The Year In Soaps: Worst Couples of 2014


The soap genre is based in romance but sometimes that romance falls a little flat. Whether a once loved pairing has become the victim of dismal story, something that looked good on paper didn’t translate well on screen or the chemistry just isn’t there — bad couples happen. The year 2014 was no exception. Here are TVSource staff’s picks for The Year in Soaps: Worst Couples of 2014. Hit the comments below to share your thoughts or use the hashtag #TVSMWorstCouples to chat with us on twitter.

Will and Sonny, DAYS
A Very Bad Year

It’s amazing how quickly the tides can turn on a pairing. Days of our Lives’ Will and Sonny went from one of the few bright spots of the show in 2012 and 2013, to one of the worst. On paper, 2014 should have been a great year for the most popular gay couple in daytime. But a weak recast, combined with weak writing and nonsensical characterization has led to us naming Sonny feels guilty about the secret he's keeping from Will.them one of the worst couples of the year.

The wedding was beautifully done. The dialogue was everything WilSon fans have been waiting for, watching Will and Sonny declare their eternal love for one another, in front of friends and family. But the moment felt hollow because this Will, this new Will, wasn’t the Will we were connected to. It felt cheap in a way, to rob fans of the ability to see the actor who helped make Will and Sonny popular. From a business standpoint, we get it. You want to be able to flash back to this wedding, and doing so with an exiting actor wouldn’t be smart. But this is one of those situations where business can lead to a sucky moment for a viewer, and it did for us.

Then there was the ridiculousness with Gabi and Nick, which saw Nick blackmail Gabi into taking custody of her daughter with Will. If the point of that story was to get us to root for Will and Sonny even more, it failed. The couple played a supporting role after the Nick drama came to a conclusion, with Will getting entangled in Sami’s war with EJ and Abigail.

As bad as we felt their 2014 was, there appears to be light on the horizon. Internal drama is what this couple was sorely missing and we’ve been getting brief previews of that in recent weeks. Sonny and Will are realizing the honeymoon phase of their relationship is over, and as differences over priorities and career importance begins to creep center stage, the arrival of Sonny’s ex-boyfriend Paul, a closeted baseball player with a burning love for Sonny, appears to be just the roster adjustment needed to add some spark into the pairing. Paul’s got chemistry with Sonny and Will, and with Will being more determined than ever to do what it takes to succeed, a messy affair and subsequent fallout can erase the dark year they had.

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  1. That Hallowedding was the best!

  2. Not super couple. They are one of our Best Couples of 2014 and we explain why. Don’t pretend you didn’t love Hallowedding;)

  3. I totally agree they are still a great couple and are being tested right now. . I hope they will prevail and be happy again.

  4. Carly and Franco were on their super couple list. LMAO.

  5. First of all, thank you for taking time to read and reply to my comment. I apologize if you felt I was speaking for you or anyone else, that was not my intention.

    You’re right, the article in this magazine states an opinion and gives us a series of valid points to support that opinion. I don’t think it was never meant to the tell the audience how to think, that’s the audience’s job regarding any and every article you may encounter.

    I must rephrase what I said about the audience agreeing on #NuWilson. Instead I’d like to say that a majority in the audience seems to agree, and I base this particular opinion on the many comments on #Days’ own Facebook page, stating their disappointment on the couple this last year.

    About Chandler being fired, well, as he was dismissed from his job or discharged from it, and that’s the very definition of firing somebody in the dictionary, I don’t think I was being inaccurate. Sure he would probably have not renewed his contract, I guess now we’ll never know if or when that had happened.

    Again, I apologize for any offense you may have felt because of my comment, and I wish you a very happy new year.

  6. I hold a different opinion of WilSon; I think they are still one of the best couples on Days. The WilSon wedding was spectacular and didn’t sound hollow to me. Being supporting players in Nick’s death and Gabi leaving was fine with me. I didn’t expect them to have a whole separate story during that time. However, I felt there wasn’t any story for WilSon after that. It was all Will being a supporting character in the story for Ejami’s exit and it was horribly written. That was only a reflection of Will and not of Wilson, in my opinion. The WilSon and Paul story has been fabulous so far and something many fans have been waiting for. But having to wait for WilSon again on Days made no bad feelings from me for them as a couple. I wouldn’t call them the best couple of 2014, but I certainly don’t see them as one of the worst… a category reserved for Dannifer and Jaige.

    As far as Guy Wilson playing the part of Will Horton, I immediately saw improvement in the intimate scenes. As far as every day scenes, I’ve been seeing improvement in his acting especially with facial expressions. And he doesn’t forget his lines like Chandler often did.

  7. Chandler wasn’t fired. He wasn’t renewing his contract and they let him go early so that they could do flashbacks of the wedding at a later date. The audience and media do not agree on the recasting of Will and how it’s affected WilSon. The audience and media do not agree on WilSon’s wedding. There are some for and some against the recasting and the wedding. Please do not speak for everyone. This article was meant as an opinion. It is not intended to tell the audience what is fact and how to think.

  8. They should have added Brik to that list!

  9. How could you guys add Dylan with a woman on this list he is the son of one of two original Y&R cast members Nikki and Paul?!?!

  10. Nei and Hilary were the worst couple of 2014! Michael & Kikki the most boring. Silas & Nina never really were a couple. WilSon did not belong on the list!

  11. Audience and media agree on #NuWilson. That’s exactly how fans felt about the wedding, robbed of what should’ve been a truly historic moment. Sad to see what once was a powerful and beloved couple, turn into such a failure. On the business standpoint I can’t agree though. First they fire a 3 Daytime Emmy winner, who’s admired and loved by the audience, almost 4 months earlier; and only 2 months and a half after that we have the wedding. It’s like a ‘Chronicle of a failure foretold’.

  12. Just add Carly and Franco…this list was very accurate…great job

  13. Are there more on the list? I think you guys forgot Carly & Franco, or maybe it missed it. At any rate, Cranco were just AWFUL! and I really can’t like the character Carly ever again because she actually got together with that man and thought it was okay to subject her children to him.

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