‘General Hospital’ Week In Review: I Hate You, I Love You

Alexis calls 911 after she hits Julian with her car.
Alexis calls 911 after she hits Julian with her car.

Last week was a bit of a rough week for the residents of Port Charles. Some fans have complained that General Hospital has been a little too dark lately and that’s a very valid criticism. I think the serial drama is meeting its love in the afternoon quota but their tortured romances are all piled on the frontburner at the moment. A few more bright spots would be welcomed.

GH released a promo showcasing some of the sexy stories playing this winter. I hope ABC shows it during primetime because it could definitely entice some people to tune in. I haven’t seen a promo for a soap opera that good in a long time. Since it was focused on romance, I hope it is a hint of what we can look forward to in the next few months. I look forward to seeing what GH’s PR department teases us with next.

I wasn’t able to write about everything that happened last week. If you would like to share your thoughts on anything I did or did not mention, please leave a comment below or tweet me and we’ll chat!

General Hospital Week In Review for the episodes that aired November 28th-December 2nd.

Vroom Vroom

Alexis panics after running over Julian.

Alexis panics after running over Julian.

Julian and Alexis’ journey has taken some rather puzzling twists and turns this year to say the very least. I didn’t particularly appreciate GH’s big “summer loving” story line of Julian trying to kill his wife. Though the acting was phenomenal, it kind of soured the pairing and went against what fan’s adored about Julexis. It appears GH is trying to fix this now and there is some obvious rewriting going into making this couple an item once again.

Julian and Alexis don’t really work as a tumultuous, kiss/kill kind of couple but they can’t go back to the long lost loves that they once were either. Hitting him with a car doesn’t wash out what he did or make them even.  We now also have the mysterious Oscar Jessup pulling Julian’s strings though to what extent is still unknown. The popular theory is that Julian threatened to kill Alexis because he was being blackmailed. Umm…nobody would kill someone they loved blackmail or not. Maybe that will all be rewritten just like the fact that Julian got back into the mob to save Ava now apparently never happened. This is all very messy and not really connecting to what we watched play out several months ago. I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t a little bit intrigued by where their story seems to be going.

What I am looking forward to is the possibility of something in the style of Another World’s Jake and Paulina. For those unfamiliar, Paulina tried to kill Jake after he threaten her resulting in him blackmailing her into a sham marriage. Alexis has made one drunken mistake after another but things are looking up a bit for her career-wise…provided she doesn’t screw up before her law license is reviewed. Julian will no doubt use this to his advantage and blackmail Alexis into nursing him back to health. It’ll be interesting to see if it’ll be more War of the Roses or Misery. Either way, I really enjoyed their scenes the last week.

The Flash

Kevin and Laura surprise each other.

Kevin and Laura surprise each other.

I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating – I love that Laura is back on GH. Her new friendship with her ex’s ex, Tracy, is fun to watch. I really enjoyed their previous conversation months ago in which Laura established herself as no-longer Luke’s damsel in distress. Their scenes last week took the next step in friendship when the always bold Tracy encouraged Laura to “loosen up” or, in other words, get some Kevin Collins.

Laura took her new BFF’s advise and showed up at Kevin’s door wearing a mink coat and nothing else. When Kevin opened the door in full Santa Claus costume, she thought she had mistakenly flashed the wrong man. The whole scenerio had me chuckling. Besides the chemistry between Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom, the best part of the Kevin and Laura romance is that they are fun.

Port Charles Lolita

Nelle sets her plan in motion.

Nelle sets her plan in motion.

Nelle put her plan (whatever that may be) into place last week when she drugged Sonny and made him think they had a drunken one night stand. This story is weird and right now my least favorite of all the current story lines. I feel like what could have been a very stylish and scandalous tale is falling flat simply because the writers failed to let the audience in on the secret behind the character’s motivations. How are we suppose to care when we have no clue why any of this is happening? Viewers need to know what they are investing in before they can invest. It feels like the writers are making it up as they go. If I knew what Nelle’s deal was, I guarantee you that I would be loving this. Right now, I don’t trust that any of this will make any sense once all is reveal. 

Jenn Bishop
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  1. Also, they never even acknowledge how close Monica and Laura used to be. They should have scenes together since they have a grandson in common,too.

  2. Yes I would rather see Georgie also then Charlotte. I would rather see more Valerie then any new characters. I just want to know why they refuse to use Valerie more.

  3. I think it’s odd that Laura or Bobbie haven’t reached out to Liz either. I mean Bobbie and Liz actually had scenes together last week and no mention at all! Becky and Roger were everything in the promo. Thanks for reading!

  4. The return of Tom has me glued to my screen.It’s well done and it’s propelling Friz’s story Plus, Becky/Roger/Don are slaying it and adding KiKi to the mix makes it a semi-umbrella story. My only criticism is that Laura/Bobbie haven’t reached out to Liz.Tom’s release was in the papers. I’m buckled in for this ride and Becky/Roger are sultry as hell in the promo.
    I haven’t embraced Valentine.The actor’s talented but it pisses me off that he’s at Wyndemere knowing that Tyler wanted to return. The airtime of newbie Charlotte pisses me off when we haven’t seen Aiden/Cam/Georgie in 10+ months. Anna/Valentin better not be siblings. I’d much prefer seeing them paired as opposed to spastic OTT useless Nina. She’s been an albatross since day one.

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