Gays of Our Lives: A Dangerous Neighbourhood


Casualty:  Jez begins a secret affair with Mickey, which could be upended by a reveal about Cal’s death.

Coronation Street:  Todd tells Billy he doesn’t want to be a father to Owen’s daughter.   In fact, Todd says he doesn’t want children, ever.  Todd gives Billy an ultimatum, saying Billy will have to choose between them.  When Drew returns for an answer about Billy’s decision, Billy is torn what to say.

Greenleaf:   As the season draws to a close, Kevin and Aaron get very close.  Meanwhile, things get ugly between Charity and Kevin as they start to fight over Nathan’s care.

Hollyoaks:  Scott prepares to meet his biological parents, but when the plans get canceled, he trashes his newfound mom’s home.  As a result of his behavior, he’s arrested.  With Mercedes’ help, the charges are dropped but Scott’s bio-mom makes his clear she wants nothing to do with him.  Smart woman.

Kyle is nearly run over by car driven by Tom.  He and Darren rush Kyle to the hospital, where he suffers a relaspse of the MS.  Darren is curious when he learns that Kyle doesn’t have a wife.  Darren wants the truth from Nancy.  Later, Kyle and Nancy are talking about the past and Kyle tries to kiss her.  So is Kyle not gay after all?

Neighbours:  Following his rejection by Aaron, David decides to ask a cute guy he meets out.  But the date is a disaster.  But a real disaster strikes when a car crashes into the Backpackers building and David is struck by falling debris.  Rushed to the hospital, the doctors worry that a comatose David could have suffered serious brain damage in the accident.  Aaron regrets not telling David how he really felt about him when he had the chance.  When David wakes up, will he be okay?  And will Aaron confess his feelings?

Rownd a Rownd: Rhys and Wil faces legal action after they are reported for fraud regarding Rhys’ speeding tickets, which makes things difficult at home.  But Rhys has bigger woes when he meets David in secret and the two of them are spotted by someone who knows them both.  Their secret (and David) is out.


Neighbours:  Aaron tries to make up with David, but has David moved on to a new guy?

Rownd a Rownd:  The person who saw David and Rhys together is determined for Dani to learn the truth.

That’s it for this edition of Gays of Our Lives.   Please share your comments on the thoughts and opinions expressed in this week’s column below.  See you next week!



  1. The highlight of Hollyoaks last week was shirtless Joel.

    I’m intrigued with the Casualty story, and I have to give credit to the actor who plays Jez. When he was on Emmerdale, I thought he was a bad match for Aaron because there was zero chemistry between them as exemplified in the least passionate kiss ever filmed. Now I see that the problem in that pairing was Danny Miller and that this guy just needed a proper scene partner and not one for whom he was simply part of an exit story line that meant he would not have to kiss blokes again.

    No question Scott is hot as hell. Search Google images for the actor (Will Austin) and you will be pleasantly surprised. He was in a stage production of Gods & Monsters.

  2. Oh, Days. You’ve ruined Sonny, and forgotten about the hotness that once existed between Sonny and Paul (although Paul could have hotness with anyone, even Caroline). And please, isn’t Paul a wealthy ex-baseball player? Shouldn’t he have the most outlandish real estate in Salem? This show. It has always been the Dollar Store of soaps, but this is pathetic.

  3. I agree about Sonny. He’s totally unrecognisable. And that sleazy slicked back hair is horrible. Days seems to think that they can just totally change characters’ personalities on a whim to suit the plot. What a joke. I can’t even stand to watch this garbage, I stopped watching months ago. What a shame, Paul and Sonny would have potential if the writing wasn’t total shit.

  4. What a man-child Scott is! He could Ste a run for his money. All of his stories are about him messing up other people’s lives because he wants something or is mad.

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