or Hayley and anybody to be honest. Sigh.

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