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Days of our Lives Preview: December 2 Edition

Brady (Eric Martsolf) falls to temptation. Photo courtesy NBC.

Brady has an emotional meltdown and relapses when he receives an unexpected video from Kristen! Also this week: EJ is determined to find out what Sami is hiding; Nicole and Sami have it out over Eric. Get a sneak peek at what happens this week in Salem in our Days of our Lives preview for the week of December 2, 2013.

Days of our Lives Preview: Brady Hits Rock Bottom

After a tip fails to lead to the capture of his fiancée, an already on the edge Brady gets that final push when a video message from Kristen arrives. The video sends Brady into an emotional downward tailspin into booze and drugs. While high, Brady has a run-in with Nicole, who’s too caught up in her own drama to notice that her former lover has fallen off the wagon. Though he’s able to fool a distracted Nicole, the same can’t be said for Maggie. Will she be able to get through to her step-grandson? Probably not.

When we interviewed the actor during the NBC/Days of our Lives ‘Day of Days’ event in November, he previewed Brady’s dark descent. “[Brady’s] is an addict. He wants to drink a lot, he wants to snort a lot, he wants to love a lot, he wants to have sex a lot, and he wants to have power a lot,” teased the actor. “Not only [are the writers] going to explore his substance abuse, but other realms of addiction as well. We are going to learn he is a deeper addict than was initially thought.”

Also This Week

  • Victor’s marital problems with Maggie worsen when she rejects his attempts to get her to move back in.
  • Theresa’s desire to do the right thing could make trouble for Daniel, and by extension, JJ.
  • Sami panics when she realizes she left an earring at the scene of the crime. EJ is determined to find out what she’s keeping from him.
  • Nicole finds herself on the receiving end of a verbal tongue lashing from Sami when Sami learns she’s doing a story on Eric. Can Eric and Nicole come to an understanding that benefits them both?
  • Stefano reaches out to his ex-wife.
  • Jordan finds it increasingly difficult to mask her feelings for Rafe the more time together. When she lets her guard down in a rare moment of vulnerability, Rafe kisses her! Is this the beginning of something new? Or will Jordan push Rafe away further to protect her secret?

DVR Alerts
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 —Eric is attacked
Wednesday, December 4, 2013 —Brady has a relapse

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  1. TPTB, seriously? You’re gonna pull the “Will this be the end of EJ and Sami” card? This is not suspenseful, it is not fun, it is annoying, and it is overplayed. There is so much you can do with this couple as a couple leave EJAMI alone.

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