Gays of our Lives: You Just Need Some Jesus


Deran doesn’t much like his little brother. What will he do to get rid of him?

Animal Kingdom: Deren takes action when he feels threatened by J’s growing role in the family.

Coronation Street:   Following Sarah’s mental breakdown after her kidnapping by Lee, Todd, Jason and Billy work together to put the questions about Callum’s murder to rest once and for all.

Will Paul's new job translate to more screen time?
Will Paul’s new job translate to more screen time?

Days of Our Lives: Paul says goodbye to his modelling career when he accepts a job working as a private eye at Black Patch, John and Steve’s PI firm.

EastEnders:   Steven says ‘no thanks’ to a reunion with Lauren. But why? Meanwhile, Ben steps up to help Jay get a job.

The Barton boys family business could go bust

Emmerdale:    Finn and his brothers start their new taxi business, but Pete and Ross’ lax work habits could ruin everything. When their first taxi job goes south, Finn feels their business doesn’t have a chance at success. Ross decides to fix things in the only way Ross can, which could just make things worse.

Meanwhile Ronnie finds reasons to stay in town even longer. But how will Lawrence feel about that?

Murder, secret gays, Oprah Winfrey and Lynn Whitfield? Whats not to like?

Greenleaf: This new show centers around the Greenleaf family who run a mega church full of corruption, scandal and secrets. Daughter Charity is married to Kevin and they are planning to have a baby. At least that’s what Charity wants. Kevin is reluctant and Charity suspects he’s keeping a secret from her. Is his secret that he’s gay and having an affair with his new business partner Adrian? What do you think?

Miss Oprah Winfrey plays Mavis, a recurring role, going up against the fabulous Lynn Whitfield as Mae Greenleaf, who will do anything to keep the power in her family — and for the secrets to stay quiet. If all this sounds a bit like ‘Empire’ in the church, you’d probably be right.

Father’s Day does not go too well for John Paul

Hollyoaks: John Paul realizes he missed Father’s Day and decides to get his newfound dad a present. However, Myra is jealous and she and Sally end up bickering, a squabble that ends up with Myra falling down the stairs. Sally is accused of pushing Myra and is arrested.

While the McQueens side with Myra, JP refuses to believe his Sally could do such a thing and finds her a lawyer, James. James agrees to represent Myra, but he wants something other than money as payment. After looking into the case, James warns JP that things look grim for Sally and she could wind up in prison.

JP does take the time to get laid though as he and Scott have sex for the first time.

Whatever this doctor is prescribing, we’ll take some!

Holby City: Dom returns to work following Arthur’s death and he is determined to be the best doctor he can be. Dom is required to show the new doctor (and Arthur’s replacement), Isaac Mayfield, around the hospital. And Isaac makes things very difficult for an already emotionally frayed Dom.

Aaron is falling back into old habits.

Neighbours:   Aaron finds himself back in Tom’s life when Tom’s deal with Gary goes south, leaving Tom broke. Aaron feels sorry for his ex-lover, but sorry enough for a romantic reunion?

River City: Robbie learns a big secret.

Will things heat up between Jeffrey and Justin?

The Haves and The Have Nots: As the show returns for a new season, Jeffery realizes his mother knows about his role in Quincy’s death, forcing Jeffery to take shocking action. Does that include seducing a certain sexy police officer?


Coronation Street:   Todd’s life is turned upside down by Jason’s shocking decision.

James isn’t happy about the return of his ex-lover. But why?

Emmerdale:  Lawrence pays Ronnie a surprising visit; Victoria causes problems for Finn.

Holby City:  Dom’s method of grieving Arthur’s death takes a strange turn.

Hollyoaks:  A ex-lover of James comes to town, stirring up trouble for James, John Paul and Scott.

Neighbours:  Aaron and Tom are forced to work together.

People of the Valley:  Tyler begs Iolo not to participate in the boxing match.

River City:  Patrick turns to Robbie when Patrick’s 30’s birthday is ruined by a secret revealed.

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