Gays of Our Lives: Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

I hate the way John Paul has been written for this storyline. It’s so plot driven. It never made sense that JP would refuse to forgive Myra for lying, but would forgive Sally for abandoning him. Myra wasn’t the perfect mother, but she was always there. It’s nice that JP realized that, but the plot machinations to get there were ridiculous. Also ridiculous was Sally and JP being manipulated by James to commit perjury not to mention coming up with false witnesses. With that kind of legal advice I can’t believe James still has his license to practice law.


Besides, there really was no reason for Sally to lie. It was an accident and what happened was self-defense, not attempted murder. Telling the truth would have made far more sense than muddying the waters. But I guess that wouldn’t have been as dramatic. Also, why would the police even believe John Paul’s made up witness account? Given that he is closely involved with Myra and Sally, they wouldn’t wonder why he didn’t come forward immediately? They would accept his statement without question? It just strains credulity.

I did like the twist of Sally possibly being sent to a male prison because she wasn’t legally registered as a woman. It was a nice touch. But where is the case now? Is it over? That seemed kind of vague. The best part were the JP and James scenes. I continue to love James and he and JP do have some chemistry. Their fun and sexy scenes makes John Paul’s improbable relationship with Scott seem even more ridiculous. I will never believe JP would ever have anything to do with Scott and there are times when we can see JP wondering what he is doing. Let’s hope he calls an end to this silliness soon.

Neighbours (Australia)

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.13.13 AMSo after a few weeks of dragging this nonsense out, that’s the end of the money storyline, huh? Talk about falling flat. What Gary said is true though. Nobody should have been in a hurry to get Tom back his cash give it was clearly ill-gotten gains. That’s another reason why this story was so ridiculous to begin with.

I guess the show must be planning on putting Tom and Aaron back together otherwise Tom wouldn’t still be hanging around. Tom is a more interesting character than Nate (who wouldn’t be), but I really wish the show would invest in a long term love interest for Aaron like they do the other (straight) characters. Additionally, I would like to see an story arc for Aaron that lasts more than a week or two. The difference in the treatment of the gay and straight relationships (and storylines) on this show is rather glaring. That needs to change.

The Haves and The Have Nots (U.S.)

This show is as ridiculous as ever with it’s long, long, long scenes where everyone repeats the same dialogue and asks the same questions and then starts all over again with nothing resolved. How many times did Jeffrey and Candace ask each other how Veronica knew about the murder? At least 6, maybe a dozen.


And of course this show continues to be awfully contrived, no more so than that judge, who is (surprise!) Justin’s wife/beard, randomly ordering Justin to go and apologize to Jeffery, who she assumes he doesn’t know, for something her friend did. Silly.

I know they had to get Justin and Jeffery together in that hotel room, but there were about a dozen other ways to accomplish that. I wonder what Jeffrey will do. Will he seduce Justin and somehow compel him to get his wife to convict his mother of what she’s been charged with? It’s silly and ridiculous, so probably yes.

I did like that bit about Jeffrey taunting Justin with enjoying being dominated, which is probably true. Interesting dialogue, I must say. And I certainly would pay to see that.

Speaking of Veronica, I used to like her and find her a fun, compelling villainess. But now she’s just a over the top murderous sociopath who will never pay for her legion of crimes. And that’s not interesting.

picture_00033Has the show killed off Wyatt? It would be strange, killing off both of Jim and Kathryn’s children, especially so closely together.

Sure, Amanda died a couple of years ago in real time, but on screen, it’s only been a few days on the show’s timeline since they buried her. Did the actor want to leave? Is there another twist and Wyatt’s not dead?  We’ll see, I guess.




  1. And of course, Iolo asks Tyler to marry him because well why not. Of course this signaled the death of the relationship and probably Tyler (from the looks of that nosebleed). Iolo is simply not meant to have more than 4.3 minutes of happiness. I love how insanely joyless the village is right now. Sheryl brings back a baby from Africa – Hywel is miserable. DJ is none-to-pleased Dai is his father so he is making Cadno and everyone else miserable. Sioned has Ed’s balls in a jar. Eiffion’s woes with Courtney and psychotic mother are just starting. Chester is a serial killer in waiting. Mark is still so paranoid. And the She-Beast Dol is curdling all the milk in a 40 mile radius. Good times.

    River City again keeps digging a hole now with the insinuation that Patrick was only gay because he was molested while in care. Yeah. And the Annie/Alex affair is what I imagine haggis smells and tastes like.Ugh. Plus no one knew that Kelly-Marie was pregnant again? Girl was showing four episodes ago.

  2. On Hollyoaks – If James’ ex-boyfriend, Carter, has “a new lover,” then Carter must be bisexual, because the person James sees Carter with and enlists John Paul’s help over is a woman named “Lara.”

  3. I loved Ben’s impression of Phil. I’m also enjoying how he and Paul are just a couple on the landscape for the time being. It’s fun to watch.

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