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General Hospital

General Hospital has become too general and not enough hospital especially with the exit of Dr. Patrick Drake. Some new staff has been added to the hospital, Dr. Andre Maddox is now the resident head shrinker and Franco has his job back as art therapist. We’re also seeing a lot more of the nurses now. The rarely seen Epiphany and Felix are being utilized more than they have in a long time. Lucas is shown more often too though I sorely miss seeing his boo Brad. While I appreciate these efforts, I think GH would benefit from bringing in one or two hospital characters who already have ties to the canvas. Not all the non-mobster characters were killed off in the 2000s. There is still quite a few legacy characters that GH has in its history vault.

We haven’t seen physician Tom (Tommy) Hardy Jr. since 1997. What’s he been up to lately? Dr. Sarah Webber left Port Charles in 2002. What if after learning of Liz’s current shenanigans, Sarah returned to town with their parents in tow? What about Scott’s daughter Serena Baldwin? She would be in her mid-twenties now and we haven’t been told much about her. Maybe she has been in med school or learning some other medical profession this whole time. There are a lot possibilities.

One character that we haven’t seen in awhile who has been popping up a bit lately is Dr. Kelly Lee. She has a history with GH as well as its spinoff General Hospital: Night Shift so she comes with an already established fanbase. Minae Noji is talented and attractive. It would be a wise and easy move to bump up her screen time and give her a story line. As a fellow fan stated on twitter, she could be connected to the Wu’s and related to Brad. This would give both characters some visible family ties.

Only on GH would doctors be rotting away in prison while the criminals are the heart and soul of the town. It’s all very backwards but can be corrected. With Patrick’s exit, I don’t know if it makes as much sense now to bring back his brother Matt Hunter but he still has romantic ties to the canvas. He was briefly married to Maxie and sparked with Liz. There is also Liz’s brother and Olivia’s ex-fiance, Steven Lars. He still has family in Port Charles and Olivia needs a love interest. It would be interesting to see how time behind bars has changed him and what his reaction would be to Olivia’s mobster bed-hopping. If Sonny can get a pardon, so can these guys.

Gun Shy

GH seems to be making an anti-gun statement with its current story line that has “bad mobster” Paul running guns. While I think it’s awesome that writers are giving this timely issue a glance, it seems a little strange (almost distasteful) for this sort of story to be told on a series that still insists on having a violent mobster and his hitman BFF as its moral center. Readers, I have some very mixed feelings about this.

Right now, there is no hotter political debate than gun-control so integrating this topic into GH’s story telling seems very in-the-now. Yet I have some really big issues with GH telling this story, mainly the fact that this story line is being used to once again define Sonny as the “good mobster” and all others as the “bad mobsters.” I’m not going to explain what’s wrong with that because I don’t need to. I think viewers are smart enough to see that it not only goes against the established history but that it just doesn’t make sense to have Sonny as the voice for gun control.

Couples of the Week: Robert and Anna, Patrick and Robin, Franco and Liz, Dillon and Maxie

Lines of the Week: “Let’s go get our daughter.”-Robert

“That was the work of our previous editor and has nothing to do with me.”-Nina

“Hey! Watch out for the art!”-Franco

“And all the people coming are pretty much nobodies so we’re really doing wonders for the town’s self-esteem.”-Maxie

“When I think about her I feel everything. The good, the bad and I know that is probably not even possible. You know it’s probably just the high points and the low points but it feels like everything.”-Dillon

Best Dressed: Nina in her red dress at the Nutcracker Gala

Scene of the Week: Dillon and Maxie remember Georgie

For a look at what’s ahead, check out our General Hospital Spoilers.

Photos and video courtesy of ABC.

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  1. LOL I was trying to figure that out too. Was she glaring at Liz or Aunt Liesl? I think Nina is just going to have some insecurities because of what Silas did to her.

  2. Yay to Franco and Nina! I was a little worried when Nina glared at Liz lol.

  3. Thanks for commenting! Franco and Liz were the highlight for me too. I think they’re just going to be friends and help each other out. Both characters need someone like that. I really like to see Liz move past Jason too. I don’t think the fan wars do any of the characters any good.

  4. Franco and Liz were my highlight of the week. It surprised me how much I enjoyed them. I think in part because I thought this week would be nothing but doom and gloom for my girl. Instead he convinced her to put on a dress and face her fears. This writing regime is finally giving me hope Elizabeth will have a story post Jason. I’m sure a little more humiliation is to come, but I’m willing to bear through it as long as they keep her away from Jason romantically once Jasam reunite. Enough is enough.

    Also, I really hope Franco and Liz stay friends. One of my favourite qualities of Franco is how loyal he is – and I like Franco and Nina – so for him to stray would be out of character for me.

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