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Days of our Lives Preview: February 24 Edition

A guilt-ridden Nicole tries to correct her mistake.

A guilt-ridden Nicole tries to make up for a mistake with Eric, but she must contend with an angry Sami as well! Also: Adrienne and Sonny face clash over his engagement; EJ and Sami set a wedding date. Get the latest scoop on what’s going down in Salem in our Days of our Lives preview for the week of February 24, 2014.

Days of our Lives Preview: Sins of the Present

When Sami learns Eric has opted to depart the church, she lays the blame at the feet of Nicole. Nicole and Sami fall back into their nasty pattern of name calling, leading Nicole to do something she regrets later. She understands her relationship with Eric will be met with disapproval but she feels she shouldn’t take the blame for Eric’s decision. If dealing with Sami wasn’t bad enough, Nicole still has Marlena to contend with. Marlena is willing to make a deal with the devil (not literally, thankfully) if it means keeping Nicole away from her son.

Won’t You Just Let Me, Let Me Be?

Adrienne doesn’t have the best reaction when Sonny tells her of his engagement to Will. She tells Sonny that he and Will are rushing into something neither of them are ready for. Adrienne may be accepting of Will to an extent, but that doesn’t mean she’s overcome her many issues with his family. Sonny isn’t going to let his mother come between him and the man he loves.

Adrienne thinks she might have found an ally in Sami, who also has reservations about Will & Sonny’s engagement, but she’s mistaken. Sami counsels Adriennne against trying to talk their children out of it, as she risks alienating Sonny. Justin is no different and urges Adrienne not to make this an issue. Will she heed their advice?

Also This Week

Monday: Jennifer wants to reunite with Daniel, but he worries Theresa is still a threat. Theresa and Brady bond over drinks. EJ attempts to end his affair with Abigail. Sami blasts Nicole when she learns Eric is leaving the priesthood.

Tuesday: A guilt-ridden Nicole tries to correct her mistake. JJ comes clean with Abigail. Sami and EJ set a wedding date. Brady accuses Maggie and Victor of having him followed.

Wednesday: Hope and Aiden are forced to work together. Gabi agrees to go out with T, but Nick schemes to nip that potential romance in the bud. The person spying on Rafe and Jordan is revealed – her brother Ben!

Thursday: Jordan is confronted by her past. Nick draws Gabi close by playing on her insecurities. Hope clashes with Aiden when he makes the wrong assumption.

Friday: Marlena makes a deal with the devil. Abigail and EJ come to an understanding. Jennifer helps Eric out with a job opportunity. Jordan is shaken after her confrontation with Ben.

Source Alerts: March 3, 2014 Edition
John Black (Drake Hogestyn) returns to Salem and has a tense reunion with Marlena. Abigail fears her affair with EJ may have resulted in an unintended consequence…

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  1. I believe Eric and Nicole will probably be Days best couple after there’s no more EJ and Sami, but Eric doesn’t seem to love Nicole as much as EJ once loved her, and not nearly as much as EJ loves Sami.

  2. In a few weeks the tall sexy blonde Nicole and blue eyes Sami in a cat fight? Tara Days News can wait, SO sexy it’ll be!

  3. The tall sexy blonde Nicole seem she’s always playing the role of a unhappy lonely lady it’d be great to see Nicole happy for just a few months , well, maybe Eric will forgive Nicole, but I don’t think writers will go that way. hope I’m wrong. Tara Days News

  4. why don’t kristian go after rafe next as her boytoy and give Jordon a run for her money

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