DeVanity: Season 4, Episode 5 Recap – Party Crasher

Photo Credit: Caruso Productions

The second to the last episode of DeVanity welcomes Bianca back home and she has an announcement for Jason. Tristan has asked Bianca to marry him and she said yes! Unfortunately, Tristan and Jason don’t hit it off. Tristan is concerned that the LA lifestyle could lead Bianca back to her old ways while Jason feels he knows his sister better than Tristan.

Later when Jason is venting to Scarlett, he admits that he never sold his shares to Regis. He transferred the shares to Bianca. She doesn’t know that she owns Regis Jewerly and Jason has power of attorney over all of her business dealings. He plans to the announce this at Bianca and Tristan’s engagement party. Scarlett realizes that Jason is beginning to fall for her. She wants to know why Jason won’t trust her. “Trust comes from love Scarlett, a feeling that you don’t honestly have for me,” Jason tells her. Perhaps Jason is wrong about that.

At the engagement party, things don’t go as smoothly as expected. As Jason is proposing a toast, Portia interrupts with the exposure of a secret. Turns out when Tristan was a junkie he did some gay porn in order to support his habit. Yes, you read that right.

Needless to say the engagement is off. Bianca shoves Portia’s head into a cake and a pretty spectacular catfight ensues. As Jason tells Scarlett, it truly is “a DeVanity party.”

The episode ends with a surprise twist that I never saw coming. I could spoil it but it’s much more fun if you see it for yourself.

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