The Year In Soaps: Best Couples of 2014

Maxie and Nathan, General Hospitalnaxie
Pretty Sneaky, Sis!

It’s always a challenge to ease a popular actor in a popular pairing into a new romance when their partner leaves. The show can’t tread water forever, but they also don’t want to alienate their heartbroken audience.

General Hospital used 2014 to show fans that there is life after Spixie for the fashionably flawed Maxie Jones. Pairing Maxie with good guy detective Nathan West seemed like a given. Two pretty people make a pretty couple. But being pretty doesn’t always mean having chemistry. Luckily for GH, Kirsten Storms and newcomer Ryan Paevey have it up the wazoo!

Yes they’re aesthetically gifted, but they compliment each other very well. GH went the ‘slow burn’ route with these two, using Maxie’s Eat, Pray, Love journey to acclimate Nathan deeper into the canvas. They had only shared a fleeting scene initially, but what sparked there was emblazoned in our minds during Maxie’s absence. Upon her return to town, our hopes for a new start were interrupted by the introduction of her new boyfriend, con man Levi Dunkleman. But as like most fairy tale romances, good would eventually triumph over evil.

Nathan sees the good in Maxie at all times. Her past doesn’t matter. He loves her for who she is, not who others want her to be. He could see her inner strength even when she didn’t know she had it. But let’s get one thing straight, this romance isn’t just about the knight with glistening abs and delicious meat swooping in to save her; they get to save each other. Whether battling baddies in an evil clinic or rushing to be by someone’s side, Nathan and Maxie have reminded us what a soap couple worth rooting for looks like.

It took a year for them to finally make love, but it was well worth it. We’d love to see more of Nathan’s past come out and see how it affects his relationship with Maxie in 2015. He’s a boy from the Upper East Side with a trust fund and probably loads of secrets. Would our favorite fashionista fit into his natural habitat? We’ve watched enough Gossip Girl to know that these two could have a very interesting new year.


 hevonHilary and Devon, The Young and the Restless
I’ve Loved You From The Start

There are so many adjectives we could use to describe this delicious duo and many would be synonymous with the word HOT!

Handsome billionaire Devon Hamilton and reformed bad girl Hilary Curtis caught our attention the very first time they shared a scene on an August afternoon at Crimson Lights. All that was exchanged that day was a handshake, but the chemistry between portrayers Bryton James and Mishael Morgan leaped off the screen. It became completely undeniable as the months went on and the clothes came off. They are vibrant, fun, sexy and filled with so much chocolaty goodness it gives us a toothache. The Young and the Restless would be smart to market this pairing and use them as an anchor for storylines in their age group. The late 20s/early 30s set has a boredom issue, and Hevon is the cure to that.

Unfortunately they are also filled with enough angst to leave us hunched over in the fetal position begging for a reprieve. Hilary remains trapped in a terrible marriage to Devon’s adopted father Neil, but here’s to hoping 2015 brings about a shift and storylines befitting this young super couple in the making. That would be Hevonly!



  1. Indeed they did everything to destroy Ej and Sami this year..and to add much insult to injury use the most out of character plot to do it..This Abby bs TAINTED all Ej and Sami scenes and dynamic..whereas it was their last year on this freaking insulting and cruel. I will not forgive.

  2. As much as i love Ej and Sami, this year was certainly not their year (maybe the worst..although there were several others seriously offensive too..) ! And it was a damn shame after all the long overdue built up of 2013.
    This year did everything to destroy Ej and Sami and what made Ej’s character as well as his dynamic with Sami unique. Ej cheating on Sami whereas he finally had her after almost a decade pining for preposterous and with a character as irrelevant to him as this Abby (by the way she is not a younger model since she will never be in Sami’s league..NEVER and even less with the miscasted actress playing her) is..pathetic and ridiculous !
    Then the fallout of the story where Sami was treated as a total pariah whereas she was the wronged party and the little culprit was coddled by everybody and their mothers..even Ej (how stupid and pathetic for his character..ewwwwww) kept defending the girl who blackmailed him for sex and threatened to destroy the family he always wanted..And finally a totally rushed reunion bam bam thank you madam and Ej being killed by a slimy dayplayer..What a ‘great year’ for these characters..indeed..sarcasm.
    In reality this year was a total nightmare who totally destroyed Ej as a character..the core was made cheap..the ultimate offense for a character as far as i am concerned. As a result it totally made me despise this show and their hack of writers/producers and now i am not watching anymore and i don’t miss it in the least..Good job Days !

  3. Totally agree with your choice what a couple Ejami were the show is so crap to watch without them i can see why Ken Corday said last week them leaving created a void on the show in another he knows his show is rubbish without Ali and James. That stupid cheating story line cost us both of them i never be convinced doing that story line wasn’t the reason why both Ali and James didn’t leave come on both leaving at the same time and deciding this just before they saw the script that would destroy Ejami forever. EJ would never cheat on Sami with any woman he loved her so much totally ooc for EJ they were a super couple they never boring to watch look at grief sex in Nov 2011 only Ejami could had sex at that time when they mourning the loss of their son it shocked so many fans.

    I am missing Ali and James so much the show is not the same without them its horrible to watch now .

  4. Lmao at Ejami being featured. Just no. Days didn’t have any couples worth mentioning last year, they all were written awfully badly. Ejami hogged all the airtime, but it doesn’t change the fact that the writing was extremely poor and all over the place and both of the characters were written OOC. And I dare to say the classic supercouples John and Marlena and Bo and Hope were way more popular in the 90s than Ejami ever were during their run.

  5. I miss EJ and Sami so much! And to the many Ejami fans out there, myself included, they were indeed worth everything!

  6. Ejami – They had a horrible year! It was so bad that I was cheering when they left the show. They belong in the worst couples of 2014. Complete opposite of how I felt in 2013.

    Days – I don’t think any of their couples belonged in the best couples category in 2014.

  7. There’s no mistakes. These are our opinions and we explain why we made these choices. Thanks for reading.

  8. This list has a lot of mistakes. Was this based on a poll?

    Franco & Carly were terrible together. There are times when a couple who aren’t meant to be together work very well, but this is not the case. They were a joke.
    Stitch & Victoria were like watching paint dry. There is no spark at all.
    Hope & Aiden were also boring as hell… Way too slow-paced. Katie & Ridge are okay but they are just apart of B&B’s worn out formula of pairings… Nothing out of the ordinary. None of these couples should be on this list.

    The only options I agree with are Hilary/Devon – amazing chemistry and Nathan/Maxie – kudos to GH for giving us a young couple we can root for. Sam & Patrick are great too. They have a lot of spark. Julian & Alexis are great too, albeit a bit overrated. And of course EJami are definitely the couple of the year, whether you love or hate them.

    There were a lot of couples that should have been on. Nick/Sharon were so entertaining throughout the year, despite being doomed from the moment they began falling back in love, but the chemistry is still there between Case and Morrow. Y&R really proved that supercouples aren’t dead. In fact they were one of only a few interesting pairings this year, and ten times better than the likes of Victoria & Stitch. Secondly, I have been loving Liam & Ivy on B&B. Maybe not many people agree, but they are a refreshing change. And I guess they don’t count really as a real couple, but I have been thoroughly enjoying Elizabeth and Jason (Jake)- Herbst and Miller just shine together – even though it’s been a couple months. Anyway, half of the couples on this list can put me to sleep.

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