Gays of Our Lives: Regrets, I’ve Had A Few



Coronation Street:    Unable to deal with the turmoil of his life, Jason decides to pack up and leave town. Todd and Eileen try to talk Jason out of going, but Jason is determined and says goodbye to his loved ones. Todd isn’t happy to hear that Jason has left a scheming Pat in charge of his business. Pat plans to steal all of Jason’s money, but his plans are thwarted when Eileen reveals that Jason left her control of the business finances.


Emmerdale:    Lawrence and Ronnie clash and Lawrence tells Ronnie to stay out of his life and wishes he were dead. He goes home to Bernice and swears he’s not gay and gets her take him back.

Ronnie risks his life rescuing Nicola from a fire and winds up seriously injured. When Lawrence hears, he races to the hospital to see him and the two wind up sharing a close moment that Andy witnesses.

Andy confronts Lawrence, who continues to deny that he’s gay. Desperate to prove he’s straight, Lawrence goes to the doctor to get some Viagra, but is told he can’t take it because of his heart condition. Undeterred, Lawrence decides to get the medical online.

While, Finn is left red faced when Victoria sprays him with a chemical, costing Finn taxi business.


Hollyoaks: Scott tells John Paul that he loves him, but is JP ready to hear those words? Meanwhile, James is shocked to see his ex-lover Carter in town. When he sees Carter has a new lover, an embarrassed James needs a boyfriend quick and asks JP to pose as his significant other. JP agrees, but tells Scott a lie to get away to do it. That turns out to be a big mistake.


Holby City:  Dominick continues to struggle to deal with Arthur’s death.

Neighbours: When Aaron finds out that Amy is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, he wants to help get rid of the guy. Tom gets involved and together the two them make sure the creep never bothers Amy again. Watching Tom in action, Aaron is taken in by this good guy side of his former lover.

People of the Valley: Tyler begs Iolo not to participate in the boxing match.

River City:  Patrick’s 30th birthday is marred by the revelation of secrets of his past, opening old wounds. Patrick spins out of control and those around him can’t seem to help.


The Haves and The Have Nots:  Jeffrey makes Justin a tantalizing offer. And once Jeffrey takes his shirt off, will Justin be able to refuse?


Kevin can’t deny his feelings for men any longer.

Greenleaf:  Kevin begins to explore his sexuality.

Hollyoaks:   James is eager to see James; Tony wants to get Harry and Ste back together.

People of the Valley:   Iolo grows tired of Tyler’s odd behavior.

River City:   Unable to deal with his past, Patrick pulls away from those around him.

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  1. And of course, Iolo asks Tyler to marry him because well why not. Of course this signaled the death of the relationship and probably Tyler (from the looks of that nosebleed). Iolo is simply not meant to have more than 4.3 minutes of happiness. I love how insanely joyless the village is right now. Sheryl brings back a baby from Africa – Hywel is miserable. DJ is none-to-pleased Dai is his father so he is making Cadno and everyone else miserable. Sioned has Ed’s balls in a jar. Eiffion’s woes with Courtney and psychotic mother are just starting. Chester is a serial killer in waiting. Mark is still so paranoid. And the She-Beast Dol is curdling all the milk in a 40 mile radius. Good times.

    River City again keeps digging a hole now with the insinuation that Patrick was only gay because he was molested while in care. Yeah. And the Annie/Alex affair is what I imagine haggis smells and tastes like.Ugh. Plus no one knew that Kelly-Marie was pregnant again? Girl was showing four episodes ago.

  2. On Hollyoaks – If James’ ex-boyfriend, Carter, has “a new lover,” then Carter must be bisexual, because the person James sees Carter with and enlists John Paul’s help over is a woman named “Lara.”

  3. I loved Ben’s impression of Phil. I’m also enjoying how he and Paul are just a couple on the landscape for the time being. It’s fun to watch.

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