DeVanity: Season 4, Episode 2 Review – Sweet Revenge

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Episode two of DeVanity’s fourth season is also the second half of Jason’s confession to a priest. While the previous episode caught the audience up to speed on what had happened to familiar characters, this episode introduced us to two important new characters, Charles Kane (Dallas star Steve Kanaly) and his daughter Scarlett (Tiffany Michelle).

Jason has sold off everything he owns in order to keep his house and provide treatment to the now wheelchair bound Bianca. The three items he has left are the last necklace his father ever made, his shares to DeVanity, and a statue. Scarlet makes an offer on the statue prompting him to pay her a visit. Turns out though that it’s not the statue she is interested in. Jason and the Kanes happen share a common enemy.

Charles Kane

Charles owns a variety of different businesses but most notably an orange juice company. He also just purchased a large chunk of DaVanity. He has three children – a son who won’t speak to him, Scarlett who he keeps at an arm’s length, and a now deceased second daughter. He reveals to Jason that he had turned his daughter away when she became pregnant as the result of rape. She had committed suicide and he has never forgiven himself.

He is guilt ridden by how he had treated his daughter. He wants to make amends by making her rapist suffer and he wants Jason to help him.

Scarlett Kane

There is something about Scarlett that reminds me of Jason. She carryings herself in a way that suggest that she is smart with a good business sense. But there is something else. She seems to have the same view as Jason when it comes to family. I get the impression that though she may not have a very warm relationship with her family that she is very loyal and even protective.

Scarlett feels that she has failed her sister by not being able to save her. This is what feeds her need for revenge. The first step is to enter into a business agreement with Jason and by business agreement I mean marriage.

Jason now has his wife number three. “Once for love. Twice for money. What are the odds?”

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