The Year In Soaps: Best Duos of 2014


Every good soap needs friendships or at least a good set of partners in crime. Whether BFFS, adversaries, the not-yet-romantic or sworn enemies, these dynamic duos always add a little fun to the daily drama. Here are TVSource Magazine staff’s picks for The Year in Soaps: Best Duos of 2014. Hit the comments below to share your thoughts or use the hashtag #TVSMBestDuos to chat with us on twitter.

bill-ridge-fight-bold-and-beautifulBill and Ridge, B&B
The Alpha Dogs

A feud between Bill Spencer and Ridge Forrester would never have been believable prior to the casting of Daytime Icon™ Thorsten Kaye as Ridge. But Thorsten’s natural ruggedness and tough-guy exterior is what made this feud entertaining and exciting. Don Diamont exudes Alpha Male as Bill when he walks into the room. And with a nuRidge back in Los Angeles, he finally had an opponent that could give him hell. To say Bill and Ridge dislike each other would be an understatement. They loathe each other. Bill wouldn’t be bothered to pee on Ridge if he were on fire, in fact, he might throw gasoline on him just to watch him burn more.

When Ridge returned to LA in the hopes of rekindling a romance with Brooke, he was devastated to learn that Brooke had fallen for Bill. Ridge was furious and the two men even came to blows on more than one occasion. Matters didn’t get any better when Ridge fell in love with Bill’s ex-wife Katie, who also happens to be Brooke’s sister. Their feud would climax in one of the most beautifully shot, ridiculously awesome moments of 2014 – Bill throwing Ridge out of a helicopter in Dubai. The incident fundamentally changed Ridge, who had lost his ability to draw. Something Bill mocked on more than one occasion. “Poor him, he can’t draw dresses.”

Bill thought it was absolutely absurd that people were upset with him over Ridge’s accident. But even with everyone upset with him, Bill called a spade a spade. If Ridge hadn’t flown half-way across the world to stop his nuptials to Brooke, none of that would have ever happened. He called Ridge out over his sense of entitlement and self-centered nature. When Ridge began collaborating with Bill’s niece Caroline, he knew it could lead to disaster for Ridge and Katie, even warning Katie about it. Bill would turn out to be right. Thanks to some carefully crafted manipulation from Katie, Bill took off to confront Ridge after learning he had kissed his niece!

For a show that’s been dominated by female rivalries for so long, it’s nice to see a believable rivalry between two men fighting to be the Alpha in a sea full of Logan women. Where will this feud go in 2015? With Bill and Katie heading towards reconciliation and Ridge’s growing feelings for Caroline, we don’t see this feud dying down anytime soon.

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  1. Actually the whole debacle regarding Sami and EJ in 2014 was bullshit. The storyline was insulting to all women regardless age, Sami was depicted heartless and unforgiving and the other as a slutty home wrecking slut with no morals. So I was supposed to believe that EJ DiMera who put a gun to his head, accepted a bullet in his head, would cheat on the love of his life Samantha because he couldn’t get some at home. I am so glad I am done with this shit show. James Scott and Alison Sweeney did me the biggest favour by leaving.

  2. Considering young women have affairs with older men all the time, including those who will intentionally try to seduce men in relationships, it was a true statement — especially coming from someone who literally used to be a prostitute.

  3. ‘will always be someone younger and prettier ready to take her place’ a harsh and true statement ? Seriously ? First this Abby bugged eyes big nose was certainly not ‘prettier’ than Sami Brady..only in her delusional dreams..ugh. Secondly, wtf about any kind of ‘true’ statement ? Ugh..NO..it is not true in my book and thankfully where i live. People younger and ‘prettier’ doesn’t try to take other people’s lives, at least most of the time..they are not pathetic like that ..you know, they get their lives and leave lives of others ALONE ! The same for Sami Brady..younger folks doesn’t align themselves to steal Sami’s life..how creepy..the only one who did that was this Abby, and it was kind of a pattern since she tried to do it with Carrie (Sami’s sister) not so long ago.
    What Kate said to Sami on this subject was innacurate and stupid. Get the program, please.

  4. Love this list very accurate

  5. Here we go no Nikki and Paul on the list :(( — they were the HOTTEST on daytime soaps in 2014.

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