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Some time has passed since the previous episode of DeVanity. Jason has turned his new “hopelessly Southern” wife Scarlett into a glamorous Los Angeles housewife and used the Kane money to rebuild DeVanity. The newlyweds share a fondness for each other despite their marriage being merely a business deal. However as things are looking up for Jason, Bianca is slowly falling back into her destructive past behavior.

The nerve damage in Bianca’s legs has been reversed yet she remains unable to walk. As Jason points out to her, it’s all in her head. Bianca stays bound to her wheelchair for physiological reasons.

Fearing that he may lose Bianca to binge drinking and drugs, Jason sends her to stay with Scarlett’s brother Tristan (Timothy Hammer) in the mountains.

Tristan Kane

At first the mountain man and socialite clash. Tristan is self-reliant while Bianca just wants to be waited on. They’re relationship takes

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

a turning point when he catches her doing cocaine.

An angry Tristan reveals to Bianca that he used to be just like her. He lived off his father’s money, drove a sports car, and had a different beautiful date every night. He moved to LA and, because he felt protected by his wealth, he became a junkie. He hurt the people he cared about and ended up in the gutter. Scarlett helped him get clean.

Tristan throws Bianca in the nearby lake, forcing her to stand on her two feet both literally and figuratively. Afterwards the pair calls a truce and they become lovers.

Tristan and Bianca make an interesting couple. While Alex and Bianca had loved each other very much, things were always very messy between them. He tended to enable her while she brought him down to her level. It was a hopeless romance that spiraled out of control. This new relationship might actually give Bianca a little hope for the future.

At the end of the episode, Jason finishes reading the letter that Bianca sent him and states “She’s coming home! Thank God!” I wonder what Jason will think of a kinder, gentler Bianca? I can’t wait to find out!

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