Gays of our Lives: You Just Need Some Jesus

General Hospital (US)

I’m glad that Lucas and Brad finally got married. I just wish I could have enjoyed it more. I wish the wedding could have been about the couple getting married and not Julian and Alexis’ drama.

For example, why did the wedding have to be at Julian and Alexis’s house? Carly owns a hotel. She could have had it there. She gave them the honeymoon suite there. I don’t understand why she never offered or why Lucas simply didn’t ask. They only had it Julian and Alexis’ so it be all about them. In some ways, Lucas and Brad were an afterthought.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.01.40 AMLike Lucas and Brad seriously continued the wedding while the police searched the place upstairs. Ridiculous. And why did they have to have Lucas’ vows over a montage of the rest of the ceremony? After waiting so long for this, Lucas and Brad deserved better. So did their fans.

Still, they guys looked so awesome in their suits. The minister performing the ceremony was hot.

Another gripe: Lucas is related to half the town. So where is everybody for their wedding? They couldn’t even get Felix there for the event?

Finally, who is Carly to judge anybody for their relationship with a murderer? The hypocrisy of these characters is why this show remains difficult for me to watch.

Holby City (U.K.)

Not the most compelling episode, but I’m glad we got one focusing on Dom dealing with losing his best friend. Judging by the spoilers, we’ll see Dom dealing with his grief over a number of weeks, but that makes sense and is realistic given how close Dom and Arthur were. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t looking forward to Dom’s new love interest showing up next week.

I get the feeling that Morven is pregnant. Just seems like where that story would go next.

People of the Valley (Wales)

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-18h03m44s797I’m glad that Iolo knows about the theft, but I need for the whole truth to come out: the situation with that gun, Iolo’s kidnapping, William and Iolo breaking up because of it. Knowing Iolo as I do, he might be angry now, but he’ll eventually forgive his father, he usually does.

After all, while what Sion did was wrong, the theft didn’t have anything to do with Iolo. It was the kidnapping and how it affected Iolo’s relationship with William that did. Hopefully, Iolo will get the rest of the story. As I’ve said before it’s a beat that needs to be played.

River City (Scotland)

While the cynic in me finds it very hard to buy that you could fall in love with a guy after only two weeks, Robbie and Gary have a lot of chemistry and their scenes together are really sweet and wonderful. I’m sure that Robbie and Gary are in the honeymoon phase when reality sets in things  will be different for them. Trouble will find them soon enough, I imagine. For now, I really enjoyed this.


Robbie talking about his relationship with Will was interesting. I agree that they were never happy and Will was more interested in being a family rather than having a partner. Still miss Will though. Loved him to pieces.

I liked Robbie saying to Patrick when Patrick admitted his relationship with Angel was different “You keep looking for the missing bit.” HA!